Natural Cough Remedies

Cough Remedies

(Hindi: Jukam)

Cough and cold are common allergies occur due to weather change, dust, perfumes, food items and other factors. Sometimes are the symptoms of flue and fevers.

Natural Cough Symptoms

Common symptoms of cough and cold are as below:

  • Sneezing
  • Head ache
  • Fever
  • Water flows from eyes
  • Uneasiness
  • Sleeplessness
  • Nose stuffing

Natural Cough Causes

Main causes of cough and cold are allergies from various things such as:

  • Cold weather
  • Weather change
  • Dust
  • Asthma
  • Allergy from certain perfumes or any other things
  • Flue and viral fever
  • Sinusitis

Natural Cough Remedies

Cough and cold due to flue, asthma, viral etc. needs expert’s checkups and advises. Sometimes common cough and cold triggers severe disorders. It is better to treat the problem in the initial stage to prevent severe disorders. Some preventive measures can be followed to avoid cough and cold. If cough and cold are prevented regularly, it will not trigger severe troubles like sinusitis and asthma.

Cough and cold problems create irritation and make routine tasks difficult. If it is not cured, it can become sinusitis and bronchitis too. In some cases, cough and cold are the symptoms of some severe problems like sinusitis, throat pain and bronchitis etc. Homemade remedies to cure cough and cold are given here for the suggestion and information, collected from Vedas.

Coughing Remedy

1. and Honey to cure Cough & Cold

Grind and make a paste of 11 holy basil leaves. Add one teaspoon honey in the paste and consume it. Consume such paste three to four times in a day. Take it three to four days to cure cough and cold.

2. Natural Steam to cure Cough & Cold

Take steam minimum three times in a day. Take a steamer and add ginger peace in the water and take steam. Eucalyptus oil or Vicks are other options to take steam. Add small amount of Vicks or Eucalyptus oil in the water and take steam to get relief from cough and cold.


3. Natural Cough Remedies Garlic in Cough & Cold

Consume 2 to 3 buds of raw garlic with lukewarm water to cure cough and cold.


4. Mint, Holy basil, Black peeper and Raw salt in Cough & Cold:

Collect the following herbs and make a decoction. Give the decoction to the patient to cure cough and cold.

  • Black peeper: 6
  • Holy basil: 11 leaves
  • Raw salt: One tip
  • Mint: 11 leaves

5. Natural Cough Remedies Gooseberry and Honey in Cough & Cold

Consume one tea spoon gooseberry juice and honey to cure cough and cold.




ShahadHoney (Hindi: Shahad)


6.Natural Cough Remedies Small cardamom (Hindi: ellichi), Ginger, holy basil & clove in Cough & Cold

Collect the following herbs in the given quantity and make a decoction. Consume the decoction with jaggery to cure the cough and cold.

  • Small cardamom (ellichi): 4
  • Ginger: small size piece
  • Holy basil: 11 leaves
  • Clove (Hindi long): 8

 7. Natural Cough Remedies Radish seeds to cure Cough & Cold

Consume ¼ teaspoon radish seeds powder  with lukewarm water to cure cough  and cold.

Mooli beej

8. Natural Cough Remedies Cinnamon (Hindi: Dalcheeni) and Nutmeg (Hindi: Jaifal) in Cough & Cold

Grind cinnamon (dalcheeni) and Nutmeg (jaifal) in equal quantity and make powder. Consume ½ teaspoon powder twice a day to cure cough and cold.

9. Natural Cough Remedies Dry ginger powder in Cough & Cold

Consume ½ teaspoon dry ginger powder with cow milk twice a day to cure cough and cold.

10. Natural Cough Remedies Jalebi and Milk

Boil 100 grams jalebi in a glass of cow milk and drink the milk before sleeping to cure cough and cold.


11. Natural Cough Remedies Turmeric and ajowan (Hindi: ajvain) in Common cold

Make a decoction of one teaspoon turmeric and ½ teaspoon ajvain. Consume the decoction after adding some jaggery to cure cough and cold.

12. Natural Cough Remedies Date and cow milk in Common cold

Add 100 grams dates in a glass of goat milk and boil the milk. Consume dates and milk to cure cough and cold.

13.Natural Cough Remedies Onion in Common cold

Consume raw onion to stop flowing nose and cure cough and cold.

14. Natural Cough Remedies Ginger juice and Honey

Consume one teaspoon ginger juice and honey to cure cough and cold.

15. Natural Cough Remedies Turmeric Powder, black pepper and Cow milk

Add ½ teaspoon turmeric and black pepper powder in cow milk and drink the milk to cure cough and cold.

16. Natural Cough Remedies Mustard oil

Mustard oil is good to cure cough and cold in addition to various other diseases. Touch your finger in mustard oil and apply the oil in your nostrils to prevent cough and  cold.

17. Natural Cough Remedies Breathing Swar in Common cold

Disturbance in breathing pattern generates diseases in the body. Always, practice to follow the right breathing order to avoid diseases. is linked to the sun and generates warmness in the body. Try to flow right swar maximum during cough and cold to cure it fast.

What is alternate breathing

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