Heaven, Hell, and Earth Consciousness

Is heaven real?

At very beginning before the creation, there was nothing in the universe except the , or Para Brahman (GOD). Para Brahman is absolute consciousness and rests of the things whether visible or subtle derived from the Para Brahman and manifested in the universe are placed somewhere else on the 14 levels of the consciousness. These 14 levels of consciousness start from Truth (Satyalok) and end to the 7th level of Hell (Patallok) as mentioned in the figure given below.

Human life gives you an opportunity to reach on any level of consciousness, whether that is above the earth or below the earth.

You have an energy body that is capable to attain any level of consciousness. It is up to you whether to go below the earth or above the earth.

A life full of virtues highers you and rewards you higher planes while a life involves in lust, anger, revenge, and ego offers you lower planes.

-Mamta Rajshree

What happens after death

  1. Satyalok or Truth

Truth is God. This is the level of absolute consciousness a source of all the happenings in the world, a source of creation, that is all pervading in the universe and that is the universe itself and therefore the universe is called Bhrahmand means the “And” or egg of the Para Brahman.

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Satyalok is also called Shivalok, the highest level of consciousness where Lord Shiva lives with his power or “Shakti” called Goddess Parvati in Hinduism and with other names in other religions. Both Shiva and “Shakti” are one only without the “Shakti” Shiva is “Shav”. This is why, when “Shakti” leaves the of a person, the person becomes “Shav” or a dead body. The “Shakti” is also known as “Prana Shakti”.

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All the divine souls which are beyond the cycle of , had liberated and become one with absolute consciousness live in Satyaloka. This is the ultimate aim of an human life. To obtain such level of consciousness it is mush to realize your self first and then become one to absolute consciousness. Self realization is God Realization. Liberation is the only means to reach the Styalok.

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is there life after death

2. Tapolok

Vairaj Siddhas or divine energies live in Tapolok (Vishnu Purana). All these Siddha are free from any sort of life, birth, and reincarnation. This is a very higher plane where all those Siddhas live who did deep meditations throughout various lives and attain the position. After reaching to the heigher level of Tapolok no one come back on physical plane. However, these Siddhas are free to move on any lower or above subtle planes to guide lower divine souls.

is there life after death

Constant deep meditaion, “Jap” and “Tapsaya” is needed to reach on such higher plane. Rishi, Muni and sacred souls come here to enjoy the life of bliss and purity.

3. Janalok 

Nirmalchitta the Son of Lord Bhrma lives in Janalok with Sanakas says Vishnu Purana. Janalok is for Rishies, Siddhas and divine souls who did deep Tapasaya throughout many lives. These souls continued their here also to reach on other higher planes.

is there life after death

Constant sacred and pure life full of virtues and divinity is required to reach on such sacred plane.

4. Maharlok

Maharlok is the place of Bhrigu and other Siddha souls. Rishi, Muni, yogis are rewarded the Maharlok as a result of their great virtues. These divine energies continued their spiritual journey in this plain also to reach on other higher planes.

What happens after death

6. Swarglok

Swargalok is a subtle and positive plane which is full of pleasure and bliss. The Swarglok is known by other names also in other religions. Muslims call it “Jannat” and Western people call it heaven. The plane is free from all the diseases, pains and sufferings. The plane is offered to the person who did worship japa, tapa, donations, unconditional service of the humanity and other good actions while living on the earth plane.

Subtle entities are offered the Swarglok to enjoy here for a long time until their collected virtues are over and in the end of their virtues, they are forced to take birth again on the earth for further soul journey. Lord Indra is the king of the Swarglok who live here with his consort, divine dancers called Apsaras in Hinduism and with other divine entities. These subtle entities are allowed to go in all the nearer planes like Bhuvarlok and Maharlok to meet the subtle entities living in those planes. All the subtle entities living in the upper planes can come down to the Swarglok as and when they wish.

Numerous stories related to Swarglok are available in Vedas and Puranas. There are no hunger and thirst. They all receive everything instantly with their wishes only. Ganga is the river of the Swargalok that came on the earth from Swarglok to take care the people living on the earth.

What happens after death


A person who performs divine and yogic practices throughout the human life, follows the truth, did good karmas and practices noble path while living on the earth is rewarded the Bhuvarlok to further enhance spiritual practices in order to reach the higher levels of planes above the Bhuvarlok. But sometimes such souls may come down again on the Bhulok (earth) also if they forget the purpose of their soul life.

All the divine energies living on the higher planes may visit to the lower planes to guide the lower level, divine souls. These higher divine energies are sometimes realized, viewed and experienced by the people living on the earth. These higher divine souls sometimes guide the lower levels energies living on the earth plane as divine gurus.

