Numerology of Aquarius Zodiac signs dates

Numerology of Aquarius

What is my zodiac sign?

For all those born in February particularly in between Jan 21st to Feb 21st

Zodiacal sign of also called the House of Saturn, (Negative) begins on or about January 21, but for 7 days being overlapped by the “cusp” of preceding sign, it does not come in its full strength until Jan 28 or Feb 1. From these dates onwards it remains in its full strength until Feb 19. After 19th it gradually losing its power on account of becoming overlapped by the force of incoming signs Pisces.

Those born in the “Cusp” take from the features of both the signs.

Main characteristics of the person born in February are as follows

  1. You will be very sensitive, alone and easily wounded by others. Though you will make large contact but always feel lonely.
  2. You will never be demonstrative to express your and affection to those you love, but you will be extremely loyal to those who love you and you will go to any extend to favor those who love you.
  3. You will have strong intuitions about the person you come in contact with and will be usually correct in the judgment.
  4. You will read people unconsciously, but being so sensitive and so disinclined to hurt others, you will hide your opinions and keep them to yourself.
  5. You will be exceptionally strung (Extremely sensitive) from the very facts that you cannot “let go” and express yourself, and due to this nerves at the time are likely to become much stressed.
  6. If in case you lose control and say what is in your mind, you will suffer from fits of and bitterly regret what you have said and then you go to the other extreme to repair your act or words.
  7. You have a great wish to be active or employed for the public good and will be more than generally generous in helping to relieve the stress and sorrow of others.
  8. You will be much inclined to serve public charities more than the average individual on account of an innate dread of being imposed upon or “taken in” by a personal hard luck story.
  9. You will have a strong logical mind and like to have subjects quietly reasoned out with you.
  10. You will have good ideas in business and will be found giving very good advice to others.
  11. You will find yourself filling positions of trust and responsibility and more successful for others than yourself.
  12. You will require circumstances to demonstrate your sterling qualities that you possess. If such call does come you will surprise everyone by your hidden powers and abilities you possess.
  13. If you overcome sensitiveness and develop self-confidence, there is no position in life that you cannot attain.
  14. You would succeed best in some big area of action for the good of others. Those who become awakened if born in this sign, leave a great name behind in the purpose of humanity, or by some great discovery or invention that has brought extraordinary benefit to the humanity and the world.
  15. You will be inclined to take a big interest in public life that attracts huge masses of people. You will be found indulge in taking interest in ceremonies and functions of national interest.
  16. Although living much with yourself most of the time, you show the strange contradiction of liking crowd and going where people gathered such as meetings, theaters etc.
  17. Despite over stress on your nerves you will be found involved and take care of people those who are stressed, insane or disturbed.
  18. IF you are born into wealthy surroundings, the chances will be that you will not develop your extraordinary qualities, but just drift down the stream of life, until too late to make any change.
  19. Always alert and conscious in choosing the partner because being lacking in self-confidence you will easily be influenced by those you come into close contact with.

Health of Aquarius dates

  • You will be likely to suffer through nerves and upper part of the stomach to liver and gall bladder, in a way that is difficult to the doctor to understand.
  • As a rule, you will suffer from poor blood circulation, anemia, chilblains, headache, backache, and weakness of heart, kidney, and bladder disorders, also accidents in feet, ankles, and breaking of bones in advance years.

Finance of Aquarius Zodiac signs dates

  • The influence of Saturn and Uranus gives sudden chance in fortunes and finance. You will always be liable to experience a situation of remarkable and unexpected reversals and should be careful with this unexpected nature.
  • You may receive income from the trust, insurance, banks, electrical installations, aviation etc.
  • Your income, unless you are extremely prudent, more or less will be uncertain.
  • At some period of your time, you are likely to come into a great deal of money from an unexpected source.

Marriage, Union, and Partnership Aquarius Zodiac signs dates

  • You will find your best relationship with persons born Jan 21st  to Feb 19th in your sign Aquarius or in Gemini May 21st to June 20th or in Libra Sep 21st to Oct 20th and in the 7 days of the cusp at the beginning and end of each of these periods.
  • You will be much attracted to a person born in the part of the year opposite your own means from about the end of July to the end of August.

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