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Gemini controls the month of June. begins from the May 21, but for 7 days being overlapped by the previous sign: Taurus does not come into its full power until about May 28. From May 28 it remains in its full strength until June 20. It is then for 7 days it gradually losing its power due to becoming overlapped by the incoming sigh Cancer.

People under this sign means from May 21 to June 19 and in the cusp to June 27 are endowed with the characteristics of Gemini – the twins and may be considered dual in characteristics and mentality.

Gemini traits

  1. These people are most difficult to understand among all the signs of zodiac system.
  2. They are brilliant with a subtle characteristic of the brain and also versatile in personality traits.
  3. They are mentally quick and rapid in thought and in matters where the sharp is needed they can out-distance all rivals.
  4. They are very charming in the society and if their mood is good they are the most delightful person to meet. But one must not expect deep relationships with them and also must not expect them to keep their promises or plans unless it suits their purpose to do so.
  5. In their heart and mind, they feel they are a very faithful person and sometimes they are found so but they have a very different existence at the different time.
  6. They have a very sharp mind and quickly grasp everything.
  7. If they stick on their will power they can be successful in any project they undertake.
  8. Some of the types of people born under these vibrations succeed best in money matters, stock exchange, company promoters, exploiting inventions and new ideas in business, diplomatic negations, taking interviews, traveling and making charming to strangers.
  9. They generally become idolized by those under them.
  10. In the matter of and affection, they are the greatest puzzle. They love passionately and at the same, they are unfaithful to their partner.
  11. They are highly restless and fond of traveling. They love speed and movement.
  12. There is a great up and down in their , but it has not much impact on them. If they are depressed at a time immediately they are happy too.
  13. They change their outlook on life many times during their career. They change their position of responsibility at the very moment of success just because of it fails to hold their interest.
  14. People under the sign of Gemini governed by a variety of interest and go to any extreme to break the monotony or routine life.
  15. They are very intelligent and have a good reasoning ability, the mental inertia is so strong that it flows in several directions at the same time.
  16. People born in the sign seldom get much satisfaction from the task they accomplished. They generally have the tendency to criticize the task after successful accomplishment of the task. They usually follow two professions one for the public and another for their satisfaction.
  17. They ingenious, energetic, and inventive, but they should cultivate persistence in their work. If they concentrate in their endeavor they always successful in all the work they undertake.

Gemini Zodiac Sign Finance

  • Mercury is a planet of mind it all depends upon in which direction the intellect is stimulated. Interest may be inclined to intellectual aspects such as science, art, literature, music, or similar studies.
  • If mind runs in the direction of accumulating the material things such as money, interest to collect the money and selecting the work in which money can be made easily.
  • The difficult aspect of the sign is that person never satisfied with the money or the success they made.
  • If the mind runs in the more intellectual side, the person will be inclined to exhaust their energies and so bring on some form of a nervous breakdown that may impact the whole life of the person and the result is the uncertainty of finance.

Gemini Zodiac Sign Health

  • A person born under the sign of Gemini has an effect on “mind over matter “and they are not very strong physically and usually suffer from the diseases related to nervous system. If they are happy and successful in life they may prevent the attack of a disease otherwise inclined to the trouble of nervous breakdown.
  • These people are like batteries and need recharge time to time. Therefore they should take proper sleep and rest.
  • They have a tendency of following nervous disorders: Stammering of speech, in some cases catalepsy.
  • They have delicate lungs and therefore many chances of pneumonia.
  • They are prone to scurvy, eczema, and blood disorders.

Gemini Zodiac Sign Health Marriage, Union, and Partnerships

  • Partnership, marriage, and union are rarely a success with the people born in June under the sign of Gemini.
  • A person born under the Gemini find the most magnetic attraction with the people born in the same sign Gemini May 21 to June 20, September 21 to October 20, January 21 to February 19, and in the 7 days of the cusp at the beginning or end of the each of these time periods.
  • These people also attracted to the people born in the month of the year that is exact to opposite to their own sign of Gemini or November 21 to December 28.

[Reference: Cheiro]

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