Bhangarh Fort Bhangarh of Ghosts

Bhangarh Fort

Death is not the end of a soul life. Death is the end of only a . During the time of death leaves the physical body and moves to the spirit world. The subtle body remains there until a new physical body is received in accordance with the . Sometimes, due to a curse subtle body remains in the spirit world till the thousands of years or more until the curse will not end. The world is full of such stories where spirits disturb the human being and create chaos in the life. One of such stories is the story of & princess Ratnawati.

Why is Bhangarh regarded as a haunted place?

Bhangarh Story

According to a legend, the city Bhangarh was cursed by a black magician named Sindhiya. He did to control the princess Ratnawati, but trapped in his own magic and died. In fact, an act of black magic fulfills the wish of its doer if succeeds, but if reversed it kills its doer too.

Sindhiya was an expert black magician lived in the Bhangarh, a place located in Alwar a city of Rajasthan state in India. Sindhiya liked Princess Rantawati very much. He loves princess Ratnawati and somehow he wanted to achieve her. Ratnawati a daughter of the king of Bhangarh named  Madho Sing (1613), was 18 years old. She was very beautiful. So many famous people and kings of that period wanted to marry with Ratnawati. She was famous for her beauty. Once, a maid of the princess Ratnawati went to the market to purchase oil for Ratnawati. At that time Sindhiya was in the market near to a shop he did some black magic on an oil bottle to attract the Ratnawati. The black magician cast a spell upon a bottle that on touching the oil bottle the princess will fall in love with him. The secret of black magic was informed to the maid. The oil bottle suddenly fell down on a stone. Due to the black magic, the stone energized and started to follow the black magician and kill the black magician. Before taking the last breath the black magician cursed of killing everyone who lived in the Bhangarh including the princess too.

Bhangarh fort
Market of Bhangarh

After the curse, a war started between the king of Ajabgarh and the king of Bhangarh and both the places spoiled in the war. Then onwards the ghosts of the princess, the tantric and all the people who lived in Bhangarh haunt the palace till date and the place has become the most haunted place not only in India but the world too.

Bhangarh fort
A place on hills where Sindhia lived

Story of Ajabgarh

According to another legend, there was a small hut of Balaknath in the Ajabgarh. Ajabgarh is located very close to Bhangarh place. Balaknath asked the king of Ajabgarh  Ajab Sing that the shade of the palace should not be fallen on his hut. Ajab Sing was the grandson of king Madho Singh. The king promised to Balaknath that the palace would not shade the hut. Time passed and the king remained stick on his promise, but after the death of the king his son reconstructed his palace and the palace started to shade the hut of Balaknath. After the moment the bad time of the Ajabgarh started and both the places were spoiled due to the curses in the war of Ajabgarh and Bhangarh.

One Night in the Bhangarh

Once, before two years in 1915, some boys planned to view the fort and started their journey for Bhangarh at about 6 P.M. in the evening from Delhi, India. However, this is strictly prohibited to go there in the evening. They first entered in the Ajabgarh and saw that all the houses are of very low in height. They cross the Ajabgarh and reached the Bhangarh Fort. The gate was locked and following board was there to warn the visitors.


This was the time of 12 P.M. in the night approximately. Some of the boys in the car were sleeping only one boy and driver were waking. They first heard a female voice of sarcastic laughing and felt that someone is standing on the gate and laughing on their arrival. They also saw some fire inside the fort. The driver immediately turned his car and run from the place till so many kilometers without thinking anything. Next, they saw a temple and entered into the temple. Some light was there inside the temple. They knocked the door. They heard abusing language coming from the room. Someone from inside asked their names and after a detailed inquiry, the door was opened. He was the caretaker of the temple. Boys asked the person about the cause of abusing words. The caretaker informed that in the night sometimes spirits from the Bhangarh come and knock the door to disturb. When their names are asked they tell their names, the spirits either are Gujars or Jatts. This was the war of Gujars and jatts in which all the people of Bhangarh and Ajabgarh were killed and the fort was transformed into a haunted place. The boys passed the whole night there and in the morning again visited in the Bhangarh Fort.

 A day inside the Bhangarh Fort

They felt foul smell inside the fort and also heard whispering inside the rooms. But no one was found there. In a room, they saw ash too. They touched the ash and found the ash warm. They saw fresh blood inside the fort. All they came outside the fort. One chimpanzee was there who forced to the entire group of boys to go out of the fort. They took some pictures and came out of the fort.

After coming back some of the boys fall ill and get disturbed. After some treatment they cured and now all are fine. This is strictly instructed to avoid visiting there for safer side.

 Visit of a saint in the Bhangarh Fort

Once, a saint possessing supernatural cosmic power visited there with some friends. The saint found nothing there, no sound, no blood, no ash and nothing while his friends found the same marks as the boys found such as warm ash, blood, smell, whispering, etc.

In fact, all the people who visit there trapped by the spirits living there and saw what the spirit wish like blood, smell, sound, warm ash, etc. While due to supernatural comic power the saint found nothing there.

The place is full of spirits who are suffering from sorrow and pain and need peace. May God end the curse and grant the peace and comfort to all the spirits. Anyway, the place is full of horror no one should visit there whether the time is day or night to keep you safe and secure.

There are some temples also as Someshwar Temple, Mangla Devi Temple, Gopinath and Keshav Rai temple. The temples are still fine. They are intact from the impact of war as well as time. The Someshawar temple is open for visitors and under the care of the people of the family of the black magician Sindhiya.

Bhangarh Fort
Someshwar Mahadeva Temple
Bhangarh Fort
Gopinath Temple
Bhangarh Fort
Shivlinga in Someshwar Temple
Bhangarh Fort
Mangla Mata Temple

So, be safe, be enlightened

With love, light, and peace