A story of a Saint

(A Saint who passed life without food and water)

This is the story of a saint named Giribala Ji. Giribala Ji passed her whole life after her marriage without the food and water. She was very fond of food in her childhood when she was less than 12 years old. Always felt hunger and remained busy in searching food in the house. Due to this attitude, she was criticized by her family members many times. In the age of 12, she was married. In her, in laws family, she was mistreated by her mother-in-law due to the habit of eating much all the time. Once, she felt very bad due to the miss behavior of her mother-in-law. She became sad and decided not to eat anything again. She prayed the God to teach her a technique to live without the food and water. She asked her family Guru also to teach her the technique. The family Guru told her that he will perform a Yagya for this.

On the same day, she met a divine person when she was coming back after taking bath in the early morning. The divine person told her that he is her Guru and he will teach her to live without the food and water. The divine guru taught her a yogic technique to take breath in a particular way and also gave her a mantra for chanting. This breathing technique and mantra fulfilled the need of the food and water of the saint without consuming the external food and water.

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The divine teacher instructed her to keep the technique very secret and never disclose it before anyone because hunger and thirst in addition to other desires are here on the earth to lessons the souls to become spiritually advanced in the soul journey. Some people those did wrongdoings in their feel hunger and suffer due to hunger as a result of the bad karmas. At the same time, some other enjoy food as a result of their good karmas.

The Law of Karma

Giribala Ji learned the yogic practice and lived her whole life without any food and water. When the story was written she was about 80 years old. She never felt any need to consume food or water in any form. She never felt to go to toilet also in her whole life. She often met her subtle divine Guru and other subtle divine energies living on the higher planes. (Reference: Autobiography of a Yogi, First Edition, 1974)

Bhulok or earth

This is the most important plane among all the 14 planes of the universe. It is a physical plane that can be experienced via physical five senses offered to a human being by the almighty God. This place is full of pains and pleasures, happiness and unhappiness. This is the only plane which is full of possibilities to do spiritual progress, the ultimate aim of the life. A person can attain any one of the available hells or heavens on the basis of consciousness or spiritual progress. If a person attains the liberation he dissolves in the absolute consciousness or God and never come back on the earth otherwise the person attains any other level either positive plane above the earth or negative plane below the earth.

All these planes are depicted one after another from top to bottom, but in a real sense, all these are around us in the subtle form and visible only via 6th sense. Which one of the planes will be attained after leaving the physical body is depended on the proportion of the Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas present in the person during the time of the physical death. As the Sattva component is increased in the energy body, the body becomes lighter and forced by the prana shakti to go to the higher levels of planes above the earth while when Tama is increased, the body becomes heavier and the body is forced by the prana shakti to the lower levels of plains.

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 How to attain the higher levels of Consciousness

Birth as a human being is the only chance to reach on any choice of the plane whether that is Heaven or Hell, Says Vishnu Puran. Level of consciousness can be improved with inculcating the positivity in the day to day life. Generally, two types of positive actions are rewarded by nature and positive planes are offered to the person. These two types of actions include:

  1. Services offered to the society for the well being of the society such as:
  • Unconditional offering of love and affection to the people
  • Service to the humanity without any personal gain
  • Unconditional offering of service for the well being of animals
  1. Actions practiced by a person for his soul cleansing such as:
  • Prayer, Yagya, worshiping, Jap, Tap, and Meditation, etc.

What happens after death

1st level of Hell to 7th level of Hell

Hell is also referred to as “Patal Loka” in Hinduism, “Jahnnum” in Muslims and hunting places by the people living on the earth. All those who remain involve in sensuous pleasure, hurt others by words and actions for Personal benefits, consume too much tamas foods, kill animals, hurt and kill other people to satisfy their ego, hurt their parents and elders and remain indulge alike activities are offered these hells. The stronger the crime the deeper the hell is allotted to a person as a punishment. At the end of the punishment another physical lives in the form of animals, trees, birds, etc., are offered to them according to their karmas and rarely the next chance of a human being is given to them to do spiritual progress. The law is automatic and infinite. All the entities in the hells have to follow the law and order of Lord Yama.

What happens after death

Hells are the planes of subtle energy bodies called ghosts, spirits, and other negative energies. These energy bodies have to pass their time in the hell until their punishment is over. Afterwards, they are offered physical bodies in accordance to their karmic debts. Energy bodies those live in a very deepest hell rarely attain human bodies. They may be offered the bodies of animals and plants. Bhangarh Fort, India is a live example of such inhabitants. These energy bodies suffer there in pain and sorrow and struggle for their survival. There are so many places where these energy bodies live and their places are known as hunting places. To read more about Bhangarh fort click the link below:

The fort of Ghost – Bhangarh ka Kila

What happens after death

In addition to these 7 hells, some more hells are also present in the subtle forms which are offered to a person due to bad karmas done throughout the life. The human birth is the best birth which gives an opportunity to free from the past debts and collect the virtues. Human life is the only chance to be awakened and free from the cycle of life and death.

So, be divine, be enlightened

With love, light, and peace