21 Twin Flame Signs, Twin Soul, Soulmates and Karmic Relationships

Twin Flames and Soulmates

What is the meaning of Soulmates?

Soulmate and twin souls (twin flames) are two different words with different meanings.


The exact meaning of soulmate is a person who is associated with your soul. But the truth is that no one is associated with your soul except the Supreme soul. You as a human being are made up of five temporary sheaths. As soon as the sheaths are dissolved with the grace of God, immediately, you understand that this is not exactly “I”, but this is the supreme soul which dwells in this body.

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Now, the question is who are soulmates?

Soulmates mean people who are linked to you as a result of your karmic debts or karmic relationships. These people can be your life partner, parents, siblings, friends, teachers, boss in your office, servant, pets and much more. In fact, no one comes in your life without the karmic debt. You born to pay your karmic debt and after birth remains busy in paying karmic debts and simultaneously collect more debts to pay in the future life and the cycle is infinite no end except the liberation.

“Karma leads to debt and debt leads to Karma”

All your karma whether good or bad follow you till the liberation no escape from the fruits of karma. Karma never forgets its address and follow you one life to another life until the liberation. Good karma good fruits or pleasure bad karma bad fruits or sufferings. Always, you take birth among your . It is also found that if in case you born in a different type of living being other than the human being then also you born amidst your soul mates. So many incidents are found in the stories and scriptures where a human being takes birth amid its past life enemies or friends (soulmates) despite born as a different type of living being.

Therefore, soulmates are your companions of your past lives and in this life, they are with you to discharge energies associated with the karmic debts.

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Love, Living Relationships, and Soulmates

Love affairs and living relationships are also one more cause of birth as a soulmate. In fact, love and living relationship is an association in which huge energy transfer takes place as a result both the persons involved in this relationship become soulmate to each other for the future life. These persons may depart due to any material cause in the present lifetime and takes birth in different places in the next life. In the next life, these un-discharged energies search their counterpart energy on the earth. They again attract each other and reunite (the main cause of love marriages). As soon as the deposited energy is discharged they depart and continue to further life journey.

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Twin Soul or Twin Flame

What is the meaning of twin flame?

“Twin flame is always a soul mate but a soul mate is not always a twin flame”.

The meaning of and is one. It means two living being joints together due to a deep hidden subtle energy of energy body (Energy body is a composition of Manomaya Kosha, Pranmaya Kosha, Vigyanmaya Kosha and Anandmaya Kosha and the physical body is made up of five elements water, air, fire, sky, and earth. The physical body is based on Annamaya Kosha or food sheaths). Examples of twin souls or are as follows:

  • God made everyone in pair called twin souls or twin flame
  • Divine guru and his or her disciple
  • Divine entities like Shri Ram and mother Sita
  • Lord Krishna and Mother Radha and Mother Meera

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There are various examples of Twin Flames. Some of the examples are discussed below:

  1. God made everyone in pairs which are called twin flames

In this universe, God made everyone in a pair. Every male has his female. Every female has her male. No one comes without a pair. But after coming on the earth all depart from his or her twin flame due to ignorance, boons, curses and other karmic reasons. These males and females are twin souls or twin flames. These twin souls or twin flames take birth on the earth in different relationships. They can be friends, siblings, father and child, husband and wife, etc. They take birth in the relationship which is the best fit to pay their karmic debts. Everything works under the divine plan. These twin souls remain linked with a subtle chord throughout the entire soul journey.

2. Energies born from the power of mantras

Another example of twin souls or twin flames is the energies born via the power of mantras:

Ultimately, everything derived from the supreme soul and dissolved into the supreme soul. Every human being has a tremendous power to uplift his or her energy body to the highest level as lord Budha, Sai Baba, Jesus, etc. Yogies, Rishies, and saints are the examples of such higher energies. These Yogis have tremendous power. They can give births other living beings also from the power of mantras however it sounds strange but true. So many proofs are present in Purans.  If in case these Rishies or Yogies give birth to other male or female energy from their mantras, such type of energies acquire physical body while coming on the earth planet and enjoy the life of a human being. These energies are called twin flames or twin souls of that Yogi or Rishi who has given birth to these energies. The Yogi or Rishi and the energy derived from the Rishi remain linked together throughout all the lives until the time of liberation. Like a normal human being, they collect debts and pays debts until the time of reunion. After the reunion, they become one and dissolve in the supreme soul at the time of liberation.

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3. Divine counterparts

One more example of twin soul or twin flame is divine counterparts born from divine energies. One male or female may have one or more than one twin souls. For instance, Lord Bhrama gave birth to three female energies from his mouth 1st  Goddess Saraswati 2nd Goddess Bhramani and 3rd Goddess Sandhya. These three are twin souls of Lord Bhrama.  Purans and scriptures are full of such divine counterpart twin flames.

