21 Amazing Secrets of Goddess Mother Earth

Goddess Mother Earth

The provides everything that you need but not that your greed.

Goddess is a living organism love, care and respect earth. The whole universe is a or God. Therefore, all the objects present over here are transformations of the same cosmic . The objects that seem still and fixed are energies and the objects that seem alive are also energies. The whole universe is a divine being. There is nothing that is not a divine. Whether that is the Sun, Moon, Fire, Water, Earth, Nature, Living being, etc. everything is the transformed form of divine consciousness.

सर्वं खल्विदं ब्रह्म’ – Says Veda

“सर्वं खल्विदं ब्रह्म” It means everything is God. Never disrespect and hurt to anyone whether that appears conscious or live and an unconscious or dead. The reality is everything conscious but some objects appear dead or still but in fact, everything alive. Due to their characteristics, some of the entities look like dead or inactive such as stone, mountains, river, earth, soil, etc.

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Mother Earth is a Divine Energy

Divine is the source of everything made all the objects here in order to execute his play of this world. He made this beautiful world with the sparks of his divine energy. The purpose of the play is, to enjoy and let to enjoy others. Divine being instilled different features in different objects. The earth is given the features of the mother.

Mother Earth Feeds You

Like a mother, goddess earth feeds you with foods, crops, and vegetables. Mother earth gives you river to grow crops and calms your thirst. Earth cares you with her medicinal herbs when you sick. Give you place or shelter even when your body becomes out of use until you get a new body and so on. Each and every feature of the mother is present in the earth.

The earth

Earth is as alive as your mother

Earth from the time of its origin is spinning on its axis continuously to give you days and nights and revolving around the Sun on its orbit to give you different weathers and make life possible on the planet. Have you ever imagined why she is doing all this? Mother earth is doing all just to give you life, freshness, pleasure and make the life cycle to be continued. It gives you all that you need throughout your journey of the life.

Mother Earth is a living Organism

The whole universe is a divine living cosmic macrocosm energy consisting of so many other living energies such as mother earth, planets, and living being and so on.  All these microcosm energies derived from the macrocosm and dissolved into the macrocosm energy or God. Macrocosm and microcosm both work collectively to create and maintain the circumstances necessary for the survival of the life. From the smallest component to the largest component on the earth play an important role in maintaining the survival here.

Save the Earth to Stay Alive

If you were a doctor and seeing the earth as a living organism you would find that her survival is in danger. Human activities are continuously breaking the balance of the mother earth. Some of such activities are deforestation and overuse of nonrenewable resources, etc.

Use the resources and enjoy what she is offering you, but never hurt the earth. As you are suffering due to exploiting the nature the same you have to suffer if you disturb the rhythm of the earth.

Patience is the Virtue of Mother Earth

The supreme characteristic of a mother is patience. She never annoyed on her child whether the child acts good or bad. If a child tries to kill the mother even when the mother gives only blessings to the child. She accepts every misdeed of the child and reacts patiently, lovingly, and motherly.  The same characteristic is instilled in the mother earth too. She gives everything that she has to her children without any kind of discrimination whether the child is a sinner and pious.

Mother Earth is the consort of Lord Vishnu

Goddess mother earth is the consort of Lord Vishnu, the Lord who is responsible to look after the world. In fact, mother earth is a motherly energy. We all have six senses given by the divine. We are capable to use only five senses as the . The sixth sense is closed. This can be opened only by the divine touch of God. As seen in the case of Lord Buddha, Rishies, and Saints. If in case this is opened only then you can perceive all these energies clearly otherwise all this appear still, inactive and unconscious.

Mother earth

21 amazing aspects of Goddess Mother Earth are as follows:

  1. Nursing Mother (Hindi-Dhatri)
  2. Nurturer (“Hindi-Dharini”)
  3. Birthplace (“Hindi-Janitra”)
  4. Protector and feeder (“Hindi-Medini”)
  5. Mother of Plants (“Hindi-Prshni”)
  6. Womb of Forest Trees and Herbs (“Hindi-Vanaspatinam Grbhir Osadhinam”)
  7. All-Nourishing (“Hindi-Vishvadhaya”)
  8. World’s Womb (“Hindi-Vishvagabha”)
  9. Producer of Everything (“Hindi-Vishvamshu”)
  10. Source of Everything (“Hindi-Vishvasvam”)
  11. Upholder (“Hindi-Dhara”)
  12. Steady One (“Hindi-Drdha”)
  13. Patient One (“Hindi-Kshama”)
  14. Stable One (“Hindi-Sthavara”)
  15. All-Preserving (“Hindi-Vishdava”)
  16. All-Supporting (“Hindi-Vishvadharini”)
  17. All-Bearing (“Hindi-Vishvamhara”)
  18. Repository of Gems (“Hindi-Ratnagarbha”)
  19. Abounding in Jewels (“Hindi-Ratnavati”)
  20. Bearer of Treasure (“Hindi-Vasundhara”)
  21. Soil (“Hindi-Bhumi”)

Happiness to all