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Dream Symbols Abuse or violent


Dream Interpretation

Dreaming abuse means, a dispute between you and your business partner. Take heed & be not slack in your attentions

Dream Symbols Accuse or charge (someone) with an offense or crime  in dream


Dream Interpretion

  • Dreaming accused is a sign of great difficulties. You will acquire good time and riches by using your personal efforts.
  • Dreaming accused is a sign of great difficulties. You will acquire good time and riches by using your personal efforts.

Dream Symbols Adultery (objectionable extramarital Relations)


Dreaming adultery means troubles in . Your prospects may be irritating. Situations may depress you.

Dream Symbols Advancement (Progress/Growth)


Seeing progress in is a sign of success.


Dream Symbols as Advocate


Dreaming as advocate means, you will be famous in future life & get honour and respect.


Dream Symbols Affluence


Dreaming affluence is not a favorable sign. It indicates poverty.


Dream Symbols angry


person with whom you are angry in your dream, is your close and true friend.


Dream Symbols Ass


Ass in dream means, all troubles, in spite of despairing situations, will end. Success after struggle and suffering.


Dream Symbols Baby

nursing a baby

Nursing a baby in dream, denotes sorrow and misfortune.


Dream Symbols a sick baby

Sick Child Dream
Dreaming Sick Child

Dreaming a sick baby indicates that somebody in your relatives will die.


Dream Symbols Bachelor

Bachlor girl
Beautiful College Student






Dreaming of a bachelor boy means that you will shortly, meet a friend.


Dream Symbols Bankrupt

Bankruptcy Dream

Dreaming Bankruptcy

Dreaming Bankruptcy is a warning, indicates  you are indulging in undesirable activities that are injurious.


Dream Symbols Battle

being battle Dream
Battle Dream

To dream of being in a battle means serious quarrel with your neighbours or friends.


Dream Symbols Beauty

dream beautiful Young
Young Beauty Dream

Dreaming you are beautiful means, you will become ugly and weak due to sickness. Increasing beauty indicates .


Dream Symbols birds

bird flying Dream
Bird Dream

Seeing flying birds are unlucky. it indicates sorrowful setback in circumstances.


Dream Symbols singing birds

birds singing
Singing Bird Dream






Seeing singing birds makes poor persons better.


 Dream Symbols child birth

Child Birth Dream

Birth Child Dream

Dreaming child birth to a girl indicates immorality. For married women, indicates happy confinement.


Dream Symbols of the blind

Blind Seeing Dream
Seeing Blind Dream

To dream of the blind is a symbol that you will have no real friend.


Dream Symbol Boat or ship

boat Dream
Seeing Boat Dream

Sail a boat or ship on smooth waters is very lucky. But on rough waters is unlucky. To fall into water indicates great peril.


 Dream Symbols Books

Vedas Dream
Book Dream

Dreaming of books is auspicious & means, agreeable future life. Dreaming of books is auspicious & means, agreeable future life


Dream Symbols Bread

white bread Dream
Bread Dream
  • Dreaming bread indicates you will succeed in earthly business pursuits.
  • Eating good bread indicates good and long life. Eating burnt bread is an indication of funeral, hence, it is bad.


Dream Symbols Bride and Bridegroom

Bride Bridegroom
Bride Bridegroom Dream

It indicates sorrow and disappointment in the life.


Dream Symbols Bugs

bugs Dream
Bug Dream

Dreaming bug indicates sure sickness. Many enemies are seeking to injure you.


Dream Symbols Butter

butters Dream
Butter Dream

Dreaming butter is Good. Joy and feasting. Sufferings terminate quickly.



Camel Dream
Camel Dream

Dreaming camel means heavy burdens will come upon you. You will meet with heavy disasters. But you will bear with heroism.





Dreaming cat is bad. It indicates treachery and fraud.

Killing a cat indicates discovery of enemies.




Dreaming cattle means, you will become rich and fortunate. Black and big horned cattle indicate enemies of a violent nature.



Clouds Dream Meaning
Clouds Dream

Dreaming dark clouds indicate great sorrows that have to be passed through. But they will pass away if the clouds are moving or breaking away.



crops Dream Meaning
Crops Dream

Dreaming crops indicates a hasty and imprudent engagement in which you will be unhappy.




Cow Dream
Cows Dream Meaning

Dreaming milking cow is a sign of riches.To be pursued by a cow indicates an overtaking enemy.



crow dream meaning
Crow Dream

Dreaming crow indicates a sorrowful funeral ceremony.




death leader
Death Leader Dream

Dreaming a death indicates very long life.



Death of a leader

death of leader

Dreaming death of leader brings troubles in the country.


Desert Dream

Camel Desert Dream
Desert Dream

Traveling across a desert in dream shows the inevitability of a long and tedious journey.

Accompaniment of sunshine indicates successful journey



Nightmare Meaning
Devil Dream

Dreaming devil indicates a high time for you to mend yourself. Great evil may come to you. You must pursue virtue.



eating poori dream
Dinner Dream


Taking dinner in a dream, foretells great difficulties where you will be in want of meals.

You will be uncomfortable. Enemies will try to injure you or your character.

