Dream of Keys – Spiritual Meaning of Keys in Dream

Dream of Keys – Spiritual Meaning of Keys in Dream

Seeing keys in dream is an auspicious dream. Key symbolizes wealth, money and precious things that are kept secretly in a secure place. Sometimes in some cultures people keep silver keys in a locker to stay healthy and wealthy.

However, if key feel stress along with seeing a key in a dream, it means bad luck. Hence, whether the dream of key is good or bad it all depends what else you see along with the key.

Also your emotion during the dreams is also helpful in dream interpretation. Some common dreams related to keys are discussed here-


Dream of one key

Dream of key is good. It means you got the key of success. You should not give up, but do your best to get success in life. The dream says that you have the solution in your hand the need is to explore more and find the solution.


key in dream

Dream of two keys

Seeing two keys in a dream is an auspicious dream. It means getting a good news from your near and dear.

Dreams of many keys together

Seeing group of keys together is a good dream. It means you will get success in your work. You success is sure and very close to you.

It also indicates that be in group to make your life easy and be successful in life.


Dream of seeing searching keys

Searching keys in dream means searching solution of a problem. You want to release your stress due to which you are feeling unrest from last few days.


Making key in dream

If you make a key in your dream it means you are quite independent and intelligent person. You can solve any kind of problem. If you are suffering some issues in your work, the dreams messages you to work hard, use your brain and solve all the issues of your family and work place.


Making duplicate key in dream

It is a fortunate sign for health, wealth and all the things that you wish to enjoy.  You will get all what you wish. You are an intelligent person so work hard, remove all the obstacles and enjoy the success.


Finding a key in dream

Finding key or keys is an auspicious dream. It means soon you will solve all your issues and you will get what you wish in your life such as health, wealth, peace and prosperity. Now you have keys of your happiness you will get prosperity and happiness all around in your life.


Key is stolen in dream

If key is stolen in dream it means loss of money, health and wealth. It is an indication of troubles and miseries from your life.


key in dream

Throwing key in dream

Seeing that you are throwing key in your dream indicates something negative in your life. You may have loss in your business. It means that you are yourself harming you. You are involved in such types of activities that may harm you in the coming time.

The dream also means that what you did is wrong and due to this you may have to face a big loss. So, if you see this dream pray to Goddess Durga and asked Goddess to give you direction. You may read “Siddhkunjika Strotram” to solve all the problems.


Seeing a locker’s key in dream

Seeing locker key in a dream is a warning dream, the dream messages you that don’t be extravagant use money consciously. Don’t waste money and save the money for future purpose.

Losing key in dream

Losing key in a dream is not a good sign. You may have some physical problem or loss of money, etc. if such kind of dream come to you.


Breaking down key in dream

Breaking down key in a dream is not a good dream. It has several meanings according to your life and environment. You may have to face obstacles in life. You may be fall ill or your loved ones may fall ill. You money may be stolen by someone, etc.


Stealing key in dream

Dream about stealing money is a good dream. It means you may get good news from your near and dear. You may have huge profit in your business. You may have promotions, etc.


Giving key in dream

If you give key in dreams it means you may have to take loan from a bank. You may have to borrow money from a person, etc. Now you have pay all the debts you borrowed and all it create a burden on you. You may be under stress.

To reduce all the stress purchase a lock and key. Don’t allow shop keeper to check the lock. Take the lock and key without testing it and keep the lock and key into a Lord Shiva temple. When the care taker of the temple open the lock with the key, your problems shell be solved immediately.


Asking key in dream

If you ask for key from a person in a dream, and the person give the key to you, it means all your wishes come true. In the near future you will get all that you wish. The dream is good for health, wealth and prosperity.


Opening door with a wrong key

Opining door with a wrong key means getting money from a wrong ways. Initially you will happy, but in the future you have to face troubles.


Seeing a iron key in dream

Seeing a iron key in a dream means blessing of Lord Saturn. You will get wealth in the future through your hard work and honesty. But if you follow some wrong path you will face trouble.


Seeing a silver key in dream

Seeing a silver key is an auspicious dream. It means you will get fame and prosperity both in the near future.


Seeing a gold key in dream

This is a rare dream. It means blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber both. You will get money a lot. But always follow the path of truth and honesty. Otherwise you may again fall under the poverty.


Seeing a hanging key in dream

Seeing a hanging key in a dream is a warning dream. The dream alerts you and message you that never put a key before the eyes of public. Always keep a key in a hidden place. The dream says that you will earn money definitely but other people will enjoy your money.


Inserting key in a lock in your dream

If you insert a key in a lock and trying to open the door, it means success is very close to you but you have to take right decision to get the key of success. Also, it is an indication that you have to work hard to get success in life.


Opening door with key in dream

If you open door with a key in your dream, it means good time ahead. It indicates solution of all your problems in which you was struggling from past days.

If you open a door with key, but you see dark room, loneliness and feel fear it means you are under the control of negative energies. Now you should work to remove the negative energies from your house to be successful in your work.