Aries Taurus Friendship, Love, Marriage Compatibility

Aries and Taurus

Zodiac Sign Aries, March 21 to April 19

Taurus Zodiac Sign, April 19 to May 20

Zodiac Sign Aries

Aries and (मेष, वृष ) Friendship, Love, and is successful and stable if both partners ready to understand each other.  Aries control the month of March. begins from the March 21, but for 7 days being overlapped by the previous sign Pisces does not come in its full power until about March 28. From March 28 it remains in its full strength until April 19. It is then for 7 days it gradually losing its power due to becoming overlapped by the incoming sigh Taurus. Those born on the “Cusp” take features from both the signs

People under this sign means born from March 21 to April 19 and in the cusp to April 26 are endowed with the power of strong will and following personality traits:

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Zodiac Sign Taurus

Zodiacal sign of Taurus commences on or about Apr 19, but for 7 days being overlapped by the “cusp” of preceding sign: Aries, it does not come in its full strength until April 26. From these dates onwards it remains in its full strength until May 20. After 20th May it gradually losing its power on account of becoming overlapped by the force of incoming sign Gemini. Those born on the “Cusp” take features of both the signs.

A person born in the sign Taurus (Bull) come under the house of Venus-positive. Taurus is a fixed sign of Zodiac the first Triplicity of the earth. Main characteristics of the persons born from Apr 19 to May 20 under Taurus are as follows:

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Aries and Taurus Love Relationship

Aries as a lover

People under the vibration of Aries sign are handsome, attractive, influencing, magnetic and romantic. They are passionate about making love relations and go extreme in love. People of Aries sign make love relationship, enjoy the relationship and easily come out of the relationship.

Taurus as a lover

Taurus is the best lover. People under the vibration of Taurus sign are very attractive, emotional, reliable, influencing and romantic. They easily make love relations and are expert in . Taurus are very serious and emotional lovers. They support their beloved beyond the boundaries throughout the life. Their partner enjoys life with them and likes them a lot. Their company is the best company in love is a concern.

Aries and Taurus Love, Friendship and Marriage compatibility

  • Aries and Taurus are neighboring signs in the zodiac system, but very opposite in their traits.
  • This Aries sign is governed by mars and Taurus governed by Venus planet. Both are opposite in nature. Mars is a hot sign. Mars-like promptness and therefore needs fast results. Whether that is a bed, love or anything else.  While Venus is very cool and needs seriousness and stability in all the tasks these people undertake.
  • Both the signs differ in their ideology but have full trust on each other.
  • Aries is a first sign in the and have a child like activities, however, they need security and stability in life. Taurus is practical, sincere and serious for all the perspectives whether that is the point of security, finance or anything else.
  • These people are very extravagant while Taurus is very thrift, therefore, these things may cause a difference in the relationship.

Aries girl and Taurus Boy Compatibility

  • Girls under Aries sign are prompt and initiators in the love and sex that is liked by the ideal and great lovers of Taurus in the beginning. But later on, this may create difficulty for the sincere lover of Taurus.
  • Aries girls are straightforward, determined, and independent by nature and never like to be ruled by the partner. They have independent thinking and wish their partner to follow them whether they are right or wrong. Taurus boys are also independent, determined and independent by nature and never like to be ruled by anyone. Therefore, later on, this attitude of both partners may create conflicts in the relationship.
  • To maintain the relationship warm it is suggested to care and respect the feelings and thoughts of the partner.

Aries Boy and Taurus girl Compatibility

  • Aries boys live in present and want results immediately. While Taurus girls like to enjoy the things and very cool. They don’t need to finish anything that is enjoyable. Therefore, love and sex become difficult for the Taurus girls with Aries boys.
  • Aries and Taurus both need security and stability and life, therefore, both are same on this point that is good to make the association stronger and long-lasting.
  • Aries boys are careless to manage their finance well. They are extravagant and not able to save money for their future. This attitude is disliked by the Taurus that may cause conflict in their life.

Aries and Taurus Friendship, Love, Marriage Compatibility


  • Aries and Taurus Love relationship is good in the beginning, but as the relationship progresses partners start to dislike each other. Conflicts begin common on trivial things.
  • In order to make this association long-lasting and stable, it is essential to understand the psychology of each other. Both the persons must respect their partners.

Aries Marriage, Union, and Partnership

  1. They will find their most magnetic relationship with the person born in their own sign Aries or dates March 21 to April 19, From July 21 to August 20 sign of Leo, November 21 to December 20 the sign of Sagittarius, and in the 7 days of cusp in the beginning and ending of these dates, and also born in the part of the year the exact opposite to their own sign means 21st of September to the 21st of November.
  2. A person born during March 21 to April 19 (Mars positive) are generally much attracted to the person born under Mars Negative or during October 21 to November 21 + 28th November.

Taurus Marriage, Union, and Partnership

  1. They will find their most harmonious relationship with the person born under the sign of Taurus April 19 to May 20, August 21 to September 20 (Virgo), December 21 to January 20 (Capricorn), and in 7 days of the cusp at the beginning and end of each of these signs.
  2. A person born in the month of the year exact opposite to their birth October 21 to November 21 + 7 days of ‘cusp’ are also fortunate for them.

Aries and Taurus Love and Marriage Compatibility Grade – 6/10

Trust Grade: 8/10

Intellectual bonding Grade: 6/10

Emotional Bonding Grade: 5/10

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