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July Zodiac

Cancer controls the month of July.

Zodiacal sign of commences on or about June 21, but for 7 days being overlapped by the “cusp” of preceding sign: , it does not come in its full strength until June 28. From this dates onward it remains in its full strength until July 20. After 20th July it gradually losing its power on account of becoming overlapped by the force of incoming sign: Leo.

Those born in the “Cusp” take from the features of both the signs previous sign and incoming sign.

Cancer Main characteristics : Persons born from June 20 to July 27 or under the are as follows:

  1. These people are hardworking and painstaking in all they undertake but are inclined to have extremes of good or bad fortune.
  2. In gambling and in shares they are unfortunate and lose while in the legitimate works they are most fortunate and obtain success.
  3. As a rule, they possess a great desire of speculation, but often lose business they have made after great efforts of years due to this habit.
  4. Like the symbol of the crab, they usually advance and retreat in the case of both work and ideas, they may reach a specific point in some plan or career and then surprise everyone by stopping or turning back at the most crucial time.
  5. They have great ups and downs in the money point of view unless they conquered their speculative nature early in their and saved money for the emergencies.
  6. People born under the vibrations of Cancer sign often reach at very high position and gain pinnacle of fame and receive high publicity.
  7. In their family life, they go through a great deal of trouble and rarely receive great happiness no matter how much popular they may seem publically.
  8. They are great dreamers of large plans. They make big ideas for the welfare of others but when they are criticized by the others, they suffer keenly but silently and shut themselves up in their own immediate surroundings.
  9. Although they are deeply affectionate but wrongly considered cold and unemotional.
  10. They have large imaginations, and often are excellent writers, artists, poets, and under certain dates great organizers of business.
  11. Usually, they have a huge memory of variety of knowledge of different areas.
  12. They are excellent in physics and have a great interest in occult and religion or in the unusual philosophy of life.

Cancer Zodiac Health

  • They must be very careful in what they eat as they have great chances of following troubles: Ptomaine poisoning, Stomach inflammation, Digestive tract, Gastric attack, internal tumors, cancer and dropsy
  • These people are highly influenced by the moon which makes their constitution very delicate, but the delicacy is the kind that can be mastered and checked by the willpower and emotional stability.
  • Worries, anxieties, and fears for the future must be avoided as they only give a bad health.
  • A person born in this vibration are inclined to suffer from rheumatism, gout, imperfect blood circulation, danger from cold and weakening the resistance of the lungs.

Cancer Finance

  • Vibrations of moon and Neptune give unexpected results in their life. They should vigilant for fraudulent conduct of others, companies, and syndicates offering large return from the small expenditure.
  • They should be extremely careful in all financial dealings, exercising special caution in signing papers, contracts, agreements in which there is an element of doubt or uncertainty.
  • Financial gains accrue to them from very peculiar persons and peculiar ways. They find success in investment related with oil interests, oil refineries, coal, shipping, radium, platinum, electricity, antiques, curios, and imports of drugs and liquids. They may also gain in the position of responsibility and in public life.
  • Success by investment in big public utility companies or association is usually good, but the special concern should be given to concerns which cater for the needs or requirement of the masses at large.
  • These people often successful as pioneers, explorers, opening ups, development of lands and mines of all kind.

Cancer Zodiac Sign Marriage, Union, and Partnership

  • They will find their most harmonious relationship with the person born under their own sign of cancer June 21 to July 20, October 21 to November 20 (Scorpio), February 19 to March 20 (Pisces), and in 7 days of the cusp at the beginning and ending of each of these signs.
  • A person born in the month of the year exact opposite to their birth October 21 to November 21 + 7 days of cusp are also fortunate for them.

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