What does an Animal mean in a dream?

dreams about animals

What does an Animal mean in a dream?

Buffalo in dream

dreams about animals

Buffalo in indicates troubles in .

Buffalo giving milk in indicates prosperity and food gains.



Bird mean in a dream

dreams about animals

Dreaming a bird indicates promotion in job.

Weeping bird in dream indicates loss of money, wealth and many more.



Blue Bull Dream

Blue Bull or Blue Cow (Hindi: Neelgau)

Dreaming blue cow indicates getting luxuries and living luxurious life.

dreams about animals
Blue Cow






Singing bird mean in a dream

dreams about animals
Songs Birds

It indicates meeting with a learned person.





Bull mean in a dream

dreams about animals

Dreaming a healthy Bull means decrease the cost of grains in the coming time.

Dreaming a weak bull means increase the cost of grains in the coming time.


Calf mean in a dream

dreams about animals

Dream of calf indicates any good event in life.




Camel mean in a dream


dreams about animals

It indicates wealth gain.

Camel Riding indicates a disease in the coming time period.




Cat mean in a dream

dreams about animals

Dreaming cats fight indicates quarrel with a friend.

Dreaming white cats indicates wealth loss.




Cuckoo mean in a dream

Dreaming cuckoo indicates good .




Crocodile mean in a dream

dreams about animals

Crocodile indicates Business loss.





crow dream meaning

Crow mean in a dream

Dreaming a crow indicates receiving a death news.


dog dream meaning

Dog mean in a dream

Dreaming a dog indicates a meeting with any old friend.


Donkey mean in a dream

donkey dream meaning

Dreaming a donkey indicates wealth problems.




Elephant mean in a dream

elephant dream meaning

Royal life in  coming time.




fox mean in a dream

fox dream meaning

Fox in dreams indicates getting cheated from fast friend.




Glow-worm mean in a dream

Glow worm dream meaning
Glow Worm

Glow worm in dream indicates wealth and prosperity in the coming days.




Grasshopper mean in a dream

Tidda dream meaning

Grasshopper in dream indicates loss in business.




Honey bee mean in a dream

bee dream meaning
Honey Bee

Dreaming honey bee indicates an improved love of friends.




Horse mean in a dream

horse dream meaning

Dreaming horse indicates relief from troubles.

Horse Riding indicates progress in life or in business.

Horse falling indicates hurdles in life or in business.


Jackal mean in a dream

Jackal dream meaning

Weeping jackal in dreams indicates possibility of any bad event or accident.




Lion mean in a dream

lion dream meaning

Lion in dream indicates victory.

Lion pair indicates happy married life.



Lizard mean in a dream

lizard dream meaning

Theft in your house in the coming time.




Mongoose indicates in a dream

Mongoose dream meaning

Mongooses in dreams indicates to get secret treasure.




Mynah mean in a dream

bird dream meaning

Dreaming mynah indicates good & .




Owl mean in a dream

owl dream meaning


Dreaming owl indicates loss of wealth.



Parrot mean in a dream

parrot dream meaning

Parrot indicates good  luck in coming time



Pig mean in a dream

pig dream meaning

It indicates health problems or problems from enemies.




pigeon indicates in a dream

pigeon dream meaning

It means that you will get relief from serious present diseases.

Pigeon (White) means friendship with enemy in coming days.




snake mean in a dream

snake dream meaningWhat does snake mean in a dream?

Snake bite in dreams indicates getting money in the coming time period.



Scorpion means in a dream

Scorpion dream meaning

Scorpion means fame and prosperity in life.





Wolf mean in a dream

Wolf dream meaning

Dreaming wolf means fear from enemy.





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