15 Tips to Cure Pyria Naturally at Home

15 Tips to Cure Pyria or Pyorrhoea


What is Pyria or Pyorrhoea?

Pyorrhoea or Pyria is a technical term that is used for Gum Disease. Gum disease occurs when Gum health decays and gum bleeding starts during brushing teeth and chewing any food item.


home remedies for pyria

Pyorrhoea (Pyria) Meaning

Pyorrhoea or Pyria is a gum disease, which damages teeth and gums both, and generates foul smell from the breathing of the person suffering from Pyria.

This smell is unbearable for the patient and the person, who comes in contact with the patient. In the case of chronic Pyria, the whole skin of the patient generates foul smell, which is further very difficult for the patient and people in the surroundings.

What causes Pyorrhea? 


What Causes Gum Disease?

Causes of Pyorrhoea (Pyria)

Main causes behind the Pyorrhea or Pyria are as below:

Pyria is directly related to your stomach. The indigestion of food creates so many problems in your body.

If your stomach is not clear you will feel uncomfortable in your gums and teeth both. Resulting in bad smell starts to come from your mouth.

  • Heredity Causes Pyria

Pyria is hereditary also. If you have a family history of Pyria take extra precautions for teeth cleanliness and prevent Pyria.

  • The practice of breathing from the mouth instead of nostrils causes Pyria

Always breadth from nose only. Breathing from the mouth is unhygienic and it creates so many problems in the body including Pyria also.

  • Unhealthy food like Pan, Gutka, tobacco, cigarettes alcohol, and flash, etc.

These unhealthy food habits are injurious for your health avoid them completely from your life to stay healthy always.

Chronic constipation is a major cause of Pyria. If you have pyria you will feel uneasy in your stomach. Similarly, if you have constipation you may have gum and teeth problem. Both Gum and stomach are directly related. Avoid food habits that may cause constipation in order to prevent Pyria.

  • Acidity Causes Pyria

Same as constipation acidity also creates gums and teeth diseases. Don’t take food items that may cause acidity in your stomach.

  • Dirty Teeth Causes Pyria

This is very important to clean your teeth twice a day to prevent teeth and gum diseases.

  • Calcium deficiency during pregnancy causes Pyria

Calcium in optimum quantity is essential to keep your gums and teeth strong and fit. During pregnancy, it is very essential to consume extra calcium because during this period body needs more calcium.

Take an extra dose of calcium under proper expert’s advice to prevent gum and teeth diseases.

What are the symptoms of Pyria?

Symptoms of Pyorrhoea (Pyria)

  • Bleeding from the teeth

If your gums bleed easily after eating anything and during brushing, it means you may have chances of Pyria.

  • Foul smell from the teeth

Bad breath is the symptom of Pyria. In the beginning, bad breath comes from the teeth and afterward bad breath starts to come from the body also.

  • Swelling of gums

In the Pyria gums start to swell and gives a sensation of uneasiness.

  • Teeth loosening

Slowly, teeth loosening begin and teeth leave its space and appear longer.

  • Hot and cold sensitivity in the teeth

The patient feels sensation in the gum during consuming very cold and very hot food items.

  • Loose Teeth

Loosening teeth become common and latter on teeth leave their spaces and come out.

  • Receding Gums or longer appearing teeth 

Gums pull back from its original surface of teeth due to Pyria or poor oral health.

  • Painful Chewing

The patient feels difficulty and pain while chewing anything.

Is Pyuria serious?

Consequences of Pyorrhoea (Pyria)

In addition to damaging the teeth Pyria has the following consequences:

  1. Bad smell from the mouth and later bad smell occur in the whole body.
  2. Teeth loosening and falling
  3. Pus in the gum
  4. A layer of a cavity in the gum
  5. Stomach disorder

How do you treat Pyuria or Pyria?

Homemade Remedy and Tips to Cure Pyuria or Pyria Gum Disease Treatment

Best Tips to Cure Pyorrhoea (Pyria)

Important Tip:

The most important and experienced tip to cure teeth is; tightly close your upper and lower teeth and press them properly, during urinating and toileting. Regularly, practice this. It destroys all the diseases of teeth and strengthens teeth.

A lady age of 35, was suffering from acute Pyria due to hereditary factor. Once, a rishi gave her ash of a snake-black cobra and instructed her to rub the ash on the teeth till five minutes only.

After the application of the cobra ash one time only, her teeth become free from the disease pyria. The same cobra snake ash is also used by many people and all are cured of the Pyria.

This ash is a very rare thing. This is not easy to get for everyone. Hence, some home remedies are given here to cure the Pyria teeth problem:


Which toothpaste is best for Pyria?

Pyria Toothpaste

Daily clean your teeth with the help of a stick of Azadirachta indica (Hindi: neem) or Acacia (Hindi: babool) instead of toothpaste available in the market.“Lal Dant Manjan” is better than toothpaste if sticks of Azadirachta indica (Hindi: neem) or Acacia (Hindi: babool) are not available.


