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Love has Energy

“Love empowers .” is the strongest medicine of all kinds of and sufferings. It makes no difference whether the pain is new or old. Every wound, mental or physical starts to recover fast with the sweetest feeling and divine touch of love and care.

A doctor said “I have been practicing medicine line for last 30 years and I have prescribed so many things, but in the long run I have learned a lesson that the best medicine in the world for the human creature is “LOVE & CARE ONLY” Someone asked if it doesn’t work? He smiled and answered:



  1. Love Quotes

“Your Hi is as big as the for me.”

Your Hi is as big as the sky.

The sunset sleeps me, ensuring your Hi,

The moonbeam dreams me about your Hi,

The sunrise ensures me to greet your Hi,

I wait each moment till not receive your Hi,

Your Hi is as big as the sky.

Sunlight claps the sky seeing your Hi,

Raindrops kiss the with your Hi,

Heart skips a beat, feeling your Hi,

Smile shies, greeting your Hi.

Your Hi is as big as the sky.

Day waits next day to greet your Hi,

May I know who says me Hi?

Tell me your name with your Hi,

May I see you with your Hi?

Your Hi is as big as the sky.

– Mamta Rajshree

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2. Love Quotes

“Love is a cure of deepest gash.”

“Friends’ love is the strongest love,

Love is a cure of deepest gash.

Sweetest love is lover’s love,

but if breaks gives a cut.

Holiest love is God’s love,

If you get, raise the luck.

Longest love is mother’s love,

Shortest love is others love.

“Love is a cure of deepest gash”

-Mamta Rajshree

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3. Love Quotes

“Life without love becomes dry,

Life with love gives a cry.

Don’t afraid give a try,

Let’s we begin with a sweet ‘Hi’.

Life without love becomes dry.”

-Mamta Rajshree

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4. Love Quotes

I look into your eyes and view the rest of my life before my eyes.”

-Mamta Rajshree

vedic quotes on love

5. Love Quotes

“Love is a big battle, easy to start, but tough to stop.”

-Mamta Rajshree

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6. Love Quotes

“I have found the ONE whom my SOUL LOVES…”

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7. Love Quotes

“True love never dies, it only gets stronger with time.”

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8. Love Quotes

“I Love Being Loved by You.”

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9. Love Quotes

I love you more than words can define, feelings can express and thoughts can imagine.”

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10. Love Quotes

“Being in your sight feels like home…no matter where it is ?”

vedic quotes on love


So, stay blessed, loved and be enlightened

With love, light, and peace