21+ Marriage Dream Meaning

Marriage Good or Bad

Marriage meaning or may be good or bad. Marriage and dreams related to marriage functions seen in the early morning indicate something very important about your near future. The exact interpretation of marriage dream depends on the wedding scene of the dream as well as religion, culture, family customs and circumstances and emotional state of the dreamer.  Some frequently seen 21+ are discussed below:

1. Attending a Marriage in dream meaning

Attending a marriage function in a dream is a warning dream. Seeing Marriage in a dream is an indication of something wrong in the family or with the family members. It is a forecast of some miss happening in the near future.

2. Marriage dream meaning if a dream seen by a Student

If you are a student and dream your marriage with a wrong person it indicates a good time ahead in the near future. It may be the indication of a good result in your examinations or good opportunities in the near future related to a job, business, etc.

If you see someone else marriage in the dream it indicates some difficult question may come in your coming examinations.

3. Marriage dream meaning if a dream seen by a married person

If you are a married person and dream your marriage with a wrong person it indicates your unsatisfaction from your present married life. It indicates your inner emptiness and your desire to get something else in the life.

4. Marriage dream meaning if seen by an unmarried person

If an unmarried person sees his marriage it shows something good in the near future. It indicates better time ahead. It may be the symbol of better love life very soon and then marriage with the person of your choice.

If you are an unmarried man and sees someone else marriage in a dream it indicates your inners stress of not getting married and going old.

5. Marriage dream meaning if a dream seen by an unmarried woman

If an unmarried woman sees someone else marriage in a dream it ensures you that you will get a good person to marry in the near future.

6. Dreaming your lover getting marriage with someone else

It is an auspicious dream. It indicates you are going to marry with your choice of a person in the near future.

7. Dreaming your parents attending your marriage

It is an auspicious dream. Dreaming your parents in a marriage function ensures that you will receive the support of someone in the near future.

8. Dreaming vine in a marriage

If you see vine bottles or glasses filled with vine in a marriage function it indicates troubles may come in the near future in your family.

Marriage Dreams Meaning

9. Dreaming marriage accessories

Seeing wedding accessories like dresses, bangles, necklace, and other jewelry etc. is an auspicious dream. It indicates a good time in the near future.

Marriage Dreams Meaning


10. Dreaming of being a wedding officiator

Dream of being a wedding officiator is a very auspicious dream. It indicates your all desires come true very soon. It signifies a wonderful future full of your choices.

Marriage Dream Meaning

11. Dreaming a luxurious wedding hall or marriage ceremony

It indicates promotions, success and a great time ahead.

12. Marriage dreams meaning if a dream is seen by lovers

If you love someone and see a wedding dream it warns you that you may have some conflicts with your partner.

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13. Marriage dream without bride and groom

Such dream indicates your inner doubts about your lover. It is a symbol of lack of trust in between the lovers.

Marriage Dream Meaning

14. Loss of wedding ring in a marriage dream

Such kind of dreams shows your inner doubts on your would-be partner. It indicates your feeling of insecurity about your lover.

Marriage Dream Meaning

15. Marriage dream without guests

It indicates your inner fear about your parent’s acceptance on your selection of person whom you are going to plan your marriage.

16. Marriage dream meaning if a dream is seen by an old person

If you are a very aged person and see you getting married to someone in a dream it indicates a drastic change in your life. Your luck may be changed completely or there may be a change in your place of living.

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