Natural law of Universe The Law of Cosmic Energy

Cosmic Energy

Natural Law of Universe – The natural law of the Universe is the base of all cosmology. The whole cosmos is Godly energy, known as cosmos (“Bhramanda” or “Bhrama”) or God.

God is the macrocosm and we all are microcosm inside the macrocosm. Godly energy has perfect law and order system, involuntarily followed by all the creatures.

God neither punishes anyone for wrongdoings nor rewards, anyone, for good work. God is a true healer and teacher who always heals and teaches us to do only which is the best for us.


“Cosmic energy is infinite healing energy, always strives to heal the living beings and the universe by making the balance.”


Natural law of Universe


If we do against the system we punish ourselves and if we do in support of the system we reward ourselves. Cosmic energy works on two basic natural laws:

  1. The natural law of pure balance

  2. The natural law of truth

Natural Law of Balance

Cosmic Energy always strives for balance, whether it is the universe or a living being. The same energy flows in the universe and within the human being called serpent power (“kundalini shakti”), a cosmic energy, or life force.

Imbalance in this energy is the cause of natural calamities in the universe and sufferings in once life.

In the case of a human being when anyone alters the balance by doing something wrong or something good, the corresponding energy starts to store in his/her spiritual centers (chakras) and remains there until the time and space come to release the same energy against the same corresponding counterpart energy stored in the centers (chakras) of the other person also, who was hurt or healed by us in some past lives.

For instance, if one kills a cow in any lifetime. The person born with a hump on his or her back and become imbecile also in future life and suffers throughout life.

One, who always insults others, breaks promises and causes pain to others, deprives others of his wealth and property, disgraces others in public, suffers mental agony, and severe pain.

A person who is very proud of his physical strength and misuse this strength in oppressing and quarreling with others, such a person suffers from epilepsy, says Garuda Purana.

If you give pain to others, the same kind of pain will come into your life also in the same or some future life in order to make you more learned in your spiritual journey.


Life is like a Prison

This is why; life is compared to prison. Doesn’t matter the sin is very little like saying hurting words or very big like a divine curse (Divine curse is the curse which is given by a person who possesses divine energy), every sin ends one day. This is a spiritual truth.

A similar concept is absolutely correct in the case of natural calamities. If the people of any region maintain the natural environment, supports the nature, and carry out duties for the betterment, nature heals the people living in that region, Says Manu Smrity.


How to Receive Liberation

A person has to face all that what he/she has done in some past time period. Past, present, and future all are connected.

No one can be freed from the karmas until one will not realize that the exact doer is God, not the person and this is possible only by the grace of the supreme God.

When one realizes the truth or the God, karmas vanish automatically whether that are good karmas or bad karmas, all finished and the person receives the liberation.

We believe that the length of life is only from birth to death, but it’s not true. Life of your subtle body is infinite, one after another until the liberation.

Actions once done can give you fruit in any future lifetime.


Natural Law of Truth

Truth is God and God is Truth. It is true.


Natural law of Truth


Truth always reveals sooner or later in the same lifetime or in some future lifetime. Nothing can be hidden forever.

If a person does anything wrong and shameful and thinks that no one is seeing. This is absolutely wrong.

God in the eyes of the doer is seeing everything. The energy due to the doing wrong or shameful act itself stores in the chakras of the doer which reveals one day and takes its revenge.

There are countless stories in Vedas, history, and in our day to day lives which proves it. The need is to realize it and give a thought to it.


12 Laws of Universe

  • Natural Law of Divine Oneness

The whole universe is God but appears differently due to the power of illusion. What we perceive is only a manifestation of cosmic energy or God.

World attracts us and seems very engaging and colorful just because of the power of “Yogmaya” or “Maya Shakti” otherwise it is a fantasy only.

Life is a chain of dreams, one after another infinitely woven together. Maya Shakti is the power of the Supreme Lord and it is blessed to be present universally except the cremation ground.

This is why when one goes to the cremation ground changed emotionally and feels detachment from the world.

When the same person comes out of the gate of cremation ground, he changed entirely due to the power of “Yogmaya”.


  • Law of Karma

To become healthy and fit, do the best and forget. In fact, good or bad, whatever we are doing, we are doing for ourselves, not for others.

If we are helping others, taking pains to heal others, ultimately we are improving our account only. No one can give anything to anyone. Everyone is getting from their destiny.