You should be careful about those whom you are confiding.



sick child dream
Sick Person Dream

]If a sick person dreams of disease it means recovery from the same disease.

To young people it is a warning against evil company and intemperance.



earthquake dream
Earthquake dream

Dreaming earthquake, foretells great troubles, loss in business, bereavement and separation. Family ties are broken by death or quarrels and fear everywhere, heart breaking pains and disaster from all sides.

Dreaming earthquake brings Problems or troubles for children.



Eclipse dream
Eclipse Dream

Hopes are eclipsed. Death is near. Enjoyment may be put an end to. [/tweetthis]The friend is a traitor. All expectations will bear no fruit




Elephant dream
Elephant Dream

Dreaming elephant means good health, success, strength, prosperity & intelligence.




Embroidery dream
Embroidery dream

Dreaming embroidery indicates that persons who love you are not true & will deceive you.




Famine dream
Famine Dream

Famine is a dream of contrary. It shows national prosperity and individual comfort & enjoyment.




Dreaming father means he loves you. If the father is dead, it shows a sign of pain & troubles.





Dreaming green field shows great prosperity.

To walk in green field in dream shows great happiness and wealth.

Dreaming scorched fields denote poverty.




Dreaming fire shows health and great happiness, kind relations and warm friends.




Successful trade, safe voyage for traders.Dreaming flood indicates bad health and unfavourable circumstances.




Gathering beautiful flowers in dream is an indication of fortune & prosperity. You will be very fortunate in all your undertakings.





These creatures are not harmful. This dream therefore is not unfavourable.

Frog in dream denotes success.







Dreaming giant means great difficulty to be encountered. Face it with boldness, it will vanish.

Giant in dream indicates that you will have an enemy of the most dreadful character



good hair

Dreaming girl indicates success. All your desires will be fulfilled.



shiv worship

Dreaming God is a rare dream which a very few people experience. Great success and elevation.




Dreaming grave indicates some friend or relative will die. Recovery from illness doubtful.




If you are hung in dream, it is good to you. You will rise in society, and become healthy & wealthy.


green garden

Dreaming heaven means remainder of your life will be spiritually happy, & death will be peaceful.


Dreaming hell indicates mental and physical sufferings due to death in surroundings.

Great suffering due to enemies and death of relatives, etc.



Dreaming life in home in early boyhood indicates good health and prosperity.

Good sign of progress.



Your wish will not be granted.

If you fall in love with another woman’s husband in dream, it indicates that you are growing vicious.

ill Health

Dreaming suffering in disease means that you will have to fall a victim to some temptation, which, if you do not resist, will injure you.



If you are injured by someone in dream, it shows that there are enemies to destroy you.

Beware of them. Change of locality is desirable.



Dreaming itching is an unlucky dream. Indicates difficulty and trouble.

You will be disturbed & unhappy.



If you dream that you are in jail it indicates prosperity in future life. This is a dream of contrary.



This indicates that there will be a great change in conditions and circumstances.
Dreaming good journey indicates good conditions and bad journey with troubles indicates a bad life.



Dreaming to appear before a friendly king is a sign of great success, and before a cruel king is very unfavorable.



Very favorable dream. Very happy life. Family peaceful. This dream is always of
good signs.



You will attain influence and respect. Good omen to dream that you are learning and acquiring knowledge.



To dream that you have leprosy indicates a very great future misfortune.



To dream of lights is very good. It denotes riches and honor.



Breakage of limbs indicates breakage of a marriage vow.



Receiving money in dream denotes earthly prosperity. Giving of it denotes ability to give money.



Dreaming your mother and converse with her, indicates prosperity in life.

To dream that you have lost your mother indicates her sickness.



To dream that you have murdered somebody indicates that you are going to become very bad and wretched, vicious and criminal.



To drink nectar in dream indicates riches and prosperity.

You will be beyond your expectations.

You will marry a handsome person in life and live in great state.



Dreaming nightmare means that you are guided by foolish persons. Beware of such people.



To dream of hearing noises indicates quarrels in family and much misery in life.



Dreaming you are turned out of the office means that you will die or lose all the property.

This is a very bad dream for all people.



To live in a palace is a good omen. You will be elevated to a state of wealth and dignity.



Dreaming paradise is a very good dream. Hope of immortality and entrance into Paradise.
Cessation of sorrows. Happy and .



Dreaming saliva brings troubles in life.


Ship in Dream

Ship sailing on the sea in dream indicates advancement in riches.A ship that is tossed in the ocean and about to sink indicates disaster in life.


Singing in dream

Singing in dream indicates weeping and grief. Much suffering.


Wedding in dream

Dreaming wedding indicates that there is a funeral to be witnessed by you. [/tweetthis]

To dream that you are married indicates that you will never marry./tweetthis]
Marriage of sick persons indicates their death.


To dream of young persons indicates enjoyment.

If you are young, it indicates your sickness. You may die quickly.


Eating Poori

Brings good news.


Seeing Copper

Getting some secret information.


Sleeping on the bed

Sleeping on the bed in dream brings fame in life.


Ditch or trench

Seeing ditch in dreams brings happiness and fame in your life.


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