15+ Definite Signs of Third Eye Symbol & Awakening

15+ Definite Signs of Third Eye Symbol & Awakening

“Third eye awakening” is a journey that transforms “I” into the divine.”

15+ Definite Signs of Third Eye Symbol & Awakening– Awakening Third Eye is a gate that leads to the inner realm of higher consciousness.

Third Eye is “Ajna chakra” or “Shiva Netra”. Awakening of the Third Eye is possible in different ways.

Some people follow the path of devotion while some others do meditation. But in both cases, ultimate height is an association with the supreme reality.

Once, a person touches the height of ultimate supreme reality his or her perception, philosophy of life, personality, thoughts everything changes entirely.

Such a person can view an event and an entity from many perspectives.

The awakened person can see the truth hidden behind the thing.



Third Eye Symbol and Awakening Process

The third eye can be opened through devotion as in the case of mother Meera and through meditation as in the case of Yogananda Ji and other Yogies. But, the root cause of both cases is a divine wish.

The efforts behind the third eye opening may be of one life or may be of more than one life.

A spiritual journey is a continuous process. It remains to continue from one life to another life. In every life, the spiritual journey starts from the same point at which one person leaves it in his or her previous life

Therefore, you are never late you can start your divine journey at any age whether you are young, old, or very old.

What is the need for Third Eye Awakening?

The ultimate aim of human life is to become one to God. The third Eye-opening is the destination of a human journey.

After opening the third eye human become free from all the bondages, pain, sufferings, and desires.

Via opening of the third eye the human touches the ultimate height of the divinity.

Why some people pursue the spiritual path or Third Eye Awakening process?

The reasons why some people follow a spiritual journey are different in different people as discussed below:

Divine incarnations may be a cause of Third Eye Awakening

Sometimes some souls incarnate in the physical realm as a result of a divine wish to perform a particular task.

After performing the task they go back to the divine and become one to supreme energy after opening the third eye.

Twin Souls of Yogies and Rishies

Some Yogis and Rishies are capable to give birth to another living being from divine Ygyas and mantras same as Lord Shiva and other divine lords gave birth to so many living energies as mentioned in the Puranas.

These new twin arrivals enjoy this physical world the same as a human being.

These new arrivals forget their counter twin souls after their physical death and start to rotate in the life and death cycle.

After the end of their life cycle, they are forced to awakened by the divine wish and become one to the counter twin soul, and in the end both the twin souls dissolve into the divine energy.

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Pain and Sufferings may be the cause of Third Eye Awakening

When pains and sufferings touch the heights and become out of control some people end this life while some turned to the divine and reach the height of ultimate reality by following spiritual efforts like devotion and meditation.

Third Eye Awakening for Spiritual Alchemy and Curiosity

Curiosity about God, meditation, divine achievements, and similar attractions of spiritual alchemy become the cause to pursue a spiritual path.

The degree of opening of Awakening Third Eye

How much a third eye is opened this also varies as seen in the case of Sai Baba, Shri Ramkrishna Paramhansa, Mother Meera, Yogies, Rishies, and much more.

This is an ongoing process. Sometimes, this journey remains to continue in the subtle realm too after departing from the physical realm.

There are so many subtle realms of energy body existence. (Human is a composition or five temporary sheaths that constitute energy body and physical body.) Inhabitants of subtle realms can come on this physical realm too if they wish, but they rarely come back on this physical realm.

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Following signs are commonly reflected from the person whose third eye is opened:

Definite Third Eye Symbol & Awakening

  1. Divine Glimpse during Third Eye Awakening

In the beginning state of an awakening process, the person can enjoy different divine glimpses.

The person can see an image of a divine deity during sleep, worshiping, and meditation.

The aspirant may see a glowing golden wheel shining and rotating clockwise between the eyebrows.


  1. Perception beyond duality during Third Eye Awakening

After the awakening of the third eye person become capable to see the world beyond the duality.

The person sees that there is one Supreme God only reflecting all over in all the forms.

God is playing with everything whether that is nature, the universe, human being, or anything else.

God starts to shine from each and every entity present in the universe. In fact, the whole universe becomes God for such an awakened person.


  1. Psychic powers begin to function after Third Eye Awakening

  • All the psychic powers such as telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience, remote feeling, and other extra sensory functions start to work in their routine life.
  • The person becomes capable to talk to anyone without a physical presence.
  • He or she can see any other person without reaching there physically.
  • The person can read thoughts and change the thoughts of another person without any physical communication and physical presence.
  • But the degree of psychic power may vary in the awakened personalities.


