21+ Best tips to attract Positive Energy at Home and Office

Attract Positive

Best tips to are given here in order to improve the positive energy of your homes and offices. The whole universe is energy. Therefore, everything in the universe is energy. There are particularly two types of energies positive energy and negative energy. These two forms of energies derived from three dominated elements- Sattva, Rajas, Tamas.

Tamas Rajas Sattva Meaning

The universe is a composition of three energies Tamas Rajas and Sattva.  Everything in the universe consists of Tamas Rajas and Sattva energies whether that is your thought, words, food, clothes, jewelry, etc. If the ratio of Sattva energy in a particular component is on higher side it means the component is Sattvic and have positive energy. If the ratio of the Tamas energy in a particular component is more as compare to Sattva and Rajas it means the component is Tamasik or full of negative energy. Rajas energy lie somewhere in the middle of Sattva and Tamas energies. To enhance positive energy in your life, use the components that have Sattvic energy as discussed below:

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Stay away from Smoking

Don’t smoke inside the house and your office. Smoke is a symbol of Tamas energy. In order to improve positive energy stay away from smoking and the components that give smoke particularly the smoke of cigarettes, cigars and “hukka”, etc. Smoking attracts negative energy in the surrounding. However, the smoke of a holy fire, yagya, havan, fire used for cooking, etc. is always Sativic and enhances positive energy in the surrounding.

Stop consuming Alcohol

Storing alcohol and consuming alcohol both enhance negative energy at the place where they are stored or consumed. Stay away from such kind of things in order to improve positive energy and peace. Even the wealth that is earned via sale and purchase of alcohol also increases negative energy in the homes.

Don’t keep Alcohol at home and in Office

Avoid keeping alcohol at your home and in office. Its presence also enhances negative energy among the people who live in such kind of places.

Grow plants that give positive energy

Grow plants and trees which enhance positivity in the environment for example Night jasmine (Hindi: Parijata or Harshringaar) tree, plant (Tulsi), Calotropis plant (Hindi: Arka or Shwetark Ganpati), Curry Patta, and Aloe Vera, etc.

Attract Positive Energy
Night jasmine, Parijata or Harshringaar

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Attract Positive Energy
Curry Patta
Attract Positive Energy
Calotropis plant (Hindi: Arka or Shwetark Ganpati)

Keep toilet and bathroom clean

Keep toilets and bathrooms properly clean in order to attract wealth as well as positive energy in your homes and offices.

Attract Positive Energy
Holy Basil or Tulsi Plant

Avoid watching Television for a long duration

Watching Television enhances noise pollution and negativity in the environment. Avoid watching television for a long duration. After switching off the television cover its screen with a light shade cloth to enhance positive energy in the room and surrounding.

Avoid hearing music in a loud voice

Hear music in an audible voice. Loud voice increases noise pollution and attracts negative energy in the environment.

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Keep house and office clean

Cleanliness attracts wealth as well as positive energy. Keep your house, offices and all your surroundings well organized and clean. Remove all the dust and webs made by spiders on a frequent basis.

Daily worship

Daily worship enhances positive vibrations. Make a habit to worship daily at your office and your house both in order to attract positive energy.

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Stay away speaking abusing language

Never speak abusing words to anyone. Such kinds of words disturb the peace of mind and surroundings and make the surrounding negative. Not only abusing speech but also abusing thoughts, anger, feelings of revenge all attract negative vibrations and make the surrounding negative.

Keep toilet bowl close

A toilet room consists of negative vibrations. Therefore, always keep close the toilet bowl and toilet doors otherwise it increase negative energy in the place.

Never keep mirror in your bedroom

Mirror attracts negative energy. Never put a mirror in the bedroom in order to make the vibrations or room positive.

Avoid lighting candles in rooms and bathrooms

Lighting candles in rooms and bathrooms attract negative energy. Therefore avoid lighting a candle in your homes and offices.

Keep the door of your rooms open

Keep the door and windows of your rooms open to let the sun rays enter the rooms. Sunlight kills the bacteria present in the room and enhances positive energy.

Keep Worshiping place in east-west corner of your house

The best place of worship is an east west corner of your house. Make home temple in the east-west corner in order to attract positive energy in the room.

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Keep things organized properly

Always keep all the things in your home and office in an organized manner in order to attract positive energy. If possible, reorganized the room time to time in order to improve positive energy.

Stop applying method to attract negative energy

Avoid all the tools and methods in your home and offices that enhance negative energy in the environment, for example, , contacting and communicating spirits, and similar activities.

Respect parents and female present in the home

Where females are respected, divinity blossoms and where ever females are dishonored, all efforts no matter how good it may be, remain useless. Disrespecting females trash the luck. Always respect all the females whether that is your mother, wife, sister, daughter or any other relative respect them in order to attract positivity in the environment.  Moreover, improve the luck. Respect your parents always in order to improve peace and positive energy.

Paint positive colors on the walls

Always choose light colors for the rooms in order to enhance positivity.

Bay leaf enhance positivity

Bay leaf or Tej Patta is an important healing herb to create an aroma of peace and positivity in the room and offices. Burn 1 to 2 bay leaves creates positivity in the homes. Bay leaves heal your mind calm your mood, and relax your muscles.

Raw salt remove negative energy

Keep raw salt or Samudrik Salt in each corner of your rooms to improve positive energy.

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Peace & Happiness to all