Migraine Treatment or Ardha shishi

Homemade Remedies for Migraine (Ardhsisi)

Migraine Headache Meaning

Migraine (Hindi: Adhasisi) is a kind of a headache characterized by a recurrent headache that is moderate to quite severe. Characteristically, the headache affects one-half of the head, is pulsating in nature, and lasts from the beginning of sunrise and till the sun set. Associated symptoms may include a feeling of nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light, sounds, or sometimes smells too.

The main cause of a migraine is air pressure and dhatu dosha. Sometimes it triggers due to Food items including salty foods or aged foods, like cheese and salami. Highly processed foods can also trigger a migraine.



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 Migraine Headache Symptoms

  • A migraine occurs in the half portion of the head.
  • The patient becomes restless during the .
  • The intensity of migraine pain is severe and the person feels uneasiness.
  • A patient is not able to do any task during the migraine pain.

Migraine Headache Treatment

Homemade Remedies for Relief: Migraine Medicine

1.Migraine Relief by Change of Breathing Swar 

To treat a migraine pain, one alternate cure is a change of swar. If the person is feeling, migraine pain, he/she must find the present breathing swar. If the presently flowing swar is right, he/she must change is and begin to breathe with left nostril and if the present swar is left, he/she must begin the swar from left nostril.

Morning meditation

2. Migran cure with Small pepper & Honey

Consume small 1/4th teaspoon small pepper (Peepali) with one teaspoon honey to cure a migraine.

ardha shishiPeepli



3.Migraine Relief by Sal ammoniac & Camphor

Collect the following in given quantity:

  • Sal ammoniac (Hindi: Nausadar): 10 grams
  • Camphor (Hindi: Kapoor): 3 grams
  • Grind both the and rub on your head to cure Migraine.

4. Migraine cure by Orange peels

Take some peels of orange fruit and get its juice. Insert one drop of juice on the side of the nostril which is free from the feeling of any pain. For instance, if the migraine pain is on left side of the head, put a drop of juice on the right side of the nostril and vice versa.

ardha shishi


5. Henna Leaves: Homemade for Migraine Headache

Take henna leaves, grind them and make a paste. Apply the paste on the forehead to get relief from a migraine.

6. Migraine cure with Holy Basil

Collect the seeds and make powder. Consume ½ teaspoon powder with honey to cure a migraine.

7. Mustard Oil & Cow Butter (Hindi: Ghee)

Insert one drop mustard oil or pure cow butter in both the nostrils and try to pull it upward to get relief from a migraine.

8. by Tobacco leaves and pepper (Long)

Grind tobacco leaves and long, make a paste, do the paste lukewarm and apply the paste on the forehead to cure a migraine.


ardha shishi
Long Pepper


9. Nausadar, Ginger & Honey: Homemade Remedy for Migraine Headache

Mix one tip nausadar, ½ teaspoon ginger juice, and one teaspoon honey. Give the mixture to the patient to cure a migraine.

10. Collect the following herbs:

  • Long pepper (Hindi: Long)
  • Watermelon seeds
  • Black peeper
  • Fennel seeds
  • Vidanga (Buy Vidanga)

Grind all the herbs, make powder, mix one teaspoon powder in one cup milk and give it to the patient to cure a migraine.

11. Collect the following herbs

  • Acacia (Babool) gum
  • Black peeper
  • Holy basil

Grind all the herbs and make a paste. Apply the paste on the forehead to cure a migraine.

12. Trifla, Turmeric and Lemon Decoction

Make a decoction of trifla, turmeric, and lemon drops and give to the patient to drink. It is a useful remedy to cure a migraine.

13. Dry coriander (dhania), Aegle marmelos eaves (bael patri) or stone apple and gooseberry

Make a paste of all the herbs and apply it on the forehead to cure a migraine.

14. Coconut water Drops: Homemade Remedy for Migraine Headache

Insert coconut water drops on the same side of a nostril where the pain is felt by the patient to cure a migraine .

15. Migraine Relief by Alternate Breathing

To cure a migraine first, identify the side of a headache, tied a rope or a cloth tightly in the elbow of the same side. In a few minutes, the headache will be over. If a headache is on a particular side: either left or right side, first find the Swara on that side, on which side the headache is, and block the same side of Swara with cotton or a cloth and allow flowing the other side of Swara to cure a headache. Practice it whenever a headache occurs. This process cures migraine problem for ever.

16. Take care birth Nakshatra Tree for Migraine Headache Relief

To cure a migraine first find out the tree or plant linked to birth Nakshatra. Birth nakshatra can be found out from the horoscope. There are 27 births Nakshatra. Each Nakshatra is linked to a particular plant. Rope the plant in your house and take care the plant like a child. Give water to the plant daily in the morning. As the plant grows and flourish same you will also flourish and cure. The detail text on 27 Nakshatra and their corresponding trees/plants are discussed in the coming post soon.

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