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21 Signs of Twin Flames or Twin Souls

However, the reunion of twin souls or twin flames is a very rare incident. Generally, a person reunites with his or her soul mate in the journey of life.  One can have any number of soul mates. In case someone reunites with his or her twin soul he or she will find some particular signs which ensure that he or she is reuniting with the twin soul. These twin souls always reunite under the divine plan. This is why both the persons involved in the relationships respect each other as a divine counterpart. Signs which are commonly found in the twin souls are astrological, psychological and physical. They have similarities on all the dimensions. Some common signs are discussed here:

  1. Twin flames have the highest level of regard for the counter soul

The highest level of regard is found in between the two persons who are involved in the relationship of twin souls. They not only love too much to each other but also regards to each other as the counter soul is a divine entity.

  1. Same palmistry

Both the twin flames have same palm lines and same marks on their palm and fingers. Same planetary impacts are found in their hands.

  1. Same Body Texture

Both the twin flames have same body texture and complexion doesn’t matter in which tropical region they belong in the current birth time.

  1. Same body marks

Twin flames are physically aligned. Both have same kinds of body build up like same height patterns. For instance, if the male is tall among the boys then female is also found tall among the girls. Generally, both the twin flames have the same type of body marks on the different body parts.

  1. Twin flames have same eating habits

Twin flames have the same choice in eating and drinking habits. Both like the same type of utensils to eat and drink. For example, if male soul like to consume tea in a glass, the female soul has also the same choice to consume a tea in a glass, etc. Both like same types of vegetables and sweets.

  1. Twin flames have same sleeping patterns

Twin flames have same sleeping habits. If one likes sleeping without the use of pillow other also have the same habit. If one like to sleep on a hard bed the other one soul also like the same, etc. Despite living separately in separate regions for a long time these patterns are found same in both the twin flames.

  1. Twin flames have the same choice of colors and dressing sense

Twin flames have the same choice of colors and the same choice of dresses.

  1. Twin flames have same eyes colors

Twin souls have same colors of eyes. The color of eyes is very important. A person gets eyes color from his or her genes.

  1. Twin flames have strong telepathy

Twin flames are so strongly connected that they can talk secretly by thought communication. All the deep emotions automatically conveyed to counter soul. With the help of self-talk, they can transmit messages to one another. Read – The secret of self-talk.

  1. Twin flames suffer from the same kind of  diseases

Twin flames generally suffer from the same type of diseases. If one has the problem related to cold and cough another counter soul also found the same problem.

  1. Same Numerological Combinations

Some specific numerological relationships in their are seen. For instance, if one of the soul has a date of birth 28 ( 2+8 = 10) of any month, the same 10 digit will be found as a sum of the date of birth in the another one soul’s date of birth. Their days of birth date also have some particular relationships. Sometimes both are born on the same day of date but different months or years. For example, one born on 24 Jan and another born on 24 May.

  1. Astrological relationships

The astrological relationship in their horoscopes is very logical and clear. Both the horoscopes are found very similar as for as different astrological Yogas are concerned. Same Yogas are found in both the horoscopes. Both the twin souls either born under the same zodiac sign or born in opposite zodiac signs. Such as if one soul born under the sign of Virgo the other one may born in the Pisces sign.

  1. Zodiac signs relationships

Generally, their horoscopes are found rotated on the 180 degrees of angle. For instance, if Virgo (6th Zodiac sign) sign is there in the first house of one horoscope, another horoscope may have Pisces sign (12th Zodiac sign) in the first house.

  1. Same Soul Planet (Atma Karak planet)

Soul planet is a soul significator. Soul planet shows the desire of the soul and also tells why the soul took the present birth. Generally, same soul planet is found in both the horoscopes.

  1. Moon planet of the same zodiac sign

Generally, moon planet is found in the same zodiac sign in both the horoscopes.

  1. Trust level

Both the souls have 100 percent trust on one another. They can’t hide anything from their twin flame. Both are 100 percent open to each other.

  1. Both meets under the divine guidance

Twin souls reunite under the divine plan, therefore, they always remain protected by the divine. It is found that they, feel like to meet at the holy land.

  1. Twin flames understand each other without speaking a single word

Without speaking a single world they understand each other clearly. Understand pain and suffering to each other despite living in distant places. There is a great empathy between them.

  1. Same Reading Habit

They have same reading and writing habits. They use pen and pencils in the same style. Read the text in the same manner. For instance, if one likes to read a newspaper or book from the last page to the first page the same habit is found in the counter soul also.

  1. Déjà vu

Déjà vu is a French term. It means “already seen”. It describes some experience of feelings that one has viewed or experienced while encountering a new situation, place, song or anything previously. This is very common in twin souls. Whenever they meet the first time they feel the same as they have already met before.

  1. Deep inner connection

Strong love and deep connection are found in twin flames and therefore, they generally die at the same time without much gap of time like they may die in the same month or in the same year.

All the best to get your divine twin flame

With love, light, and peace