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Om Namah Shivaya॥

ॐ नमः शिवाय॥

The secret of Offering Water to Linga

Before knowing  the secret of offering water to , you must know the answer of following questions:-

  1. Who am I?
  2. What is the meaning of Shiva?
  3. What is Bhramanda?
  4. What is the meaning of Shiva linga?
  5. Why offering water to Shiva linga?
  6. Fruits of offering water to Shiva linga

1. ?

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“Who I am?” is the question which opens the door to know the almighty God? There are very fewer people in the world who really want to know the answer to “who I am?” You must understand that you are not a body. This body is a tool, an instrument or hardware only. The body has no energy in itself at all. This is the soul which energizes the body and enlightens the body. All we know that when the soul leaves the body, the body begins to decay and ultimately destroyed. This is the soul which makes you healthy and keep you free from all the decays.

In fact “I” means the soul resides in the body made up of five elements. This “I” is a spark of almighty God or .

When you have a sense of this body this “I” is a body or you, but when you realize that you are not a body but a soul you immediately awaken in the eternal God and understand that you are a soul an element of supreme soul. Knowing you are a soul and not a body, removes all your doubts about the God, world and yourself. Everything becomes crystal clear before you. God is reflecting everywhere and in you too as shown in the image below:

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2. What is the meaning of Shiva?

Shiva is eternal Bhrama or lord. Shiva is your soul. Shiva is the supreme soul. Shiva is eternal cosmic energy. Shiva is eternal. There is no end and beginning of Shiva. Only transformations are there. As there is no end and beginning of Shiva same there is no end and beginning of Bhramand. This Bhramand is Shiva. It doesn’t matter whether you call the God as Jesus, Allah, Nanak, Sai or anyone else. All names are the name of almighty God. Names are many as many religions but the energy is only one that is God or Shiva.


What is the meaning of Shiva Energy?

3. What is universe (“Bhramanda”)?

The whole universe (“bhramanda”) is a place (“Pinda”), the symbolization of almighty God. We all are living inside the universe (Bhramanda) or we can say we live inside the God. The whole universe (Bhramanda) is a manifestation of almighty God. God is infinite and eternal. Similarly, the universe (bhramanda) is eternal. Transformations are there in the universe (Bhramanda) time to time due to the wish of nature. There is no end and beginning of this universe (bhramanda). This is from forever and this will remain forever.

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4. What is the meaning of shiva linga?

Shiva linga is a symbolic representation of root (“mool”) of universe (bhramanda), shiva, God, or .  Shiva linga is also from the beginning and remain forever. Shiv linga can change their size, shape, and color but will remain forever.

5. Why should we offer water to shiva linga?

We offer water to a root of a plant to give life to the plant, to get fruit from the plant and to keep the plant green and healthy. The plant may die, become lifeless or become yellow if you stop to give water to the plant. The plant will not give you fruits if you will not offer water to the root of the plant.

“Shiva Linga is a root of this whole universe (“Bhramanda”) and so, you too.”                                                  -Mamta Rajshree

Similarly, Shiva linga is a root (“mool”) of this whole universe (“Bhramanda”), God or supreme energy. Shiva linga is a physical symbol of God. Shiva linga is a Yantra of Shiva. It is a root of you too as you are also a light of an almighty God or Shiva. In fact, offering water to Shiva linga is equal to the offering water to your root (“mool”) or your soul to make you flourish and happy. Offering water to Shiva linga gives so many things to you as mentioned below:-

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  • Offering water to shiva linga is more than a “Kalpavruksha” as it gives you more than your wishes.
  • It frees you from all your past life curse.
  • It removes all your sins and makes you free from all fears.
  • It strengthens your soul consequently, makes your body strong. If soul is strong automatically body will become strong.

As this is true, a healthy mind makes your body healthy; same this is also true that pure soul makes your body and mind pure. All the demerits and vices like greed, anger, proud, attachments reflect in the form of physical and mental disorders. Offering water to Shiva linga makes you free from all the vices and consequently free you from all the diseases and disorders.

  • Offering water to the root of your soul enlightens your soul consequently shines your body.
  • It removes ignorance and makes you intelligent spiritually and physically both.
  • It opens the door of a temple of your soul consequently open the door of the palace of God.
  • It gives you confidence and courage and improves your willpower.
  • It cures you mentally, physically and spiritually.
  • It transforms you from a soul to supreme soul.
  • It removes all vices from you and makes you virtuous.
  • It gives you control to your anger.
  • It cures physical diseases. Lord shiva is a supreme doctor. “What no one can cure, Shiva can cure.”
  • It removes all your demerits and makes you meritorious.

In fact, you are not offering water to anyone else, but you are offering water to yourself, your body, your mind and your soul which makes you healthy, wealthy and wise. The people who offer water to Shiva linga are really very very blessed, special and graced by Lord Shiva.

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So, stay blessed,  be enlightened

With love, light, and peace