Health Benefits of Chuna

Health Benefits of Chuna

Health Benefits of Chuna – Chuna is also called Choona in Ayurveda. Chuna powder in English is lime powder. According to Ayurveda, it has huge health benefits. Some Chuna health benefits are mentioned below for information and suggestion.

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Chuna in Ayurveda

Chuna, which is used in betel leaves (Hindi: Paan), has amazing benefits for health including physical and mental disorders.

In this e-Book, various uses of chuna are discussed for information and suggestion. All the information is collected from Vedas. You can purchase the best quality of lime powder from online stores also as discussed below:

Health benefits of Chuna in the following diseases:

    1. Arthritis
    2. Joint pain
    3. Knee pain
    4. Backache
    5. Bone fractures
    6. Toothache
    7. Cervical
    8. Sciatica
    9. Male impotence
    10. Female fertility deficiency
    11. Jaundice
    12. Improve memory
    13. To increase height
    14. Skin Problems
    15. Weight loss
    16. Benefits in Mental retardation & much more


It is beneficial in all the disorders related to bones, memory, pregnancy, impotency, and much more.

It is a big and best source of calcium carbonate. People who consume it daily with gulkand (Gulkand or gulcand is a sweet preserve of rose petals used in Indian sub-continent), Cardamom (elaichi), areca nut or supari (seed of the areca palm), etc. with betel leaves; remain free from all the diseases mentioned above.

In this e-Book variety of uses of Chuna are given for information only.

It has various applications and it cures a number of diseases.

English Name:                                                 Lime powder or pickling lime

Hindi Name:                                                     Chuna

Botanical Name:                                              Calcium Carbonate

How to store it:                                                Keep it in a cool place

How to buy it:                                                  It can be purchased from any shop, keeping the betel leaves.

How to eat chuna for calcium


Consume chuna equal to the size of one wheat. Never consume it bigger than the size of one grain of wheat. One grain of wheat is more than enough to consume in any disease mentioned above.

Chuna in the size of one grain of wheat can be mixed in any of the following eatables or drinks and can be consumed in the morning an empty stomach:

  • Curd
  • Water
  • Pan with fennel seeds (Hindi: sounff), Cardamom(Hindi: elaiche), and rose petals jam (Hindi: gulkand). It is very tasty and gives good digestion too.
  • Pulses
  • Orange juice
  • Pomegranate juice and
  • Sugarcane Juice



      1. It is harmful if it is taken bigger than the size of one wheat grain.

  1. It is harmful to the person suffering from stones.


One Grain of Wheat

Some of the important benefits are as below:


To Improve Memory & Intelligence

It is useful for students. Students can consume chuna with curd, juice, pulses, or even water.

Consuming it with pomegranate juice is very beneficial for students. It not only improves intelligence but also gives strength to work hard in the study. It removes the deficiency of blood too.

Children who are mentally weak can also consume It with any eatable to remove the weakness.



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To remove Male Impotency

It can be used to get rid of male impotence. Male persons suffering from the deficiency of sperm can consume chuna powder with the sugarcane juice.

They should consume it daily to remove sperm deficiency. Within one to two years sperm will increase. Females who are suffering from the deficiency of eggs can also consume it with the sugarcane juice to remove the deficiency.


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Chuna in female problems

It is good to cure a number of problems of ladies related to the menstruation cycle. It cures all the problems related to female menopause, pregnancy, and menstruation disorders.

After the age of 50 females suffers from the difficulty of menopause and need more intake of calcium carbonate. It is good to cure all the difficulties of menopause.



To Prevent Troubles of Birth and Delivery

 A pregnant lady can intake Chuna with the pomegranate juice. It has several benefits for both child and a lady as discussed below:

The child will be very intelligent and healthy with a sharp IQ level, Delivery will be very comfortable and both child and mother will be free from any disease during the pregnancy and after the pregnancy.

Bone Diseases

Sciatica and cervical both are related disorders associated with bone and spinal cord. The disease is common in males and females both.

They should consume it with sugarcane juice or any other eatable like pulses, vegetables’ recipes, curd, etc.

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Benefits in Spinal Cord Arthritis, Knee Pain, and Sciatica

All the problems related to the spinal cord can be cured with this. Back pain, frozen shoulders, leg pains can be cured with Chuna. Consume it with pulses or fruit juices.



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Chuna in Bone Fracture

During the bones’ fracture body needs more calcium. It is a big and best source of calcium. During the bone fracture person should consume it with fruit juice to cure the fracture fast.


Chuna in removing Joint Pains

A person suffering from knee pain can take it with sugarcane juice, orange juice, or pomegranate juice.

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Foods need to be avoided in Arthritis

Chuna in bone weakness and pains

A person suffering from bone weakness and pain can take it with sugarcane juice, orange juice, or pomegranate juice.


Chuna to Increase Height

Add it equal to the size of wheat in curd or pulses to increase the height of children.


To Remove Tooth Ache

It prevents teeth from all the diseases and makes teeth strong. If a person is suffering from a toothache can consume it in any food or drink. The patient can consume it with pan leaves or water too.

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Chuna to Remove Anemia

Drink it with pomegranates juice in the morning an empty stomach to cure anemia. If pomegranate is not available you can consume it with any available eatable or water.

This text is not to replace medical advice, therefore, consult health consultant before considering Chuna as an alternative supplement.


Gulkand is a sweet preserve of rose petals

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Is Chuna good for health

Yes, chuna is good for health but it must be consumed in the right quantity at right time with right fruit juice and vegetables. The chuna must be fresh and good quality. Also, not consume more than the size of a wheat.

Health benefits of Chuna are huge in various diseases. But always keep in mind that the Chuna you consume must be of the best quality and fresh. so, always purchase from a good betel leaves shop.

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  1. Very nicely described the benefits of chuna. I have been taking chuna water since last 8 months or so. I had a frozen shoulder, that got cured during this period. After getting up from BAJRASANA, I used to get un-bearable pain in my knees due to which I could not straighten my leg for some time. That got cured during this period. Its an amazing remedy for various ailments.

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