5 Koshas Annamaya Pranamaya Manomaya Vijnanamaya Anandamaya

The Five Koshas 

Human is a combination of 5 temporary koshas – Annamaya koshas, Pranamaya koshas, Manomaya koshas, Vijnanamaya koshas, and Anandamaya koshas. In fact, there is no individual soul at all. You don’t have a SOUL. You are “ANATMA”. The word – soul is used only in behavior or in speaking to refer to a particular individual being. There is only a single soul or supreme soul. You are not a soul, but you are unsouled (Hindi: “Anatma”). You don’t have a soul. If there is no soul it means there is no rebirth of the soul. Now the question is who takes birth again and again infinitely.

It is your ego or “I” (mental body) that takes birth again and again infinitely and when this dissolves you become one to the supreme soul and obtain liberation.

You are a composition of five sheaths or five bodies discussed below:

  1. Physical body or Annamaya kosha
  2. Energy body or Pranamaya kosha
  3. Mental body Manomaya kosha
  4. Wisdom body Vijnanamaya kosha
  5. Bliss body Anandamaya kosha

Physical body or Annamaya kosha

You are enveloped into five koshas or sheaths. The outer most body is Annamaya Kosha or a . The physical body is based on food and survives due to the food otherwise it starts to decay. This body is made up of five elements earth, water, air, fire, and sky. The physical body is your outer sheath visible to you until you alive in this physical world. When this body destroys due to age factor, diseases or accidents you leave this physical body and enveloped yourself into the bodies made up of rest of the four sheaths. The five components of physical sheath dissolve in their sources like earth, water, air, fire, and sky until the time of next birth. This physical body is like a cloth you wear and leave the cloth when destroyed. Therefore, it proves you are not a physical body.

The physical body is a gross body while rests of the four bodies are more and more subtle bodies made up of subtle components.

This is only a level of consciousness or realization that you are a physical being. Soul word is used in speaking only in a real sense there is no soul at all. Only Supreme Being exists pervading all around that is omnipresent, omnipresent and omniscient.

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Mental Body or Manomaya Kosha

Five organs of knowledge (“Gyanendria”) and mind make this mental body. The mental body is your ego or “I” (“Ahankar”). The mental body creates “Mineness” in the relations (e.g. my son, my wife, etc.) and worldly objects (My car, my house, etc.). Mental body creates your “I” and supports physical body to take birth again and again infinitely until liberation to fulfill  desires and ego or “I”. It comprises of your thoughts good and bad both, desires, feelings, revenge, Karmas and much more what you have collected throughout your soul journey of thousands of births. If this body exists only then you deserve to acquire a physical body. When this body dissolves you become disqualified to attain physical body and get the liberation. The mental body is responsible for all your birth and death. This is a and no one can see this body except the people those who have a sixth sense.

As your physical body becomes sick and healed the same this mental body also becomes sick and healed. Mental body directly reflected through the physical body. You think, feel, sense, talk, sad and please all due to your mental body. The physical body is a tool to enjoy the mental body. This body also dissolves before the liberation through the grace of divine Guru and the spiritual knowledge.

Energy body or Pranamaya kosha

The energy body is also called prana body. The entire universe is filled with the Prana Shakti. Prana is shakti which is the counterpart of consciousness or God. Individual being is also filled with Prana Vayu. Prana Vayu works as a fuel in the physical body and mental body. Aura confined all around the physical body is the proof of this energy body. Aura can be seen with the help of Kirlian photography or via sixth sense.

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All your mental sheath and physical sheath are linked together due to the energy body otherwise the physical body is only a bunch of clay that can’t do anything and the same mental body is a bunch of thoughts and karmas that also can’t do anything without the help of energy body or Pranamaya Kosha. The physical body can’t talk, walk, feel or sense. This is the energy body which is a root cause of all your activities (Manomaya Kosha) in this physical world. This energy is a career which makes every action possible in the world. Energy body forces you to leave the physical body when the body destroyed and the person leave the physical body and he is called died in the eyes of the physical world, but remain alive in the subtle world. The mental body needs love, reverence, respect, food, water, shelter, etc even after the death of physical body.

“Physical death ends a physical life, not a relationship.” Relationships remain to continue even after the end of the physical body too. This is the energy body which is seen as a ghost after the death of a physical body.

Wisdom body or Vijnanamaya kosha

This is the fourth sheath that is more subtle than any other outer sheath. Vijanamaya Kosha is the link between individual mind and universal mind. Universal knowledge or godly affairs come into the conscious mind due to Vijannamay kosha. This sheath is linked to the Godly affairs and the knowledge of God.

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Bliss body or Anandamaya kosha

This is the innermost sheath which is the subtlest sheath among the entire outer sheaths. It is a . reflects via this causal body. When all four sheaths destroy this causal body starts to reflect in the form of love and care towards the humanity as in the case of Shri Sai Baba. In this state, you know that it is Supreme Being who is pervading all around inside the body. Ignorance vanishes completely. This is the highest state when the ego and “I” dissolve completely. In this state “I” transformed into the “You” or Supreme energy. But all this is possible while living in the physical body only not after leaving the physical body for example Lord Buddha.

Level of Consciousness is associated with five sheaths or Koshas discussed below:

All we rest on different levels of consciousness. All those whose consciousness rest on an Annamaya Kosha identify themselves with the body which is based on food. All those who identify themselves with the power like a sportsman have their consciousness level on Pranamaya Kosha. Sometimes people have consciousness on Manomaya Kosha. These people identify with an analytic mind. A person identifies himself with the subtle world when the consciousness rests on the higher level of kosha like Vijanmaya kosha. Very rarely some person identifies with the bliss or highest order of pleasure when their consciousness rests on the Ananadmaya kosha for example in the case of Mother Meera. Anandmaya kosha is the last sheath when aspirant enjoys the absolute Bhrama or God and in the end, dissolve in the absolute consciousness and obtain liberation.

The conclusion is that there is no soul at all. Soul world is only in the speaking or referring the supreme soul in perspective of individuality. In fact, you are not a soul but unsouled or “Anatma”. There is only supreme soul pervading all around and appear heterogeneous in the form of various entities just because of the consciousness which lies in the outer koshas or ignorance. When a person is reached to a higher level of consciousness and removes the ego he transformed into the higher consciousness then there is no individual soul, but only a supreme Bhrama. Such person sees Bhrama inside and outside both. In fact, the human is a bunch of desires which make his ego. When this ego dissolves via knowledge or devotion the person transformed from body to subtle entity and then this subtle entity become one with the supreme entity as a river dissolve into an ocean, lose its identity and become one with the ocean.

So, be divine be enlightened

With love, light, and peace