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Papaya Benefits

The plant kingdom is a vast repository of traditional and now modern medicines, which enhance immunity and ensures healthier life. Over centuries the plant is a popular nutritional and medicinal plant. Each part of the papaya like root, stem, leaves, raw and ripe fruits and seeds has rich nutraceutical properties.

The page describes various uses and benefits of papaya collected from Vedas and the latest researches for the information and suggestions only.

Papaya Scientific Name: Carica papaya

Papaya Botanical family: Carica papaya

Papaya Other names:: Papeeta or Papita in Hindi

Papaya calories

100 Gram Papaya contains following calories and other nutrients:

  • Calories 39 Grams
  • Water 91%
  • Total Fat .14 grams
  • Cholesterol 0 gram
  • Fibre 0.6 gram
  • Sugar 8.0 gram
  • Vitamine: A 40 ug
  • Vitamine 46 mg
  • Vitamine B1 .03 mg
  • Vitamine B2 .04 mg
  • Vitamine B6 .04 mg

Papaya (Hindi: Papita) is an amazing fruit with a big list of nutrients and huge benefits. Papaya tree is found in every place in winter and summer both. Ripped papaya is sweet in taste, digestive, various diseases developed due to constipation, air and acidity.   People having less digestive system should intake papaya. Always eat ripped papaya only. Raw papaya can be cooked and consumed during lunch or dinner. There are various recipes of raw papaya.

Why you should you consume papaya leaves?

Papaya Leaves

Papaya leaves also rich with various vitamins and enzymes and helpful to cure huge list of diseases related to stomach, fever, infections and skin problems. Many cases report dramatic improvement in dengue symptoms from drinking the juice of papaya. Several studies have been done by researchers and doctors to test the effectiveness of this natural cure.

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Why you should never throw away papaya seeds?

Papaya Seeds

Same as papaya and papaya leaves, are beneficial to remove ring worms from the stomach. Papaya seeds have anti cancer properties and also give dramatic improvements in Liver cirrhosis too.

The seeds of papaya are found to have a strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect on digestive systems. Researches have shown an extract made from the seeds is effective at killing E coli, Salmonella, Staph and other dangerous bacterial infections and treat food poisoning too.

Papaya in various diseases

1. Papaya for Skin

Papaya is good to get a glow on your skin. Grind papaya and make a beauty face pack. Apply the face pack on your face, leave it for 10 minutes and wash it with fresh water to get healthy, clean, fresh and beautiful skin.

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2. Papaya in Cancers

Papaya protects from cancer, therefore, consuming papaya is useful during the treatment of cancers.

3. Papaya for hair care

Papaya gives lengthy and shiny hairs and removes dandruff. Grind papaya, make a paste, and apply on your hairs to get lengthy and shiny hairs. It cures the problem of dandruff too.

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4. Papaya in diabetes

Papaya is a good fruit for the diabetic person too as the sugar found in the papaya is not harmful for the person suffering from diabetes.

5. Papaya in Piles

Consume 200 grams to 300 grams papaya daily in the evening or in the afternoon to cure piles.

 Tips:        1. During bowel movement sit by pressing the left leg to avoid piles.

               2. During bowel movement press teeth properly to make strong your teeth.

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6. Papaya in Arthritis

Daily consume minimum 100 grams papaya to get relief from arthritis. It makes your bones strong and cure arthritis. To know home remedies of arthritis click on the following link:

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7. Papaya benefits to control cholesterol

Consume 100 grams papaya daily to control cholesterol.

8. Papaya benefits to Cure Acidity and Gastric Problems

Consume 100 grams papaya daily to remove all the stomach disorders including acidity, gastric and constipation.

9. Papaya benefits to cure indigestion

Consume papaya with black salt and black peeper in the morning, empty stomach to cure indigestion. It can be consumed with your meal also.

10. benefits to cure mental stress

Papaya is good to cure mental agony, tension and excitement. Consume ripped papaya in the morning empty stomach to get mental peace and calmness.

11. Pink Papaya cure dark circles around the eyes

Make a paste of papaya leaves and apply the paste below your eyes to cure the darkness around the eyes.

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12. Pink Papaya has anti-ageing properties

Consume 100 gram papaya in a day. It prevents wrinkles on face and gives you soft and shiny skin. People, who consume papaya daily looks 5 years younger than their physical age. Make a paste of papaya and apply the paste as a face pack to get glowing, shiny and lovely face.

13.Pink  Papaya benefits to improve immune system

Consume 100 grams papaya daily to strengthen your immunity system and prevent problems.

14. Pink Papaya benefits for ladies to control pains during the periods

Papaya has a papain enzyme which gives relief during the periods from stomach pain.

15. Pink Papaya benefits to avoids stress and anxiety

Papaya is a rich source of vitamin C, which keeps away stress and anxiety. So consume it daily and remain fit and fresh.

16. Pink Papaya benefits to cure jaundice

A person suffering from jaundice can consume papaya to get fast relief.

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17. Papaya benefits for eyes

18. Pink Papaya is a rich source of vitamin A which protects your eyes from various disorders.

19. Pink Papaya benefits to cure pimples

If you are facing problems due to pimples, consume papaya daily and also make a pack of papaya and apply on your face to remove the old pimples and their scars.

20. Pink Papaya benefits to removes dandruff

Apply papaya paste on your scalp after adding some drops of lemon in the papaya paste to remove dandruff.

21. Pink Papaya benefits weight loss

If you wish to reduce your weight or maintain your present weight too, papaya is a good choice. Consume 100 gram of papaya daily to reduce and maintain weight.

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Precautions while consuming Papaya, Papaya Seeds & Papaya Leaves

Consuming papaya in excess can be harmful for the stomach. If you have allergy from papaya don’t take it. The papaya should be avoided by the pregnant ladies. For infants too papaya is not safe.

Stay healthy, wealthy and fit