How thought comes into mind?

Power of Thought

What is thought?

Thought is a power of the mind. Thought is the driving force behind each and every word spoken by us voluntarily or involuntarily. If the thought is good and pure, words will be pure and healing. Contrarily, if thought is not pure, the words will be disturbing and destroying.

thought energy

Power of Thought

Thoughts are so powerful that it can kill a life and can give a life. “Desire” or will power (Hindi: Icha Shakti) is one of the forms of thoughts which is the cause of the cycle of . A living being takes birth one after another again and again just because of the desire of attachment with the world. Once all the desires are quiet and calm, the life & death cycle is over and the soul of that person is dissolved in the cosmic soul or GOD. The cause of living being is the thought of attachments to the worldly affairs.  Not only this, the whole universe is a materialization of the thoughts of GOD.

universe is a materialization of the thoughts of GOD
The whole universe is a materialization of the God’s thoughts

Thoughts have tremendous power to transform information from one mind to another mind. Thought travels in no time via Ether. Divine Guru or saints transmit thoughts in the mind of disciple without the boundary of time and space through the life force. From a distant place divine guru heals his disciples and transmits messages in the mind/minds.

thought move

An ordinary person, whose mind is full of hatred, enmity, jealousy or any other negative feelings can be transmitted in other persons and triggers the same feelings in another person too. Similarly, positive feelings of love and affection can be transmitted in the beloved in no time.

The thought has energy. What one thinks? It makes an aura around the thinker and impacts on all around the surroundings. What we feed come to us. Hence, sit alone and watch your thoughts and improve them as much as you can.

energy flows

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Medium of Thought

The is “Ether”. When thought passes from one mind to another, they travel through the ether. Powerful thoughts (Akashik records) are recorded in the ether or in the divine energy (Serpent power of the universe) till entirety.

Thought can heal mental and physical diseases. Thought can transmit any sort of message at some distant places beyond the border.

How thought comes in mind?

There are various sources of thought. Some of the sources of thoughts are as below

1. Divine source of thought:

God speaks from the soul and guard time to time, but no one pay attention. Whenever one tries to do anything wrong, disturbing, destroying or against the humanity, thoughts coming from soul always warns. The need is to notice and follow them. The soul is true and pure, a thread of cosmic soul; hence, always force to do in favors of humanity. It is the ignorance of truth which causes the wrong doings.

2. Thoughts are the fruits of past actions:

All the fruits of past and present remain deposited in the chakras in the form of energy, which reveals when the exact time and space come to activate the fruit. This is why sometimes a very intelligent person seems busy with foolish things and very foolish person seems to indulge in intelligent activities. There is a saying:

“When one’s destruction time is soon to arrive, one thinks un-intelligently”

This is all just because of the results of . Not only this, slip of tongue, slip of the pen, day dreams and night dreams all are the cause of the power stored in the chakras as a result of actions.

A millionaire becomes beggar. A beggar become millionaire, king become servant and the servant become king. These are the consequences of the actions done in the past or in the present.

“No reaction without the action”

3. External Sources of thoughts

There are external sources too, which are the cause of thoughts such as:

  • Ether: Ether has tremendous power to deposit all the actions and reactions done in the past and present which becomes the cause of present action. Actions and events done in the past creates an aura (a field of energy) and generates similar thoughts as the aura. This is why sometimes some particular sound is heard in a particular place. Some specific dreams come some people if they sleep in a particular house. Different feeling is felt in the cremation grounds and near the temples. This is all just because of the ether which is the vast divine repository.
  • People surrounding in us: Our soul mates, relatives and people living with us are the potential cause of thoughts.
  • Environment: Environment is also an important factor which inculcates thoughts in us.


Thought impacts

Thought impact  is great. This is the thought which force a person to work in the favor of others or iin the against of others. Thought impacts in following ways:

  1. Thought can be used to change the attitude of the other person.
  2. Thought can convince the people to do a specific task.
  3. Thought give words to speak

Healing thought provokes for healing words and destroying thought provokes for destruction. Hence, watch your thought and guards  them to become harmful to you and others.