11 Ways, To Consume Choona / Chuna in different diseases

Choona: 70 Health benefits of Choona

Choona also called Chuna in the Hindi language. In English, it is called Lime powder. Choona powder has huge benefits in various diseases. But before consuming Choona it is a must to know the best way to eat chuna.


The Best Way to Eat Chuna

Chuna must be consumed not more than the size of wheat. It is highly injurious for health if it is consumed in greater in the size of wheat.

Moreover, in different diseases, Chuna must be consumed differently. Detailed discussion is given here for the information only.

Keep in mind that Chuna is not a substitute for medicine hence, consume it after discussing with an expert.


Benefits of Choona with lukewarm water


primal urges

Benefits of Choona with Sugarcane juice

  • Consume it with the juice of sugarcane to cure jaundice, male impotence, and female infertility.
  • Choona with Sugarcane juice is good to prevent blood from coming from the nose (Hindi: Nakseer).
  • Consume it with Sugarcane juice to prevent loss of appetite.  In all these problems it works well with sugarcane juice.
  • If sugarcane juice is not available consume it with any other liquid eatables such as vegetables, curd, lukewarm water, fruit soups, and pulses.
Sugar Cane and Chuna
Sugarcane Juice

Choona with Pomegranate juice

  • Consume it with the juice of Pomegranate to cure anemia.
  • Consume it with the juice to improve the intelligence quotient of all the students.
  • It is also beneficial for children who are mentally weak.
  • It prevents abortions after pregnancy.
  • Consume it in the morning empty stomach with one cup of pomegranate juice to prevent abortions and improve the health of women and the child both during the nine months.
  • It gives iron and calcium both to pregnant women that are the most important component during pregnancy. Choona for pregnant women is very beneficial for both women and the child.
  • It gives easy and normal delivery without any operation.
  • Improve the intelligence level of the child.
  • It gives very good health to the child throughout life.

Benefits of Choona with pulses, vegetables, curd, etc.

  • Consume it with pulses, vegetables, curd, etc. to prevent all the diseases related to the menstruation cycle.
  • After the age of 50 consume it with pulses, vegetables, and any other lukewarm liquid eatables to prevent all the diseases which occur due to the clause of the disturbed menstruation cycle.
  • Consume it with curd to cure mouth source.

Benefits of Choona with Curd

  • Consume it to prevent acidity. Add one teaspoon jaggery powder (Hindi: Shakkar)  into one bowl curd. Add it equal to one wheat in quantity and mix it properly before consuming it.
  • If you are suffering from heat consume it with curd to get a cure from the heat.
  • Consume curd and Choona to prevent all the problems related to teeth.

Benefits of Choona with any liquid eatables

  • Consume it with any liquid eatable such as curd, fruit juice, orange juice, pomegranate juice, pulses, lukewarm water, etc. to improve the heights of your children. Give daily to them until 3 to 4 years to increase their heights, to improve their intelligence too.
  • If a child is mentally retarded give it to the child to improve intelligence in any liquid eatables.
  • Consume Choona to prevent your teeth from any sort of decay. It strengthens teeth.
  • It prevents general body weakness if it is consumed with pomegranate juice.


guheri in eyes

Benefits of Choona for Animals

It is the best medicine for infertility in cows and buffalo

  • Add it equal to 3 to 4 wheat grains in one bucket of water of cow and buffalo to improve the quality of milk and butter.
  • Choona not only improves the quality of milk but also improves the quantity of milk of cows and buffalo.
  • Give it to them daily after mixing it with their drinking water.
  • It also improves the fertility of cows and buffalo.


  • It is better to consume it before Sunset.
  • It gives the best result if it is consumed empty stomach or before lunchtime.
  • The best combinations of Choona with eatables in a particular disease are given above, however, you can add it in any other liquid eatable before consuming it.
  • Give a one-month break after consuming it for three months continuously to avoid its regular habit.
  • You can consume it to avoid all the problems mentioned here with any type of eatable given here alternatively also.


One Grain of Wheat
  • Never consume it more than the size of one wheat grain
  • Never consume it if you are suffering from the problem of stones
  • Avoid consuming it during the night or after Sunset.

Health care tips related to Choona are collected from the “Vagbhatt Sanhita” for information and suggestion only.


Lime Powder

This text is not to replace medical advice, therefore, consult a health consultant before considering Choona or lime powder as an alternative supplement.

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