Herb – Giloy, Amla Powder, Harsingar, Sindoor, etc.

Ajvain Herb

English Name: Trachyspermum ammi herb

Hindi Name: Ajvain herb

Uses: Take Ajvain10 gram, Trifala 10 gram and raw salt 10, grind all and make mixture. Before sleeping take 5 gram of mixture with one glass of lukewarm water to cure constipation.

Ajwain HERB

Amla or Avla Herb

English name: Gooseberry Herb

Hindi Name: Amla or Avla Herb


Amla is used in cooking. Various recipes are there to cook Amla. Powder of avla can be used to care hair. Additionally, amal can be preserved to make its murabba, which is good to cure constipation.



Arandi Herb

English Name: Castrol Herb

Botanical Name: Ricinus communis Herb

Rank: Species

Higher classification: Ricinus

Castorbean or castor-oil-plant, is a species of flowering plant in the spurge family, Euphorbiaceae.

It is the only species in the monotypic genus, Ricinus, and subtribe, Ricininae.

 Uses: Its seeds are used to make oil which is good to cure various diseases.

Mix Castrol (Hindi: arandi) oil in milk and drink the milk before going to sleep to get the relief from constipation.



Bel or Bale Herb

English Name: Wood apple herb

Botanical Name: Limonia acidissima.

Hindi Name: Bel or Bale


Bel is an herb. Bel is beneficial to cure constipation. It can be used directly or make its squash and drink it.

Don’t mix cold water or ice cubes while making the bale squash as it increase uric acid and give pains in the joints.

Bale fruit with a little amount of fennel (Hindi: sounf), is a good remedy to cure constipation.



Black Pepper Herb

English name: Black Pepper herb

Hindi Name: Kali Mirch

Uses: Black pepper not only improves the taste, but it is also good for improving digestion and eye sight.

Imageblack pepper


Ginger (Dry) Herb

English name: Ginger herb

Hindi Name: Sonth

Uses: It is very useful herb. Ginger is used in cooking. It cures cough and cold if used with honey.


Harsingar Herb

English Name: Night Jesmine Herb

Botanical Name: Nyctanthes arbor-tristis

Hindi Name: Harsingar and Parijata


Harsingar, Harshringar or Parjata is a divine tree used in worship of the lord Krishna. This is a very common herb and it has various medicinal uses. Its green 10 to 12 leaves are used to make decoction (tea) to cure various diseases such as:

  1. Arthritis
  2. Diabetes
  3. Diaria
  4. Malaria Fever, chronic fever or Dengue
  5. Sciatica
  6. Back ache
  7. Knee pain
  8. Parasitic inflation
  9. Cough and cold


haar singar 1

Isabgol herb

English Name: psyllium husk herb

Hindi Name: Isabgol

Uses: Isabgol is good to remove constipation for ever and give good digestion. In the night one tea spoon full isabgol with lukewarm water or milk should be drink to cure Constipation.



Paneer Ka Phool Herb

English Name: Rennet herb

Botanical Name: Withania Coaglulans

Hindi Name: Paneer ka phool and Paneer Doda

Uses: Paneer ka phool is used to cure diabetes.

“Paneer ka fool” is a flower and a very useful herb in lowering down sugar level without any side effect. A lady age 50 is taking the herb from last ten years, and now she is healthy and fit.

7 to 8 “paneer ke fools” need to be dipped in a bowl filled with water during the night before going to sleep.

Squeeze and filter it in the morning and have the water. “Paneer ke fools” are easily available in the shops, keeping herbs and very cheap in cost


paneer fool


Peepeli Herb

Its meaning is to drink and digest.English name: Indian long peeperUses: Peepeli is “tridosha Nashak” means it cures all the diseases associated with cough, cold, acidify and air.

Image  peeplipeepli herb


Rai Herb

Botanical name Brassica alba, Brassica nigra herb
English Names:  Black mustard seed or Brown mustard seed
Hindi – Rai or Lal sarsu
Gujarati – Rai
Punjabi – Rai
Uses:It is used in cooking. Its tea is useful to cure cough and cold.





Sindoor herb

English Name: Vermillion herb

Hindi Name: Sindoor


Sindoor is used by girls after marriage. In some communities sindoor is the symbol of marriage.





Sonf or Saunf Herb

Meaning in English: Fennel, Ani seed or Anise

Meaning in Hindi: Sonf

Uses: Used in Eatables

Vegetables Cooking

Sonf powder is used with fruits



Tinospora Herb

Hindi Name: Giloy herb

Sanskrit: Guduchi

Scientific Name Tinospora Cordifolia

Plant Family: Menispermaceae

Uses: Tinospora is very useful in any type of fever from ordinary fever to dengue to increase platelets. It improves the body immunity system too.


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