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“Amazing cure for those who are feeling lonely or sad is to go close to a manifestation of Almighty God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be. Nature has a comfort for every pain or sorrow, whatever the circumstances may be. Nature brings relief in all troubles. We call it nature just because of illusion otherwise nature is God present before and in us.”

– Mamta Rajshree


Nature is a creative and controlling force affecting the whole universe and living beings. Nature focuses on the life-giving and nurturing aspects of nature by embodying it, in the form of the mother. Mother nature or cosmic energy is always willing to look after its creatures, in its various manifested forms like air, sun, soil, sky, water, food, exercises, fasting, thought and sleep, etc.

There are 8 Amazing Doctors given by nature for its living beings. People don’t need to pay money for these, except only a disciplined and careful lifestyle.

Human Body

The of a is made up of five elements of nature. These elements are air, water, fire, earth, and sky. The Proper proportion of all the five elements must be in the body, to stay healthy and smart. If this proportion is disturbed in any way due to any reason, people get diseases. Nature always needs balance in all these elements. Therefore, nature provides us cure in many ways. The need is to do faith and identify this proportion and live life with nature. The brief contribution of all natural elements to cure the human being is given below:

1. Air

One of the vital amazing doctors given by nature is air. Air is referred to as nectar for the human body in Vedas. It is most important for life. Morning walk is mandatory for all of us to keep away various diseases. In the ancient time morning walk was the regular feature for everyone but nowadays, people start to think for morning walk only when a doctor prescribes and makes it essential to survive. If people do morning walk on daily basis, people will not suffer from various diseases such as depression, blood pressure, diabetes etc. Morning walk in the pure air gives following benefits to the human being:

  • All the parts of the body become strong.
  • It improves eyesight.
  • It strengthens the sense of smell.
  • It gives peace to the mind.
  • It keeps away various diseases including mental and physical.

2. Food

nature names

Another ultimate doctor given by nature is Food. Food and body are closely related. Human survival is based on the food. We must eat according to the need of the body. We don’t need as much food as we generally eat. The body needs very less quantity of food for its survival. We all must take food less than that, what we take.

“Gheranda Samhita says, One fourth of the stomach should be filled with food, One-fourth with water and the remaining must leave empty for circulation of the air. 

Following points must be kept in mind while eating food:

  • Food must be fresh.
  • Food must be cooked properly with happy mood.
  • Food must be chewed properly with pleasing mood.
  • Take food only when the body feels its need.
  • Food must be nutritious.

“Shiv Samhita” lists some food items that must be avoided in order to keep the body healthy. This list includes the food items like sour, dry, Pungent, Salted, bitter and fried.

3. Water


nature names

Water is also a miraculous doctor given by nature. Water is an ultimate remedy of various diseases.

During the time of sunrise, one should drink 8 handful water to keep the body healthy. The person who follow this rule throughout the lifetime, live more than the age of 100 years. This is anti aging recipe too.

Additionally, People should drink before one hour of eating food and after two hours of eating food in order to get good digestion. For proper blood circulation, one should drink 2.5 liters of water in a day.

In the morning after leaving the bed, one should fill the mouth with water and splash the water on the eyes repeatedly till 8 or 10 times. This exercise can also be done in the daytime. It not only energizes eyes but also improves eyesight and prevents eyes from all the diseases.

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4. Fast

Fast is very important to keep body, mind, and soul fit. All healthy people should keep fast in a week.

4 benefits of fasting are as below:

  • Fast strengthen the soul.
  • Fast help in the digestion of undigested food.
  • Fast improve mental power.
  • Fast cures fever.

5. Sun 

“Sun is a driving force in all human being.”

nature names

Sun is a wonderful doctor given by nature for the remedy of a number of problems whether the problem is physical or mental. Sun is the life protector of all the living beings. Sunlight kills all the bacteria, which are harmful to the living beings. All types of diseases can be cured by the sunbeams, says Vedas. Sun name is given to the supernatural soul which is pervaded in all creatures says, “Yajurveda”. Without the sun nobody can survive.


Exercise is the part and parcel of a human life in order to remain physically and mentally fit, young and smart. Activities which are followed with a view to getting stability, increasing stamina and energy are called exercise, says “Charak Samhita”. Exercise must be done in a measured quantity and according to the body capability.

Exercises give following benefits:

  • Lightness in the body.
  • Capacity to do the work.
  • Increase digestive fire.
  • Improve body stamina.
  • Help in reducing the disturbance of Air, Water, and Fire.
  • Reduce fat content from the body and strengthen the body.
  • It gives good sleep.

Exercises should not be performed in excess as it gives sometimes negative feedback. A person should not do exercises in following 4 conditions:

  • A person suffering from a .
  • After eating.
  • One suffering from wounds and fever.
  • An extremely weak person also should not practice exercise too much.

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7. Thought

Thoughts are the life force for everyone. All we must follow good thoughts as thoughts are directly related to the health.

As you think, so you become, says Vedas.

Thoughts of anger, hostility, and jealousy first disturb the thinker and then force the person to behave alike and then disturb the mental and physical health of the thinker and the person close to the thinker. Hence, always think good and positive.

Thought has the fastest speed as well. If you think positive for others, the same you will be received by others in no time. Similarly, if your thoughts are negative for someone, this will be conveyed to the person concern immediately. Hence, always watch your thoughts as they can be your words anytime.  There are various diseases that have their root cause in the thoughts. Thoughts not only destroy the mind and heart but also the body. The root cause of several is wrong thoughts.

How thoughts come into mind

8. Sleep

Sound sleep is an amazing doctor given by nature. It cures various ailments. As we need pure air, water, food, and sun same we need sound sleep. All we should sleep at right time in the night in a comfortable posture. Before, going to sleep person should get rid of all types of miseries and stresses. Normally, except the summer season sleeping in the daytime must be avoided by healthy people as it disturbs water element in the body and produces diseases. A healthy person should take 8 to 10 hours of sleep daily. Sound sleep gives following 4 benefits:

  • Sleep removes laziness.
  • Sleep strengthens the body and increases the stamina.
  • It gives peace to our mind.
  • It destroys the disturbance caused by fire elements. Sleep prevents fever too because fever occurred by fatigue and stress.

4 Directions Regarding Sleep to Ensure Good Digestion, Says Ayurveda

  1. First, lies straight stretched on the back and take 8 breaths
  2. Thereafter, lie on the right side and take 16 breaths
  3. Thereafter, lie on the left side and take 32 breaths
  4. Thereafter, sleep in any posture in which you feel comfortable

Directions Regarding Sleep to Ensure Good Digestion, Says Ayurveda

The above regimen has been recommended in order to ensure that there is no interference with the digestive process. In this regard, “Ayurveda” says that fire is located on the left side above the navel point of all living beings. Therefore one should sleep on the left side for good digestion of food.

All doctors given by nature are miraculous for living beings. The need is to follow small things in life like  morning walk, exercise, sunbath, fresh food, water, and air etc.


So, stay blessed and keep you healthy, wealthy and fit with nature

With love, light, and peace