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Benefits of Chuna

Lime Powder

Lime powder (Chuna), which is used in betel leaves (Hindi: Pan), has amazing benefits for including physical and . This eBook describes various health . Enter your email id in the box given below to get the eBook direct in your email box.

Chuna or is useful in following diseases:

  1. Arthritis
  2. Joint pain
  3. Knee pain
  4. Backache,
  5. Bone fractures,
  6. Toothache,
  7. Cervical,
  8. Sciatica
  9. Male impotency,
  10. Female fertility deficiency
  11. Jaundice
  12. Lack of memory
  13. Impotence
  14. Mental retardation & much more

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Gulkand is a sweet preserve of rose petals

Lime powder is beneficial in all the disorders related to bones, , pregnancy, impotency and many more. Lime is a big and best source of calcium carbonate. People who consume lime powder (Hindi: chuna) daily with gulkand (Gulkand or gulqand is a sweet preserve of rose petals used in Indian sub-continents), Cardamom (elaichi), areca nut or supari (seed of the areca palm) etc. with betel leaves; remain free from all the diseases mentioned above.

In this eBook variety of uses of lime powder are given for suggestion and information collected from Ayurveda.


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