What is life?

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What is the Meaning of life?

Be happy always and make others happy too. is one, but meanings of life are many as many thoughts, religions and persons and their experiences. Not only this meaning of life changes as person grown up and passed through various phases of life.  When the child is small meaning is different and when a child has grown up, become the part of society and meets with friends and teachers, the meaning of the life change.

Meaning of a life


Similarly, the meaning of life is entirely changed when a is enlightened and become align with the Supreme Soul or GOD. This is why all the Vedas, scriptures and enlightened teachers like Jesus, Guru Nanak, Ram Krishna Paramhansa and Saint Budha, etc. speak the same line of truth in different ways. For them, the meaning of life is entirely different because somehow they have solved the puzzle of the life. Their lifestyle is only for them not for the general people. But their teaching and preaching must be followed by the all as they are the best teachers of life. It is not necessary to follow the way of living, but their golden words are capable of making you best winner of the life.

Life of an enlightened Soullove

An enlightened soul has finished their journey, they have completed the life cycle, and they have won over the death. They received the ultimate reality and salvation too while living in the body. So, they speak what the Vedas and scripture speak.  However, this is difficult to get the real saint presently but somehow if you are blessed to get a true saint you must follow his/her teachings. These teachings are entirely free from egoism, luxuries, and enmity.

In fact, these souls are born to know the truth, but all are not sculpted to know the truth. All we are actors came into the world of the stage to play their roles but don’t play only, play the best role which makes you happy and others happy too. Shape yourself as everyone needs your company, speak such words that everyone wishes to talk to you, be such like that everyone loves to you. But don’t pretend it, be such with your soul and deeds.

Life is a series of dreams, one after another

After the death, the soul comes in its true form and become able to recall all the done in all the past lives and ensures not to repeat any wrong doing again in case if the soul will get another chance of life. But when it receives the new body, it forgets all the promises made before the born and again start to do things which give momentary pleasures. It completes the life again and caught by the death. Again, reminds all the actions done any past lifetime. The soul again promises to ensure that it will not repeat wrong doings again, but as it receives the body, it forgets the promise and the life cycle remain to continue infinitely.

Life is a dream. As we dream in the night and feels real everything in the dream and behaves according to the dream objects keeping in mind that everything is true. We cry, laugh and weep in the dreams. Same as we do during our lifetime too, keeping in mind that everything is true and forget the memories and actions.

True Story of Past Life (Unbelievable but true)

Before thousands of years, there was a Rishi (Saint). He chanted mantras and did yagya (havan, a ritual is done in front of a sacred fire with holy mantras).

A feminine was born from the holy fire. The feminine energy (a beautiful lady) came out of the holy fire. The saint offered her beautiful orange clothes and told her to go into a hut situated to the nearby place.

The holy lady went into the hut and began to live with the saint as his wife.

Life was going well. Many lives passed in such a way. In every life, the holy lady (feminine energy) and the saint born in separate homes and married with each other. Once a black magician came into their life and he planned to control the lady. He decided to call the lady in his house using some hypnotism and black magics. Black magician hypnotized the lady with his eyes and called the lady in his house. The lady went into his house. In the house, black magician again did some more black magical activities and the lady completely came under the control of that black magician. The lady started to go in his house frequently without any hesitation or fear.

One day the saint was told by someone that his wife met with the black magician. Saint called both of them (his wife and the black magician) and cursed them. Saint ordered his wife to go out of his house right now, live with this person with pain and sorrow.

Now, both the lady and the black magician began to live together in a house like a husband and a wife. Many lives passed. In every life, both born in separate homes and married to each other. A sound has a tremendous energy so, never curse anyone. The person who is cursed and the one who curse both have to suffer equally.

According to the law of nature, every curse is ended one day. Now, the time came both the lady and black magician born separately and did marriage. Life was going as usual. In this life also the person had an interest in black magics and black magical activities. Past life interest and habits always remain tied with the soul and force the person to do alike activities.

After few years of the marriage, the lady felt some unusual things in his day to day routine life. This was the time of the end of the curse. All the black magical activities and things did with the lady by the black magician were forced to come to the surface by the law of nature. But she was unknown from all the past life memories and black magics. This was the mystery for her too. She was terribly upset from all the sufferings and happenings, as all were occurring internally in her soul, no one could understand what was going with her. Doctors tried their best, but couldn’t cure her. One day she cried, shed tears and complained to the GOD for all the sufferings and happenings. She was so much disturbed that she couldn’t sleep during the nights and also couldn’t take rest in the days. The life had become hell totally.

Self Realization and God Realization

Once, she visited a Siddh temple of Lord Shiva. She cried and prayed to God, either cure her or take this life back. Suddenly, she heard a voice coming from her soul. The voice told her about her past lives, showed her past lives recodes too which were the cause of the sufferings. Voice recalled her all about the curse of the saint and also about her birth from Yaga and much more too. The holy voice also told about the cure of the sufferings. All that were strange for the lady. Gradually, she began to cure and recalled all the past lives curse, saint, and black magician.

All the undischarged actions, events, and past life experiences remain deposited in the form of undischarged energies in the energy centers (chakras). These experiences can be recalled and memorized on the wish of almighty GOD only. This deposited energy is the main cause of all the present actions, motivations, acute diseases, physical and mental disabilities and happenings.

Teachings and sayings of enlightened souls can make you happy and free you from stress and anxiety which will give you health and wealth both in this life and in future lives too.


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You came alone and alone you will go. Only you are responsible for all your deeds, not your soul mates. Hence, always beware of your thoughts as one day they will be your actions and you have to take the responsibility of all the actions willingly or unwillingly.

Stay blessed and  be enlightened

With love, light, and peace


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