21 Tips to Get Healed via Water

Water Energy

“Water is nectar and medicine; it cures all the diseases, Says Veda”

is one of the healing ener

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Water has tremendous energy referred to as the God of (jal). Water is the energy of God. No one can survive without water. Water heals all the living being. Indian sages prayed the lord of water to kindly feed the humanity with the “medicinal water” (“jal oshadhi”) to get the food, health, pleasure, bliss and strength, as a mother feeds her infants, Says Rig Veda.

Water is the second important element among the five elements which constitutes the microcosm or a human being. ¾ components of the universe, earth and human body is water only. No activity, whether physical or religious is successful without the water. All the herbs grow in the water and all the herbs are in

All the herbs grow in the water and all the herbs are in the water as well, says Vedas. Water is a life force and God blessings for living beings. Therefore, it is essential to intake the water and avoids the wastage of water. Some important tips related to water, given below need to be followed by everyone to keep body fit and healthy:

  1. Drinking morning water or “Ushapan”, stored in the copper jug, without washing your mouth is alike nectar. It strengthens immunity system of the body and keeps away various diseases.

    If you know Ganga is mother, she cares and love you, if you know Ganga is water, she is only water for you”
    If you know Ganga is mother, she cares and love you, if you know Ganga is water, she is only water for you”
  2. Always drink water in the comfortable sitting posture to keep away knee pains.
  3. Drinking lukewarm water in the morning time prevents arthritis.
  4. Always drink water by small sips similar to birds and other animals

    Birds Drinking Water Sip By Sip
    Birds Drinking Water Sip By Sip
  5. Eye bath or splashing fresh water on the eyes after filling your mouth with the water is good for the eyesight.
  6. Don’t drink water immediately after eating food to prevent the body from all the diseases which occurs due to indigestion. Drink water before taking food or after 40 minutes of eating your food.
  7. Water cures, various diseases like cold, cough, sinusitis, constipation, arthritis, throat ache, lung ailments, liver problems, skin diseases, hair troubles, stress, anxiety, , back pain, migraine, diabetes and many more.
  8. Water . During the fever drink a little water in small intervals. Keep wet cloth strip on the forehead to remove temperature during fever.
  9. Water gives strength to the body. If you are tired, drink a glass of water to get energy.
  10. Water cures arthritis. Drink lukewarm water empty stomach in the morning to cure arthritis.
  11. Drink fresh or lukewarm in accordance to the weather and need to cure cold and cough problems. Don’t drink cold water of freeze.
  12. Not only living beings, trees and plants also get life from the water
  13. Water is the best body cleaner. Drink minimum 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day to get shine on your face. Water is beauty drink.
  14. Bare feet morning walk on the wet grass increase life force, cures eyes, removes stress and anxiety.
  15. Bare feet walking on the fresh snow fall cures tooth ache and cracked heels.

    Walking on Snow Fall
    Walking on Snow Fall
  16. Bare feet walking in the water removes the problem of painful urination and also cures urinary tract infection (UTI) infection, Says “Akhanda Jyoti”. This exercise is good in the summer season only.snow walk                                                Walking in the Water
  17. Hip bath (Hindi: Kati Snana) gives relief from various ailments such as High blood pressure, Asthma, Paralytic attack, Jaundice, Anemia, vertigo and many more.Hip Bath: Filled a tub with water and sit in the tub. Keep your legs outside the tub. Water should be till the navel point only.
  18. Dip a clean towel in hot water, squeeze the towel and keep the towel on your head after doing oil massage of the head. It gives strength to the roots of the hairs and stops the hair fall.
  19. Dip a cloth in cold water, squeeze the cloth and keep it on the part of the body from where blood is coming due to injury. It stops blood flow immediately and gives relief.
  20. Cold water cures burning organs.
  21. Boil water and take steam through nose. It is very effective to cure troubles related to cure cold, cough, bronchitis and sinus disorders.

Spiritual Value of Water 

  1. Not only, mental or physical, but the spiritual value of water is also very high. No one can depart from this world without drinking divine water. Hence, holy water is offered to the person leaving the world.
  2. Not only the body but also soul needs water to leave the attachment from the body and therefore the bones or ashes of the departed body are offered to Holy Goddess Ganga.
  3. Goddess Ganga came on the earth from the heaven to give peace and bliss to the people living on the earth and going to depart from the earth both.
  4. In various occasions people take bath in holy Ganga to clean their sins.
  5. Some people wish to live near to rivers to get emotional healing from water. Breathing and living near to rivers and lakes emotionally heals people from stress, anxiety and depressions.

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