9 Reasons of becoming a soulmate or a life partner

What is Connection?

Soulmate or partner is the part of the divine plan. The world is a huge cosmic play directed by Almighty God. All you are players on the earth and playing according to the God’s inbuilt program. God gave you free will to act as you wish under a strict law and order system to direct all your activities. God plan never interrupts in your wishes but gives you rewards and punishments to make you learned and matured same as a mother allows her child to play as the child wish and gives rewards and punishment to her child to allow the child to learn what is wrong and what is right.

The three main stages of a life are birth, love, and death. Birth is already destined it is not in your part but rest is in your hand. Throughout the life, a person remains in search of his or her love object. This love object is your soulmate or life partner. Soulmate and twin flames are entirely different concepts.  Twin flames are divine counterpart while soulmate may be your divine counterpart or may not be. Here is the main focus is the soulmate.

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What is the meaning of a soulmate?

Soulmate means the people among which you born interact, work, and do all the activities throughout the lifetime. It arises various questions such as:

  • Why one born to a particular parent? One person born to a very rich parent while other born to a very poor parent.
  • Why have present siblings? Why there is so much love between siblings at one place and at another place so much enmity.
  • Why a mother gives birth to particular children? Sometimes children look after the parents a lot while at other time children ignore their parent outrightly. Even some children kill their parents.
  • Why one works under a particular Boss? Why have particular servants? and much more.

The answer to all these questions is only one that is debts. No one comes in your life without the past life debt.

In some cases, a person gets a very good and supportive life partner while in another case a person gets a problem in the form of a life partner. This is all due to the fruits of past life actions. All you attached to one another as the best fit like a lock and key to discharge the past life debts. There are so many causes which are responsible for why one gets a particular kind of life partner. Some are discussed here:

Love and affection

If a person loves to another person deeply and then breaks his or her heart and leave the person is a cause to get the same person again in the future life as a soulmate or a life partner. There are two types of debts:

  • Debt related to wealth
  • Debt related to mind

If a person breaks the heart to another person, this creates a debt on the person and the same person again comes to his or her life as a soulmate or life partner in order to become indebted from the past life debt. Such soulmate comes to your life, love to you and then leave you alone to become indebted from past life debt. What you throw to come back to you.

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Living Relationship

The living relationship is also a reason which creates soulmates. During the living relationship, huge energy transfer takes place which becomes the cause to again get the same person as a soulmate in order to discharge past life energy. Doesn’t matter how much far you born in the next life geographically. This stored energy automatically attracts its counter energy and both the person involved again become the soulmate to one another in the next life too until both the energy balanced. Afterwards both the persons become free to each other and forward to their further soul journey.

Forced lustful activities

Sometimes a person forcibly imposed lustful activities on another person under the impression of his wealth, physical power, lust or any other bad intentions. This also creates and forced by the nature to reunite in order to become indebted to each other.   These relationships result in quarrels and enmity among the soul mates or life partners after reunion too in order to balance the previously stored energies. After freeing past life debts they may depart by divorced or any other way.

Divine Boons

Sometimes girls prayed to almighty god to get a particular type of life partner or a particular life partner. If they are blessed they gifted the same type of life partner in the same life or in the future life.

For example,   in Mahabharata queen Draupadi prayed to to marry a person who has five characteristics; Moral values, physical strength, skilled, very handsome and intelligence.  Lord Shiva granted her boon to get the husband with all these five characteristics. This is difficult for a person to possess all such powers at a time. This is why she was blessed with five soul mates with five different extraordinary characteristics.

In another story, a lady Damayanti was blessed by Lord Shiva to get her present husband named Null again in the future birth. In the future life, the same lady was born as Savitri and the past life husband was born as Satyawan and both became soulmate and married to each other.


Sometimes a person gets a particular soulmate due to a past life curse. Once in the Dwapar Yuga, a lady was cast the spell by a black magician. The black magician took the lady under his impression and started to meet the lady repeatedly. When the lady’s husband came to know about their meetings the husband of the lady cursed both of them to suffer and live together as a husband and a wife again and again repeatedly until the Kaliyuga. Therefore, curses also become the cause of being a soulmate.

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Black magic

Sometimes black magician uses black magic and similar activities to fulfill their desire of lust which becomes the cause of soulmate in the future births in order to balance the energies.

Conception ceremony to get son

There are so many instances in history where a woman made a relationship with another man just to get a child. Once made such relationships imbalance the energy body and force the involved people to meet again in the future life as soulmates to balance the energy. For example, in the case of Mahabharata, Vidur, Pandu, and Dhritarashtra are born to three women who met Rishi Vyasadeva in order to get son to run their dynasty.


Due to marital relationships person become indebted to each other and become the cause of soulmates in the future life too. If a woman deeply wishes by her heart and mind to get the same husband again in the future life, the woman may get the same life partner again. Contrarily, if a woman doesn’t like the same life partner again she may not get the same life partner again. Hence, marriage is also a cause to become a soulmate in the future life.

Divine forces

There are so many instances in the Puranas where divine forces are responsible to make a person as a soulmate of another person.  For example, Manaka a dancer of heaven was sent to the earth by the king of heaven Lord Indra to distract Rishi Vishwamitra from his Tapasya. More instances are also found where divine forces make a person soulmate to another person in order to fulfill divine task

There may be some more reasons which force a person to become soulmate or life partner in order to balance the energies.

Best wishes to get your soulmates again and again

With love, light, and peace