Hand foot and mouth disease home remedies

Hand foot and mouth disease home remedies

Hand foot and mouth disease home remedies – Home remedies are best to cure all the diseases as they have no side effects and work wonderfully if they are used with proper care. Various home remedies are collected from Vedas  to cure hand foot and mouth disease.

Hand foot and mouth disease home remedies

1. Stay Healthy with Rock Salt and Ginger

Take little rock salt (Hindi: “Sendha Namak”) with a small piece of ginger (Hindi: “Adrak”) before taking the meal. This will clear the throat and sharpen the appetite of a person.

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2. Which is the Best Metal for Consuming Food?

Food taken in silver plate promotes the function of the liver, Food taken in brass plate cures phlegmatic disorders and food taken in the glass vessels cures anemia (deficiency of red cells or of hemoglobin in the blood) and jaundice.

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3. What is the Best Direction for Eating Food

healthy eating tips

Charaka says in Charak Samhita, don’t face towards the north, while eating food. Manu says in Manu Samhita, one should sit while taking food towards facing north if one desiring to get true knowledge.

One should sit while taking food towards facing east if one desiring longevity. One should sit while taking food towards facing west if one desiring wealth and one should face towards the South if one wishes to get fame.

healthy eating tips

  • South facing gives Fame
  • North facing gives True knowledge
  • East facing gives longevity
  • West facing gives Wealth

4. Walk 100 Steps after Meal is Good for Hand foot and mouth disease

Do not run or walk fast after having a meal. One should walk slowly about 100 steps after a meal.

5. Lie down towards Left Side after Meal to Stay Healthy

After your meal go to bed and take rest towards the left side to let the flowing of Sun Swar,  it helps in digestion and cure all the Hand foot and mouth disease.

6. Hand foot and mouth disease home remedies – Water

Water should not be taken much before taking food, it weakens the digestive power. Water should be taken in the middle of the food, it brightens digestive fire.

Water after a meal should not be taken, it increases fat.

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7. Hand foot and mouth disease home remedies – Food

How to consume the food is very important to stay fit.

Half of the stomach should be filled with food. Next remaining half should be filled with water and remaining half must be left for air circulation.

8. Gulmarog

A thirsty man, if eats develop Gulmarog (Gulmarog refers any palpable hard mass in the abdomen). A hungry man if drinks develop Jalodar (ascites or the accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity, causing abdominal swelling) disease.

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Water physical therapy

9. Health wellness tips to Prevent Myopia Disease

After taking a meal, wash your hands, rub them and apply them to your eyes, it cures timira (myopia) disease if you do so.

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  1. The Curd should not be taken without mixing black pepper and rock salt during rainy weather in the day time.

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  1. The Curd should not be taken during the dinner or in the night. Additionally, Curd should never be taken without mixing salt.
  2. Taking a bath after the meal is very injurious.

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13. Health Wellness Tips to Consume fresh water

Drinking cold water every morning at sunrise gives long life and keep you away from the effect of aging, headache, piles, shooting pain, bilious disease, inflammation, and constipation.

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14. Health Wellness Tips to Improve Eye Sight

Drinking a small amount of water through nose keeps you away from gray hairs and improves eyesight.

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Rudraksha beads

15 Flow right Swar after Meal

After taking any type of food and drink, practice to maintain right Swara for 10 to 15 minutes to get good digestion, and to remove all the stomach problems related to the digestion.



16 The Meal should be taken during the Solar Swara

17. Cold drinks should be taken during the Solar Swara and hot drinks during the activation of Lunar Swara. Its reverse is harmful to the health.

  1. Never take hot honey. Never mix honey in hot milk.

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Organic Honey

  1. Never take milk after radish, garlic, and Tulasi (Holy basil or sacred plant).
  2. Drink milk after mixing black pepper (kali mirch) and mishri in hot milk to cure a cough and cold.

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  1. Chebulic Myrobalan (Hindi: “Harad”) is tri-dosha nashak in all the seasons. Grind harad and mix a little rock salt in it. Take it with meals.
  2. Black tulasi is good to cure all skin diseases.
  3. Take the juice of black tulsi leaves, mix a little honey and give it to the patient suffering from stone in kidney. It removes the stone. It improves the functionality of kidney and strengthens the kidney.

24. “Pranayam near the plant of basil (tulsi) purify the blood and increase the beauty.

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  1. To cure jaundice (Peelia rog) takes two teaspoons juice of neem leaves and mix it with two teaspoons honey and give it to the patient.




  1. Apply sesame (Gingelly oil or Til oil) oil in ears. It prevents deafness, removes all the disease of ears, improves hearing and also cures throat stiffness.

27. Health Wellness Tips to Prevent Sciatica Pain

Massage sesame oil on left feet with a right hand and on right feet with left hand creates miracles. It removes heat, fatigue, numbness of feet and removes sciatic pain.

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  1. Body massage with sesame oil removes Kapha, fatKaphamakes the limbs strong and healthy.
  2. If one passes the wind while eating, he/she must leave off eating and don’t take food during the day.
  3. Eat hard eatables, in the beginning, soft eatables in the middle and liquids like Takra or Mattha in the end to get better digestion.

31. Never take food within 3 hours of the last meal. Don’t allow the interval of food for 6 hours or more.


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