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Aura Healing

Self Healing by improving your aura

Our is our spiritual signature saying truly who we are. The totality of “who we are” is broadcasted to the world in the form of aura radiated around us.

There is nothing Paranormal in the COSMOS except our limited knowledge. The main obstacle to unfold the mystery and to know the truth is that we accept only what we already acquainted with and reject what we cannot think or imagine because of our ignorance. Here is a small drop of truth related to and in the ocean of the knowledge.

Aura Healing Energy

“Aura is a field of subtle, glowing radiations around us and extending outward from our . Aura is associated to electromagnetic field of the body and is a perfect measure of the internal state of the body including physical, mental and spiritual states.”

Everything in the Universe is just a vibration. Every atom, electron, every elementary tiny particle, even our thoughts, feelings, love, respect, devotion, prayer and consciousness are just vibrations. Therefore, we may define the Aura as an electro-photonic vibration response of an object to an outer stimulus. The most important feature of the Aura is that it comprises of information about the object.

Aura around the living conscious objects like human, animals, plants, trees changes with time while aura around non living things like stones, crystals, and other objects is fixed, but it can be altered by our conscious intention, says Vedas.

Aura Colors around the Human Being

Aura around the human being is the reflection of huge information that the person possessed like thought process, anger, lust, greed, attachment, love, affection, truth, lies, devotion, mental state, emotional states, diseases, stress, anxiety, etc. Aura is a direct reflection of the thoughts process present at a particular time in the mind and heart of the human being. More or less everyone is capable of feeling aura. Feeling of aura is quite simple however seeing an aura is not too easy it needs a true and pure heart and mind in addition to a lot of practice.

There are 7 energy centers of different colors in the energy body. Everything what we think and act is recorded in the energy centers and reflected via energy body in the form of Aura. Every record of thought and action of past and present life can be obtained from the energy repository stored in the energy centers and reflected via aura by an expert spiritual master.

Feeling aura is quite simple. Everyone has experienced aura more or less knowingly or knowingly. Aura is a powerful protective sheath around the human body that can’t be penetrated easily by the external stimulus like spirits, ghosts, diseases etc., except in the conditions when we are weak in some way.

At one time or another all you have sensed aura. Aura is also referred as vibes. Sometimes you visit a place and feel uneasy and drop the idea to stay there more. Similarly, the presence of someone is not accepted sometimes.Visiting someone to your home is disliked by you. Shaking hand with someone is not felt pleasing. Talking someone gives bad feelings without any unhealthy conversation. This is all the examples of feeling aura. Conversely, we like some places very much. Parks, gardens, forest, trees generally liked due to improved aura.

We can improve the beauty and strength of our auras by replacing our thoughts of negativity, anger, greed, lust, revenge, etc. with the thought of love, compassion and forgiveness in order to heal our hidden pains reflected in the form of various emotional and physical diseases.

Exchange of energy affects the Aura colors

  1. Attracting opposite gender involve transference of particular amount of energy.
  2. Sexual interaction involves the exchange of energy. The person possessing negative energy consumes the positive (divine energy) energy of his partner who possessed positive or spiritual energy. The person possessing spiritual energy consumes the negative energy of his partner and destroys the negative energy. But all this is occurred under the guidance of divine law for instance in the case of marriage.
  3. Shaking hands with spiritually advanced people causes depletion of energy of spiritually advanced people and improving the energy of less spiritually advance people.
  4. Blessings given to a devotee involves transference of energy from divine personality to devotee.
  5. Same blessings, the touching toe of spiritually advanced saint involves transference of divine energy from spiritual master to less spiritually advance people.
  6. Energy from spiritually advanced saint transfer to less spiritually advanced person during the hugging also.

Causes of Poor Aura

  1. Cursing to a person reduces the energy of both the person who curse and another who is cursed.
  2. Abusing reduces the energy of the doer.
  3. Greed, lust, anger, depression, stress all such emotions reduce the energy of its doer.
  4. Feeling of hatred and revenge continuously depletes the energy and makes its doer weak.
  5. Unhealthy food reduces health and as a result energy body also depletes.
  6. Diseases whether mental or physical deplete the aura.
  7. Long lasting stress, anxiety and sorrows reduce the energy.
  8. Speaking too much is also a cause of loss of energy and depletes the aura of the speaker.
  9. Criticizing a person causes depletion of aura of the person who criticizes and also criticizer magnetizes some amount of features of the person concerned. At the same time, the person who is criticized gets his aura improved due to reduce of the negative energy which is transferred to the person who involved in the criticizing. Therefore, an Indian saint said:

“Nindak niyare rakhiye aangan kuti chhawaye;
Bin sabun pani bina nirmal karat subhaye.”

  1. Thinking someone establish a link between the two persons. Praising someone improves the aura of the person who praises and criticizing someone reduce the aura of the person who criticizes.
  2. Using the swimming pools which are often used publically is not good in order to make your aura healthy.
  3. Unhealthy literature and thoughts diminish the aura.

Healing Aura

Positive and strong Aura makes the body strong. Following ways can be adopted to make the aura stronger in order to heal the body.

  1. Mantras chanted silently for sacred purpose improves the aura.
  2. Purification of mind and heart particularly freeing mind and heart  from lust, greed, egoism and anger, etc. enhance the aura.
  3. Worshiping and praying God enhance the aura.
  4. Serving people, animal, and other life form unconditionally helps in improving the aura.
  5. Giving healings to needy one helps in enhancing aura.
  6. Praying unconditionally for a person suffering in pains helps enhancing the aura.
  7. Some places like houses, temples, caves, and other places where worship in any form like “yagyas”, havans are carried out for sacred purpose only, improve the aura of the person who visits there and takes parts in the worship.
  8. Caring plants and trees improves the aura this why, gardeners have improved aura as compare to other persons.
  9. Serving cows improve the aura.
  10. Taking satvik foods improves the aura.
  11. Keeping pure thoughts in mind improves the aura.
  12. Some of the places have magnetic value higher than other public places such as Yoga centers, pyramids, caves and huts of Sanyasy and forests. Staying there even for a short time improves the aura.

Healthy and improved aura keeps a physical body fit and strong and makes the person free from physical and emotional impurities. It gives fast recovery from all the diseases and injuries too.

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