Dream inte

Cremation Ground

Why do we dream? what we dream?

Dream Reasons

a. Dreams come due to unfulfilled desires of the soul felt in some past lives.

b. Another reason of dreams is the actions we did in some past lives.


Dream Inte Amavasya

Being Amavasya in a means relief from troubles, diseases and other difficulties.

Dream Inte Blood

  • What does lying in the interpretation?
  • Lying in the blood means getting money and other precious things.
  • Blood rain in a dream means epidemics in the country

Dream Inte

Dreaming bud indicates health problems.

Dream Inte Coffin

Dreaming coffin means getting long .

Dream Inte Cotton

Dreaming cotton indicates pleasure and prosperity.

Dream Inte Cremation ground

Dreaming cremation ground indicates relief from pains.

What we dream?






Dream Inte Fire

  • Dreaming fire indicates that you will get money from a wrong source.
  • Cooking food in the fire, in dream indicates money gain or promotion in job.
  • Fire burning a cloth in dream, indicates miseries or eye troubles.




Dream Inte Fog

Dreaming fog indicates end of all the troubles.

Dream Inte Forest

Dreaming forest indicates end of miseries.

Dream Inte Girl

Child Girl

Dreaming girl means getting good time and money.

Dream Inte Gooseberry

  • Viewing gooseberry in dreams indicates fulfillment of wish.
  • Eating gooseberry in dream indicates fulfillment of wish.







Dream Inte Height

  • Dreaming that you are sitting on the highest, indicates insult in the coming life.
  • Falling from height in dream, drowning in water and falling in water in dream, indicates increment in your existing diseases.

Dream Inte Green Grass

Green Grass

Dreaming green grass indicates wealth gain.

Dream Inte Light


Dreaming light indicates success and happiness in future.


Dream Inte Lotus

Viewing lotus in dream indicates gain of knowledge.

Dream Inte Garden

  • Dreaming garden indicates prediction of some betterment in diseases.
  • Disturbed garden in dream indicates troubles and pains in life.

Dream Inte God

  • God dream meaning indicates wish fulfillment or supreme bliss.
  • God dream meaning indicates getting the final relief from all the difficulties.

Dream Interpretaion Moon


Dreaming half moon means that you will get help from a female.

Dream Inte Mountain

Mountains dream meaning is that you will get success after .

Dream Inte Palace

Dreaming place indicates happiness in the coming life.


Dream inte Rainbow

Dreaming rainbow indicates money loss, troubles and difficulties in the coming life.

Dream Inte Root of Trees

Asparagus roots
Asparagus roots

Dreaming roots indicates happy time and good news.

Dream Inte Skeleton

Dreaming human skeleton means getting a long life.

Dream Inte Sky

  • Dreaming means that you will get a very good job and high status.
  • Seeing as you are in the sky indicates a happy journey.
  • Falling in the sky in dream indicates business loss.

Dream Inte Sky Flying

  • What does flying in the sky mean in a dream?
  • Dreaming flying in the sky means getting relief from the present difficulties.

Dream Inte Storm

  • Stormy air or storm in dream indicates getting relief from present troubles.
  • Falling in the storm indicates success.

Dream Inte Suicide

Doing suicide in dream indicates getting long life.

Dream Inte Theft of God’s idol

GOD Idol

Viewing god’s idol being theft in a dream, indicates trouble will come similar to death.


Dream Inte Tree

Dreaming tall height trees indicates that you will get success but after much time and efforts.

Dream Inte water


Water dream meaning is that you will face troubles, stress and anxieties in the coming life.





Stay blessed

love, light, and peace


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