17 Home Made Beauty Tips to get Fair, Silky and Shiny Skin.

Beauty Tips

Home Made for Fair, Silky and Shiny Skin

Your home is the best beauty parlor to get fabulous and fair skin and optimum utilization of fruits, vegetables, pulses, lentils, grams etc., available in the home, left after cooking and consuming. It is easy for you to best utilize your time as and when you have a few minutes free, in between the kitchen activities, to become beautiful and stay healthy, wealthy and fit. Homemade beauty products save time and money both and gives you a fair, silky, shiny and healthy skin.

Here are some amazing for you to become beautiful and healthy. Most of the ingredients, available in the kitchen are better than beauty products available in the market. All products are fresh and they have no expiry date. Homemade beauty products have no chemical effect and allergies. In addition, they are easy to get and apply.

Inner beauty is more important than outer beauty, as health ensures beauty. Hence, some homemade beauty tips are also given which ensures inner beauty to get outer beauty.

  1. Nadi Shodan Pranayam:

    “Nadi Shodan Pranayam” ensures curing your inner skin from various ailments. Continuous use of “Nadi Shodhan” not only gives you good health but also luster on your whole body and face.


  2. Wonders of Water:

    Drink minimum 10 glasses of water in a day to get glowing skin. It does not only give you shiny skin, but also remove various diseases of your body too.

Follow some tips  while drinking water:

Water Beauty
Wonders of Water
  • Always drink water in taking small sips and in the sitting posture to avoid joint pains.
  • Water kept in the copper jug gives you additional benefits. It gives you beautiful skin and good digestion as well.
  • Drink water in the morning without washing your mouth. It will give you health and beauty both.

3. Amazing Benefits of Milk:

Drink milk without sugar in the night and in the morning to clear your stomach in the morning. If it’s not possible for you to drink milk without sugar take some “raw shaker” (jaggery Powder) or jaggery (Gud). Jaggery is better to intake than Sugar. Jaggary is hundred times nutritious and it cures so many diseases as well.

Milk Beauty
Amazing Benefits of Milk

Lukewarm milk is the best medicine to remove constipation. It cures the stomach ailments, constipation and other varieties of problems. If the stomach is clear, the face will shine and skin will glow. If you are able to get cow milk, you will become free from various diseases as it is nectar for us.

4. Fruit Juice Face Pack:

Take the fruit juice of apple, pineapple and lemon mix well. Apply on your face. It removes all the wrinkles, darkness and dullness of the skin and gives you fair and lovely skin.


5. Pepper and Curd to Remove Black Heads:

Curd and black pepper are excellent home made beauty products to remove black heads of your face.

Mix curd and black pepper powder and make a paste. Apply on your face and do the massage in circular motion. Wash with fresh water. It removes all the blackheads and gives you clean and fair skin.

Pepper and Curd Beauty tips
Pepper and Curd to Remove Black Heads:

6. Cinnamon and Lemon to Remove Black Heads:

Mix cinnamon (Hindi: dalchini) powder in the and apply on your skin. It removes blackheads and gives you clean and fair skin.

Cinnamon and Lemon beauty tips
Cinnamon and Lemon to Remove Black Heads

 7. Amazing Benefits of Potato Slices:

Potato is amazing homemade beauty tip to remove dark circles around your eyes. Take one potato, clean with water and make slices and keep slices on your eyes balls and leave them on your eyes till 5 minutes or till you fill comfortable. It removes dark circles around the eyes.

Potato Slices Beauty tips
Amazing Benefits of Potato Slices:

8. Benefits of Potato Juice Face Pack:

Raw potato Juice is an effective homemade beauty product to get glowing skin.Get the juice of potato and apply on your skin. Let it dry till 5 minutes and wash your face with fresh water. It gives glowing and clean skin with a lovely face.


