Satans quotes

Why would God create the Devil(Satan) knowing that he was going to revolt since God is omnipotent?

God, Devas (Angels), and Devils (Satan)

God is an omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, and eternal cosmic soul. Other than angels (Devas), there are various energies derived from cosmic energy.

Some of the derived energies work in the support of nature and some work against nature.

The energies work in support of nature are called Devas or angels and those who work against nature are called Devils or Satan.


Why would God create the Devil(Satan)?

We are a microcosm and God is the macrocosm. We all have good and evil inside of us.

We love both energies. Evil energies not only harm others but harm us too.  Rage, greed, attachment, lust, and conceit are examples of evil energies.

Love, care, kindness, respect, sacrifice, and devotion are good energies. Alike we, God cares his both the energies whether they are good or evil.

This is why both are blessed by God without any discrimination or bias.

God or nature has certain laws such as the law of balance, law of attachment, the law of identity and the law of action (karma).

All these laws are not only followed by the human being but are followed by Devas and Devils too.

There are various Incidents in our Vedas and literature that show the sufferings of  God and Goddesses just because of their actions and curses of saints.

Human being gives birth to the children. Sometimes children rebel against the parents.

Children disrespect parents, take away their money and other valuables. Sometimes children leave their parents in old homes too. But even then all we give birth to children.

 Not only this, but we also love and care for our children. Despite rebel and disrespect from children, nobody stops to give birth to children. Nobody stops to love and care for children.

The same concept applies to Mother Nature. All energies whether good or evil derive from and dissolve in cosmic energy. Throughout the infinity, all the energies rest in the cosmic energy.


Law of balance


Satans quotes


The value of a good is only due to the presence of evil. The truth is valued because of the falsehood.

We worship just because to destroy the evil or devils. Love is credited because of the feeling of hate.

This is the law of balance, which works everywhere always behind every object of the universe.

The whole universe is a playground of both good and evil. This is the beauty of life and nature too.


Law of action

God glory is in all and everywhere. This is the reason, why everyone is blessed by God. There is a straight way one to one relationship between action and the fruit.

All do their jobs and get the fruits whether Devil, Deva, or human being. Not only this, one is credited only as much fruit as did the job.

The quantity and the quality both are decided by the action did. There is no favoritism at all in the kingdom of God.


Satans quotes


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