How do you treat Pyuria? Home remedies for pyria

15 Tips to Cure Pyria

  1. Tips to cure Pyria are as below:-
  2. Teeth Cleaning after eating
  3. Teeth Cleaning before sleeping
  4. Massage of Gums to avoid Pyria
  5. Apply alum for the treatment of Pyria Gum Disease
  6. Apply Lemon for the treatment of Pyria Gum Disease
  7. Consume Radish and Spinach to Cure Pyria Gum Disease
  8. Avoid Constipation to Cure Pyria
  9. Consume Cow Milk to Treat Pyria Gum Disease
  10. Avoid Very Cold & Hot to prevent Pyria
  11. Use Mustard Oil to Cure Pyria
  12. Apply Clove for the Treatment of Pyria
  13. Apply Onion and Garlic to Treat Pyria Gum Disease
  14. Important Herbs For the Treatment of Pyria Gum Disease
  15. Consume lime powder for the Treatment of Pyria
  16. Kapalbhati Pranayam


Teeth Cleaning After Eating

After eating anything whether day or night clean your teeth properly to avoid Pyria and stay healthy. Brush your teeth twice a daily particularly before going to sleep.

Teeth Cleaning Before Sleeping

Daily clean your teeth before going to sleep. This is essential to keep your health fine and make your teeth strong.


home remedies for pyria

Massage of Gums

Pyria is a gum disease, therefore, do massage of your gums with rock salt (Hindi:“sendha namak”) and mustard oil (Hindi: Sarso).

Take rock salt 2 grams and mixed it with 8 grams of mustard oil. Do massage of teeth and gums softly. Also, gargle with lukewarm water. Do this daily. Within one month Pyria will be cured.


Apply Alum for the treatment of Pyria

First, roast the alum (Hindi: “Fitkari”) and make powder. Apply this powder on the teeth and gums. Do the gargles with water mixed with alum to cure your teeth.


Apply Lemon for the treatment of Pyria

Add some drops of lemon in a glass of water and drink it daily. But this water may harm a person suffering from arthritis. Hence don’t drink so much if you have arthritis or joint pain problem.


home remedies for pyria

Consume Radish and Spinach to Cure Pyria Gum Disease

Wheat, Radish, and Spinach juice are good to prevent teeth from all types of diseases.


home remedies for pyria

Avoid Constipation to Cure Pyria

Constipation is the root cause of so many diseases and also of Pyria. Avoid it completely. Never consume the food which causes you constipation.

Avoid the food which may cause constipation.


Constipation home treatment also Pyria Treatment


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Consume Cow Milk to Treat Pyria Gum Disease

Drink cow milk daily before going to sleep. Cow milk is itself a good medicine, which prevents a person from various diseases. It prevents constipation too.


home remedies for pyria
Cow Milk

Avoid Very Cold & Hot to prevent Pyria

Never eat or drink too much cold or hot. Don’t drink or eat very cold after drinking or eating very hot. It seems simple but very protective for the teeth problems.

Use Mustard Oil to Cure Pyria

Have some mustard oil in your mouth, rotate it in your mouth and spit it after a few minutes. It not only cures teeth problems but also strengthens them.


Apply Clove for the Treatment of Pyria

Take 10-grams cloves (“Long”) powder mix it with camphor (“Kapoor”) powder. Filter it with a cloth and rub it gently on the teeth and gums to cure the teeth.


home remedies for pyria
Long Pepper

Apply Onion and Garlic to Treat Pyria Gum Disease

Apply onion juice or garlic juice on the teeth and gums. It protects the teeth from harmful bacteria and makes teeth strong.


home remedies for pyria

Important Herbs For the Treatment of Pyria Gum Disease

Take the following in the given quantity and mix them properly: Take jatamansi (spikenard in English)- 10 grams, Neela Thotha (blue stone in English or copper sulfate)- 10 grams, Kali Mirch (Black pepper)- 5 grams,  Long (cloves)- 2 grams.

  • Ajvain (celery)- 2 gram
  • Dry Adrak (Ginger)– 5 gram
  • Kapoor (camphor)- 1 gram
  • Sendha Namak ( Rock Salt)- 5 gram
  • Geru (hematite herb)- 10 gram

Take all the above-mentioned herbs, crush them, filter with a cloth and make powder and rub this powder on the teeth and gums. This is the perfect and experienced remedy of Pyria.

Consume lime powder or Chuna for the Treatment of Pyria

Lime powder is a rich source of calcium component and very useful to keep your gum and teeth strong throughout life. Consume lime powder equal to the size of wheat with any eatable like pulses, curd, soups or juices.



Kapalbhati Pranayam for the Treatment of Pyria

Kapalbhati Pranayam is a wonderful exercise not only for your stomach but also your whole physical system. Do Kapalbhati Pranayam daily to make your stomach healthy and prevent pyria.

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How can I treat Pericoronitis at home?

Pericoronitis can be treated at home by following proper cleanliness of teeth and through the herbs mentioned above.

Is Pyria curable? 

Yes, Pyria is curable if treated in the early stage.


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Note- All the alternate home remedies of Pyria are collected from Ayurveda and given here for information.


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