9. Potato and Murtani Mitti Face Pack:

Raw Potato and Murtani Mitti are quite effective to get glowing skin. This is particularly good for dry skin. Make a of Murtani powder and potato juice and apply on your face. This homemade beauty product is far better than chemical based face pack of the market. It removes scars and gives fresh, shiny and white glowing skin and lovely face.

Potato and Murtani Mitti beauty tips
Potato and Murtani Mitti Face Pack

10. Amazing Benefits of Tomato Face Pack:

The tomato is an amazing skin medicine to treat darkness of skin. Get the juice of the tomato and apply on your skin. Let it dry for 5 minutes and then wash your face with fresh water. It treats darkness of the skin and gives you whitening, freshness and shine on your skin.

Potato and Murtani Mitti beauty tips
Potato and Murtani Mitti Face Pack

11. Benefits of Papaya Face Pack:

Papaya for Glowing Skin is an amazing homemade beauty face pack to get a fabulous skin glow. Make the slices of papaya and grind it to make its face pack. Apply the face pack on your face. Let it dry for 5 to 10 minutes and then clean your face with fresh water.

Papaya beauty tips
Benefits of Papaya Face Pack

12. Amazing Black Soil Face Pack:

Black Soil for caring Beauty is good and cost effective homemade beauty face pack, used since ancient time to get a fabulous skin.

Black Soil Beauty tips
Amazing Black Soil Face Pack

Find the field where the black soil is available. Dig a pit of about one fit and take soil. Filter and clean the soil and make its face pack with water. Apply the mixture on the face, let it dry and then wash your face with fresh water.

Benefits of Black Soil are amazing:

  • It cures the skin by removing dead skin and extra oil and makes skin healthier and brighter.
  • Black soil is effective in treating sunburn, skin infections, and rashes.
  • It relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation.

13. , Sandel, and Turmeric Face Pack:

Barley, Sandal (Chandan) powder and turmeric (Haldi) powder cure skin problems. 

Take barley flour, one tablespoon, Chandan powder, half tablespoon and Haldi powder, one tip only and Mix all in the lemon juice.  Apply the face pack on your face. Let it till dry for half an hour and wash it. This is found quite effective in curing the skin problems.

 Barley, Sandel and Turmeric Beauty Tips
Benefits of Barley, Sandel and Turmeric Face Pack

14. Amazing use of Cucumber, Kakdi and Lemon Face Pack:

Cucumber, Kakdi and Lemon are effective homemade beauty products, which gives you a glowing skin. 

Take Cucumber and kakadi and get their juice, mix 3 or 4 drops of lemon juice in it and apply on your skin. If only one, either cucumber or kakadi is used, with or without lemon juice, is also very effective for the skin to shine. If the juice is applied daily it removes all the wrinkles and cleans the skin.

cucumber lemon kakri Beauty tips
cucumber lemon kakari Beauty tips

15. Orange and Kakdi Face Pack:

Orange and Kakadi to nourish the skin. It is an excellent homemade beauty face pack. 

Get the juice of both orange and kakadi and apply on your face. Wash the face after half an hour. It shines and nourishes the skin and removes blemishes.

Orange and Kakdi beauty tips
Orange and Kakdi Face Pack

16. Natural Bleach:

To get rid of the hairs from the upper lips or any other part of the face, Apply the following natural bleach:

Natural Bleach beauty tips
Natural Bleach

Mix well and make a paste of all the above-shown ingredients; Gram flour (Hindi: basen), Lemon and honey, one tablespoon only and apply on the face. Leave the face pack till it dries about half an hour and then remove the dried face pack softly. It removes extra hairs on the face and gives you soft, shiny and beautiful skin.

17. Holy basil Face Pack:

Holy basil gives you an amazing homemade beauty face pack to cure scars on the skin.

Collect some basil leaves and grind them properly. Mix few drops of lemon in this and apply on your face. Holy basil (Tulsi) and Lemon cure the skin and give you clean and shiny face.

Holy basil beauty tips
Holy basil Face Pack

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