21+ Lotus Seed Benefits – Phool Makhana, or Fox Nuts

Lotus Seed, Fox Nuts or Phool Makhana

A flower very similar to lotus flower grown in the ponds particularly in the state of Bihar in India gives edible seeds called lotus seeds (Hindi: Phool Makhana). Lotus seeds are in medicinal and healing properties. In Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines lotus seeds are used to cure various diseases. They are beneficial in various problems such as , joint pains, arthritis, skin problems, etc. as given below:

This text is not to replace medical advice, therefore, consult health consultant before considering lotus seeds as an alternative supplement.

Lotus sees

Nutritional Value of Lotus Seeds

Lotus seeds are rich in protein, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, and phosphorus, etc. Lotus seeds are low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium.

Lotus Seeds to Cure Diabetes

Lotus seeds control blood sugar level. Consume 25 grams or 10 to 11 lotus seeds daily to cure diabetes.

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Lotus Seeds to cure Blood pressure

Lotus seeds include the isoquinoline alkaloids components which have antispasmodic and calming effects and therefore it help in dilating blood vessels, and reduce .

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 Lotus Seeds in Gum Diseases

Lotus seeds are good to remove all the diseases of gums. Consume 25 grams lotus seeds daily to remove gum diseases.

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Lotus Seeds in Leucorrhea

Lotus seeds are very effective in removing leucorrhea. Consume 25 grams or more raw lotus seeds daily to remove leucorrhea.

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Lotus Seeds for Anti-Aging

Lotus seeds are rich in anti-aging enzymes, therefore, some companies are planning to use it in their anti-aging beauty products. Consume five to six lotus seeds daily to control aging impacts on your skin.

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Lotus Seeds to Remove Wrinkles

Lotus seeds remove wrinkles and give you glowing skin.

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Lotus Seeds Benefits to the kidneys

Lotus seeds have astringent properties, therefore, beneficial for the health of your kidney and help in restoring vital energy of the body.

Lotus Seeds in Loss of appetite

Lotus seeds cure loss of appetite too. Consum 25 grams lotus seeds to remove loss of appetite.

Lotus Seeds in Diarrhea  

Lotus seeds strengthen digestion system, nourish spleen and remove diarrhea.

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Lotus Seeds to Cure Impotence

Lotus seeds remove impotence in man. Consume 10 to 11 lotus seeds daily to remove impotence and related disorders.

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Lotus Seeds in Woman fertility

Lotus seeds cure problems related to woman fertility. Consume 25 grams raw lotus seeds daily to improve woman fertility.

Lotus Seeds to Cure Backache

Lotus seeds cure joints pain including a backache and . Consume 10 to 11 raw lotus seeds daily to get relief from joints pain.

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Lotus Seeds in Insomnia or restlessness

Sedative or calming properties of Lotus seeds treat insomnia or restlessness and give sound sleep

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Lotus Seeds in Constipation

Lotus seeds are rich in fiber and therefore remove as well as chronic constipation.

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Lotus seeds during pregnancy

Lotus seeds are good for both child and mother to strengthen the body and remove weakness during and after the pregnancy.

Lotus Seeds to Weight Loose

Lotus seeds reduce the weight. Consume 25 grams raw lotus seeds daily in breakfast in order to reduce weight.

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Lotus Seeds for Heart

Lotus seeds are rich in magnesium which is helpful in controlling the flow of blood and oxygen and remove all the problems related to heart disorder and attack.

How to Consume Lotus Seeds


There are various ways to consume lotus seeds.

  1. Lotus seeds are very calm and cool and give healing effect. Consume raw lotus seeds to get maximum benefits of lotus seeds in all the problems listed above.
  2. If you don’t like raw lotus seeds roast lotus seeds in a half teaspoon cow butter in a frying-pan only for 10 minutes on a very low heat. Apply raw salt on them and consume in the breakfast.
  3. Add 25 grams lotus seeds in cow milk. Boil the milk for 20 minutes and consume it after adding some sugar.
  4. Add 25 grams roasted lotus seeds in a gravy of tomato and onion and consume them during lunch and dinner.
  5. Roast almonds and lotus seeds both, apply raw salt and consume them during breakfast.