Dreaming Dog Meaning

Dreaming Dog

Interpretation of is a very subjective phenomenon. Interpretation of needs the understanding of philosophy of the dreamer in addition to his nature, events, thoughts and perspective about the object seen in the dream, etc., because the meaning of an object seen in the dream may have different meanings for different people as according to the factors given above. For instance, if a person who loves dogs very much and keeps dogs as pets and if he sees a dog in his dream. This dream has a different meaning from the dream of a person who dislikes dog and never likes to have a pet as a dog. Therefore, it is totally subjective art. In this text, some common meanings of dreams of dog are given.

What does it mean when you dream a dog?

  1. Dreaming a dog weeping

Dreaming a weeping dog indicates an inauspicious omen. It means you are going to hear a bad news in the coming future.

  1. Dreaming a dog

Dreaming a dog which is simply standing or sitting indicates meeting with a close friend in the near future.

  1. Dreaming a dog as bites you

It indicates fear from enemies. Enemies may harm you in the near future. These enemies may be your friends or relatives.

  1. Dreaming a black color dog

This is an auspicious dream. Black dog symbolizes “Bharav Baba” a divine entity. It indicates receiving good news in the near future. The black dog also indicates that you are going to get new friends. Dreaming a black dog sometimes indicates hidden enemies too. All this depend on the emotional circumstances of the dreamer.

  1. Dreaming dog barks at you

It is a warning dream. It indicates obstacle in the ongoing work. It also indicates losses in business or work.

  1. Dreaming a dog food

It is an auspicious dream. It indicates that you will get huge wealth in the near future.

  1. Dreaming a dog chasing you

Chasing by a dog indicates alerts. The dream alerts you to be careful in your life and life activities. You need more efforts and insight towards your decision making. Watch your behavior and work carefully. You are under watch. It is a warning dream and it needs to check and correct you.

  1. Dreaming two dogs meeting together

It indicates your meeting with your loved one in the near future.

  1. Dreaming a dog attacks you

It is also a warning dream. It indicates you that you need to be alert from your friends and colleagues.

  1. Dreaming a dog running

It indicates that you will get the fruits of your all efforts very soon.

  1. Dreaming a white dog

It is an auspicious dream. It means you will get the company of good friends. You also get the support of your friends in your work in hand. Dreaming a white dog is a symbol of success in life.

  1. Dreaming a Bulldog

It is a good dream it indicates progress in life as well as in business.

  1. Dreaming a Skinny dog

It indicates problems in the family particularly related to children and diseases.

  1. Dreaming a mad dog

Dreaming a mad dog is a warning dream. It indicates that someone who is your very close may harm you in the near future.

  1. Dreaming dogfight

It indicates that you may feel ashamed in the near future. It is a warning dream. Be alert watch your present activities and correct them.

  1. Dreaming dog chasing another dog

It is a good dream. It indicates happiness in life and all around.