Cosmic energy maintains the account of each and every action of each and every person.

If you are doing well for others, you will be benefitted not others. Another person will be benefitted only when he/she is destined to receive that benefit.

The same is true for the acts which are performed against others or to harm others. The doer is ultimately debit and credit his/her account.

Another person is harmed or injured only if he/she is destined to get that injury or harm.

But the doer will be harmed automatically by wrongdoing as the negative energy automatically stores in the chakras by the negative karmas and reveals one day in some future life.


  • Life is Echo

If you wish to get love and respect give the same to all. What you give comes back to you. Life echoes what you send out comes back to you.


  • Law of Giving and taking

The real earning is a donation given to a needy one. What you are eating, wearing, and using that will be finished immediately, but what you donated, is a real collection and this will really go with you and again come back to you when you will return with a new body.

This is the reason, why a person receives huge prosperity without any efforts, and another person works very hard and suffers throughout life.

To become rich and wealthy donate money to a needy. If you don’t have much money, give a little only.

If you are capable to give only bread, give bread to a need one. This giving of bread will be multiplied and showers you a lot of money.

If you have a doubt, you can try; you will become rich one day.

If you don’t have a house to live, donate red bricks to a poor person to build his house, after some time you will get a good house.


  • Your Soul Guides You

Every time when any wrong thought comes into your mind, your soul guards you to avoid that. This is the God who lives in you, guide, and speaks to you. The need is to believe it, to listen to it, and to follow it.


  • Be true to your soul

Truth is God. God lives in the Truth. A truth is always a truth, doesn’t matter you believe or not. If you are true to your soul you will win all the fights, whether the fight is of this physical world or the spiritual world.

You can win over death and attain the salvation if you are true for you. To walk on the path of truth is very easy if you determined to follow it.

If you are true and honest for your soul, you will sleep peacefully, happily and will enjoy the health because stress, anxiety, and tension given by the false life is the root cause of so many mental and physical ailments.

No one can get any mental diseases if one has faith on soul and super soul, also no one can get a cure from the mental disease if one has no faith in the soul and super soul, Says research.

Hence, faith in the God is a must to become healthy, wealthy and fit.


  • Love nature to be healed by nature

Nature is a manifestation of the supreme lord. Nature is the biggest healer. If you support nature and live with nature you will be healed by nature.

Nature has a life force. The small plant feels pain if you touch it badly. If you touch it sweetly it feels pleasure.

People, who commit sin in an extreme, become plants, shrubs, and trees, and live in this life till the end of time destined.


  • No one is with you in your wrongdoings

Family or friends no one will share your destiny. By wrongdoings, you will destroy your destiny.

If you are telling lie for your family or friends they will leave you in the middle of the path, no one will share the account of your karmas.

You are alone responsible for all your doings. So never do wrong, don’t tell a lie, no one is yours in this world except your karmas.

  • Natural Law of Immortality

You are a soul, not the physical body. The body dies, not the soul. If you think you are the body you will die one day, and if you think you are soul you will remain forever it is up to you what you think for yourself.


  • Natural Law of Cause and Effect

You can not solve the puzzle of life until you understand the law of cause and effect.

To know the causes of hurdles and difficulties in your life, it is necessary to know the root cause of their origin.  The Law of cause and effect says that every action has a reaction.

Despite the same birth date, time, place, and parents, twins live contrary lives.

The reason behind their lives is their past actions (karmas). The Fruits of actions (karmas) remain attached to the subtle body and runs with you one life after another life until the liberation.


laws of nature


Int the present life, you can solve all your difficulties by doing good for others. For example, if you are suffering from due to ill health, help and serve the person who is ill.

Every action has a reaction. If you serve the needy one, you will get peace and joy and solve your problems.


  • Pain and Pleasure Joined Together

Don’t be disappointed in the miseries and pains, nothing is forever.

If pains are there, pleasure will come soon. Similarly, don’t feel proud if you are middle of roses, this time may over any time nothing is permanent in this temporary world.


  • Nothing is Impossible

If you wish, you can get everything in this life or in some future life, nothing is impossible.

There is no birth or death of your subtle body. Your subtle body is joined with God. The soul or supreme soul is like a thread whose one part is in you and another part is in the heart of God.

If you scream, for God, God will come to heal you, believe it God is in you, the need is to call HIM.


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