Why is love important

Why is love important

Love is beyond the boundaries of anything whether that is caste, community, age, gender, language etc. Have anyone realized why LOVE occurs? Why no bar in this LOVE? Why it is most pleasurable and passion able? A person gets a life after a big struggle of so many births in different species and they sacrifice this so precious life on a single word of their beloved . Why?

  1. What is love?
  2. Who is exactly your beloved?
  3. Who are mates?
  4. Who is your twin soul?
  5. Why love marriages?
  6. Love marriage vs. Arrange marriages
  7. Twin soul in the mirror of Astrology.
  8. How does twin soul meet?
  9. Why twin soul departed?
  10. Why they again united.
  11. What is after reunion?

This text is written to answer all these questions.

Love is not related to the body. Love is straight from the soul only. This is why love has no restriction of caste, creed, language, age, gender or anything else. Love is seen not only in the human being but also in nature (Nature has a life, Says Vedas.), animals, birds, and all other creatures. The reason behind the love is your past karmic debts. Whether you love once or more than once, with a different one, it is your past lives debts only, why you attract on a specific one among the crowd.

What are debts, which force to fall in love?

All we take birth after birth just because to pay the debts. There are two types of debts:

  • Debts linked to feelings (Relationships of heart)
  • Debts linked to money (Relationships of money)

Debts linked to feelings (Relationships of heart)

In a particular lifetime if you love someone, but not marry that one or hurt that one due to any reason. The reason may be related to family, parents, finance, cast, community or some any other. The energy of this feeling of love or hate is deposited in the Chakras of both the souls involved in the love relationship. This subtle deposited energy carried on from one life to another life until the right time and space come to reveal the same energy. The same energy revealed one day and again force both the counter souls, (who rebirth) to involve again in the same kind of relationship to balance the past life energies deposited in the chakras. Unknowingly and innocently, both the persons fall again in the love to balance the energies. This is the truth behind the love and love marriages. Hence, it is said that marriage is always destined whether that is love marriage or arrange marriage.

One Reason behind the Cycle of Life and Death

Debts linked to money (Relationships of money)

Second types of debts are debts linked to money matters. Debts associated with money reveal in various forms of relationships in the forthcoming lives. These relationships can be in the form of two friends, son and father or mother, servant and owner etc. (This topic is out of the scope of this particular post, so it will be discussed separately)

All the persons involved in the strong relationships are like sisters, brothers; father, mother, close friends, wife, and husband etc. are soul mates. A person takes rebirth to balance the past life energies among the past life members referred to as soul mates.

Past present future all are woven together. All three are connected strongly or we can say three are blending (morphing). A person takes birth, discharge various duties and responsibilities just to pay past life debts, simultaneously perform new tasks whether good or bad and again bound with new debts, which again carry forward with the soul in the form of deposited energies. There is no escape from this cycle.

Note: – Unknowingly, we discharge past energies and bound with new energies, and the cycle remains continued infinitely.

Who is exactly your beloved?

Every living being has one counter beloved soul known as twin soul. From the very first incarnation to the end of the soul life, these two souls remain tied together till the infinity with the crystal chord. In their initial incarnation they live like a true lover or husband and wife but due to karmic debts or the effect of divine curses, they have to depart and carry on their lives living separately. At the end of their life cycle, they again unite and get the salvation. Such souls are called as twin souls.

Why is love important

Love marriage vs. Arrange marriage

It makes no difference whether the marriage is love or arranges both the relationships are destined to balance the energies or to pay past debts.

Twin Flame Astrology

Astrologically twin souls are mirror images of one another. The horoscope of one twin soul is just opposite to the other counter twin soul. Generally, following facts are seen in the horoscopes of twin souls:

  • If one twin soul has an Aries sign on the first house, the other counter twin soul must have the sign of Libra in the first house or if one has a Virgo sign in the first house the other counter soul must have a Pieces sign on its first house and so on.
  • The same types of yoga (Combination of planets)are found in both the horoscopes, for instance, if the yoga of two marriages is found in one horoscope of one twin soul the same yoga is found in the horoscope of a counter twin soul.
  • The length of longevity is same in both the horoscope.
  • Other combinations are also generally same in both the horoscopes. For instance, both the horoscopes have moon planet, in the same zodiac sign etc..
  • Very important that both the horoscopes have same “Ishta” God.

Twin soul biological features

  1. Twin souls have same body marks like moles (Hindi: tips) on the body parts.,
  2. Twin souls have same palmistry in their hands and legs.
  3. Twin souls have same body texture and height features, for instance, if the male counter soul has an average height in males, his counter twin also has an average height in females.
  4. Twin souls have same eye colors as eye color is decided by the DNA.
  5. Twin souls have same birth dates generally if one has 26 days of the , another counter twin should also have 26 days of the date of birth.

Twin Flame Signs

Twin souls are very much similar in their habit patterns. Generally, following similarities are found in the habit patterns of twin souls:

  1. Twin souls have same sleeping habits. For instance, if one of the twin souls like sleeping without taking pillow then another counter twin also has the same practice and vice versa.
  2. Twin souls have the same likings in the colors of wearables like clothes, ornaments etc.
  3. Twin souls have the same taste in fruits and vegetables.
  4. Twin souls suffer from the same type of diseases like throat ache, knee pain etc.
  5. Twin souls have same psychological nature, for instance, both the persons have the same thought process.
  6. Twin souls consider their counterpart as the divine entity.

Why is love important

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