7 Spiritual Causes of Diseases

7 Spiritual Causes of Diseases – Most of the diseases that we face throughout life have spiritual causes in their roots.  In fact, Joe and woe are parts of life.

When difficulties come in our life we try to solve them with the help of doctors, family members, and friends.

Sometimes we take medicines and sometimes apply other approaches as the circumstances allow us. But despite all the efforts, many of us find that some of the difficulties do not go away, no matter how much hard we effort.

Research says that up to 85% of the difficulties that we suffer in our life have their root causes in a spiritual dimension.

Anything that is related to spirit is spiritual. Spirituality is a science of spirit.


Spiritual Difficulties Examples

These problems can be of any type including mental disorders, physical diseases, poverty, joblessness, repeated accidents, injuries, family quarrels, or much more. All such problems have their root in past lives.

Due to the wrongdoings in the past one is bound to face them willingly or unwillingly.  Keep in mind if you hurt someone you must be wounded by the same one at some future time whether in the same life or in some future life, says nature’s law of balance.

If you deprived someone with his/her money you become indebted to the same one and you have to pay back all the money in the next life doesn’t matter you wish to pay back or not.

Action leads to debt and debt leads to action and make the life cycle continue


Spiritual Causes of Diseases

As You Sow So Shall You Reap, says the law of karma. The law works throughout the life of all of us. Either action or thought never deleted forever only change the form and transforms into energy.

This energy remains stored in the energy centers and surface when their time comes.

Its proof is also depicted in the astrological charts which forecast the time period of the particular event going to begin and end in the forthcoming life.

What we are facing now all are the fruits of our past actions. All this energy remains tied to the life force. When you leave the physical body it transmits into the new body in the next life.

This process remains to continue from one life to another life infinitely.


1. Destiny and Karma

Destiny is programmed by God, but not a God-given force, it is you who made your destiny, therefore only you can change it by your right karma.

To rectify past mistakes and their impact it is essential to diagnose the problem and the root cause of the problem and work in the right direction. Most of the time situations or circumstances itself take away back from what you are already indebted.

But sometimes nature wishes to give you lessons and make learned to you by giving pains and difficulties. Some of the types of problems are discussed here that need special attention for complete eradication and soul learning.


2. Ancestral Problems ( How to get rid of Ghost? )

Ancestral problems are related to the departed souls of family members. Ancestral souls sometimes become the cause of difficulties in the family.

Poverty, miscarriage, childlessness, quarrels among the family members, repeated accidents, and many more problems may occur due to the distressed spirits those passed away and suffering in hell.

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Not only this, but sometimes people suffer from anxiety, stress, and depressions too much and their lives become hell.

These ancestral spirits disturb the target person so badly that the person cannot perform the routine task properly.

These spirits remain tied with the energy body and carry forward to the next lives one after another until not separated from the person by the enlightened expert lightworker or “Siddha Purush”.

Such types of troubles are depicted by astrological charts by “Pitra Dosha”, Kal Sarp Yoga, and Guru Chandal Yoga, etc.

True story: One lady age 85 is suffering from such a problem from the last 65 years due to the departed soul of an elder brother of her husband.


3. Spirit or Ghost Problem ( How to get rid of Ghost ? )

Spirits Other than the ancestral spirits may also the reason for such problems.

These spirits are generally those who died due to road accidents or other miss happenings. Such spirits attack the new brides, pregnant ladies, children, and a weak person.

Sometimes these spirits may be the enemies of the person from past life also and after death, the spirit starts to harm the person who alive.

In order to take revenge, such spirits disturb the person and make their life hell.


4. Black Magic

Black magicians used black magic for the purpose of lust, money, fame, and to show their power, etc. These people generally take the help of dead spirits in order to control the people.

These spirits never leave their victims and harm the victims throughout life and the afterlife too until an enlightened expert Siddha departs the spirit from the person.


5. Past life Curses

Past life curse is another reason for such life traumas due to which a person has to suffer throughout life. If anyone hurt his divine guru in any past life such a person has to suffer from various life problems like joblessness, poverty, family quarrels, etc.

The person who tortured his wife in any past life has to suffer from widowhood and same a lady who hurt her husband has to suffer from due to her husband etc.

If a noble soul is harmed in any way by any person, the person has to suffer resulted fruits of his or her curse in life until the whole energy deposited in the energy centers due to past wrong actions come out.


6. Past life sins

Past life sins are the major root cause of all the sufferings. To overcome all such problems do only the best and the best will comes to you.


7. Disregards parents

You have to face suffering in many ways if you had disregarded your parents in the present or past life.


Spiritual Causes of Diseases and Remedies for Spiritual Diseases

The person suffering from such problems needs to apply remedial practices in accordance with the severity of the spiritual root. Some minor day to day routine problems appearing in the life are removed with the following practices:

  • Daily visit the temple and offering water to Lord Shiva
  • Doing prayers
  • Noble and pious attitude and behavior with elder people in the family
  • Noble and pious behaviors with fellow beings
  • Caring animals
  • Caring saints and gurus
  • Chanting daily mantras like Gayatri mantra, Om Namah Shiva, and Shri Ram name
  • Caring parents and ancestors
  • Be king for others
  • Do the best and the best will comes to you

Special attention is needed if the problem is severe and notables such as a person suffering from ancestral spirits or other street spirits or ghosts etc.

Such a problem can’t be solved with the daily routine noble tasks, but require a proper enlightened Siddha Gurus who follow Japs, havans, fasts, and other serious practices to eradicate and calm such type of spirits.

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