Beautiful eyes

Most Beautiful Eyes

1. Keep your feet clean to prevent eyes from diseases

Two nerves from the root of the feet are straight way connected from eyes. If feet are dirty, eyes will be affected badly.

2. Do massage of your feet

Do massage of your feet and fingers of your feet properly, to improve your eyesight and prevent eyes from diseases. During oil massage fills oil in the toes of your feet, massage oil slowly on toes and between the fingers. It cures eyes problems and improves eye sight. If massage is done using opposite side of hands, the eyes become better and brighter.

3. Don’t stop , let them flow freely in order to get good health

Eyes continuously secrete some tears, but during the state of acute pain and pleasure, eyes secrete more tears. These tears should not be prohibited. Its prohibition creates following problems.

  • Flow of from the nose
  • Eyes trouble
  • Heart trouble
  • Disinterestedness
  • Giddiness
  • Gulma rog (Abdominal Tumor)

Its cure needs sound sleep, light cold drinks, enjoying light music, interesting stories and engaging in conversation.

4. Walk bare feet on the grass during early in the morning

Bare feet walking on the grass during the early morning keeps eyes fresh, improve eyesight and prevent eyes from diseases. Always rise early in the morning at 4 A.M. and do the morning walk in order to improve eye and overall health.

5. Splash water on your eyes

  • After leaving the bed in the morning fill your mouth with fresh water and splash water on your eyes. Practice this three or four time in a day. It improves eyesight and prevents eyes for all the troubles.
  • Apply morning saliva like eyeliner.
  • Morning saliva improves eyesight naturally. After leaving the bed rub your finger on your tongue take saliva and applies in your eyes like eyeliner (Hindi: “Kajal”).
  • Saliva consists of watery substance located in the mouths of a , secreted by the salivary glands. Human saliva has 99.5% water, while the other 0.5% consists of electrolytes, mucus, glycoproteins, enzymes, antibacterial, and bacteria compounds such as secretory IgA and lysozyme.
  • Saliva is beneficial in improving eyesight and it also prevents other eye diseases.

6. Apply cucumber and potato slices on your eyes

Keep slices of cucumber and potato on your eyes to remove dark circles around the eyes.

7. Tie thread during eye sty:

  •                   Due to or indigestion eye suffers from disease (Hindi: Guheri or Palko ke daane).
  •                   Tied a thread on the opposite side of the toe to cure the eyes.
  •                  For instance, if the problem is on the left side of eye, tied a thread on the right side of the toe and if the trouble is in right side of the eye, tied a thread on the left side of the toe.
  •                    Avoid constipation and improve the digestion to keep eyes fresh and fit. 

                  Note: Tiding thread in the toe works in the initial stage only.

8. Take eye bath:

               Take a cup of water, dip and blinks your eyes in the cup to prevent eyes from all the diseases.

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