  1. After Third Eye Awakening the person desires to connect with like-minded people

Awakened people have a strong craving to connect with other awakened people in order to make higher-level discussions which are beyond the reach of common people.

For example, they can discuss why subtle negative energies are going to increase in the world resulting in anger, revenge and other disturbances are increasing in the world.

They can collectively find out the divine solutions to minimize such negative energies in order to establish harmony in the world and so on.


  1. After Third Eye Symbol – World becomes an illusion and God becomes Real

For an awakened person the whole world becomes an illusion.

He or she can realize the law of nature, the law of karma, and other laws of the divine plan. Such a person awakened in spiritual life.

The person realized the soul, God, and other spirits. The person understands the cause of the sufferings of all other people too.

He or she understands that all the people are sleeping and under a dream and needs an awakening in order to resolve the pains they are suffering.

“The truth is that a person himself or herself knits a web of sufferings, suffers, and blames others. Another person cannot harm you in any way, it is you only who do wrong and suffer.”


  1. Third Eye Symbol – God Appears Real

An awakened person knows that only God is truth and truth is God and rest is an illusion and temporary.

Such a person enjoys the company of ultimate reality all the time and everywhere.


  1. Third Eye Symbol – Without going through “Vedas” and “Geeta” knowledge automatically unfolds in the mind after Third Eye Awakening

Without reading and listening, all the divine knowledge becomes unfold in his or her mind.

Life becomes divine and divinity starts to flow from his or her day to day life.

“If a person has money, the person talks about the money. If a person has poverty, the person talks about poverty. Same, if a person has divine energy, the person talks about the divine.”


  1. Third Eye Symbol – Person feels an extreme level of satisfaction

An awakened person becomes satisfied completely from all the things whether that is money, relations, family, friends, pains, sufferings, or anything else.

  • Every pain becomes a tool to go forward on the spiritual path.
  • All sorts of chaos become calm.
  • Because the person becomes aware of the truth hidden behind everything.
  • Such a person has no more desire for wealth, relation, name, and fame.
  • The person likes to live silently and pass the rest of life silently.
  • Such a person if work for wealth then the reason is just to pass the rest of the life peacefully, independently without going to become a burden on others and not for the name or fame.


  1. Third Eye Symbol – Universal love starts to flow

An awakened person knows that supreme energy is living in each and every living being, therefore, such a person loves to all equally without any discrimination.

The whole of nature becomes their home. The truth is that entire divinity or nature starts to play in the favor of the awakened person.

  1. Third Eye Symbol – The Person Frees from greed and attachment

An enlightened person is free from any kind of greed and attachment.

They know that each and everyone who is with him is just because of some past life debt only.

After releasing the debt the relationship ends automatically. They have no greed for love, money, children, or anything else.

They enjoy absolute free life with divine oneness.


  1. Awakened Person Speaks truth

Truth is God and God is truth. An awakened person knows very well that God is sitting inside him or her, and seeing everything. In fact “I” dissolve completely and transform into the divine being.

The person cannot speak falsely for his or her benefit. Only to heal others the person sometimes speaks false consciously.


  1. An awakened person possess a magnetic voice and personality

Awakened person speak so magnetically that every person feels like their company more and more and wish to listen to the person again and again.

An awakened person possesses a magnetic and healing aura that attracts every other person too. (Read more about Aura.)


  1. Third Eye Symbol – An Awakened being may or may not preach

It is up to the wish of awakened being whether he or she preaches to others or not.

Such awakened souls know very well that all other people cannot understand the spiritual bliss because they are suffering from the bondage of the physical realm and physical law.

So, it is up to the wish of awakened being whether he or she preaches to others or not.

But, from time to time it is good and in fact essential for the awakened being to teach and preach to others about the divine and divine journey.

Otherwise, the whole of humanity will become robotic and inhuman which will be more harmful to the people and their future generations.

Whether the world understands them or not but divine lessons must be taught to the world from time to time by the awakened personalities.

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  1. Third Eye Symbol – Simple food and simple cloth

Awakened souls believe in simple living and high thinking. Beauty and divine grace automatically reflect from divine personalities.


  1. Third Eye Symbol – No more desire except a peace

An awakened person needs only peace and all the efforts that he or she made are just to make life more peaceful.

“God is nature, Nature is God.”


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  1. I am third eye awakened person I see things while I’m sleeping I live simple life I speak truth people have told me they feel good when they talk to me I’m free from greed, while I was sleeping the other night I saw a lot of colors changing I have noticed this third eye a few years ago and sometimes I wish I didn’t have this because of the things I see

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