Quote about the power of words

(Ashirvad and Shraap)

Words have Power more than the power of weapons or even atom bombs. Power of words particularly is never destroyed, it remain stored in the centers of human being and remains there until the time or space comes to release the stored vocal energy. This energy resides in the chakras till one life to thousands of lives. Therefore, always speak healing words as much as you can. Such energies releases when the same person comes before you in the same life time or in some future life.

Human being is a spark of . Supreme energy comprises of multiple energies. Speech or vocal energy is one of the kind of such energies. Shakti or energy is the feminine principle or counterpart of supreme energy who releases potential of supreme energy from spirit to a matter. All the energies are given a particular name. Vocal energy or speech is known as Goddess Saraswati.

Goddess Saraswati is called mother of Vedas. Where word exists, Goddess Saraswati is there. Every thing what we speak diposited in our energy chakras and remains there until the time come to release it, whether it is blessing, prayer and curse.

“There is no breakage of and curses at all except to release it”.

-Mamta Rajshree

quote about the power of words

Every one must speak consciously. Every spoken word has energy. Never speak words which harm anyone whether that is speaker or another person. Cursing is a sin, says Manu Smriti.

The driving force of words is thought. So, always careful about your thoughts, they can become your words any time. Choose words carefully. Wrong words can have following impacts on the speakers and listeners:

  • They can hurt or harm
  • They can kill motivation
  • They can give diseases
  • They destroy once life
  • Kill relations, etc.

Curses can destroy not one life but so many lives of a person. It can make the lives hell. Presently, Bhangardh is the live example of curse given by a black magician. Our Vedas and Purans have many real stories of curses. Today’s lives are also full of curses and boons it doesn’t matter whether we understand them or not.

Similarly, positive words have heeling impacts. They can heals not only mental and spiritual disorders but physical diseases also, as sometimes the roots of physical diseases are anxieties and stresses which can be vanished by the healing words.

Word Power : Blessings and Curses

Blessings and Curses both carry with them energy of whoever delivers them. The result of the blessings and curses are also influenced by the seriousness and intention of the deliverer and the power of the target person too.

Word Power Curses

Curse is a double edged sword. It not only harms the target person but also harm the person who curses. It negatively impacts both. Target person suffers due to the curse and the same who gives curse suffers the same pain. Curses deplete the energy of deliverer and make the person weak spiritually also. Every time when ever a person curses his energy reduces in the same ratio as the strength of the curse and go as far as the energy drives it.

True instance: A lady was cursed in the very by another lady, who was the elder wife of her husband. The elder wife cursed the younger one that you will suffer from leucoderma disease. Now, in this present life both the ladies are suffering from the same leucoderma disease. This disease gives white spots on the skin. In this present life both the ladies have white spots on the same body part in the same amount. There is an exact mathematical computation of energies.

Word Power Blessings

Blessings have also double impacts. It not only heals the person who is blessed but also heals the hidden hurts of the person who gives the blessings and increases his spiritual power. Blessings are the most soul satisfying things if one gives blessings with pure mind and heart without discriminating friend and foe.

These blessings and curses emit energies and impacts to the target objects. The consequences of the blessings and curses remain deposited in the energy centers of both the persons and carry forward from one life to another life until release or unfold.

During the time of blessings energy is transmitted from the person who gives the blessings to the person who receives the blessings. Similarly, if any one touches the feet of a saint, energy flows from saint to that person. Saints or alike persons who are on higher spiritual realm are capable to take the negative energy, diseases, pains and sorrows of the sufferers and heal them via their divine energy without loosing their own energies. But all it depends on the power and wish of the saints or spiritual person.

Blessing is an asset that you can carry forward to your future incarnations.

-Mamta Rajshree

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Stay blessed and be enlightened

With love and peace