Types of immunity

Immune System

“Immune system is a combination of organs (Organs include the thymus, bone marrow, and lymph nodes) and processes of the that provide resistance to infection and toxins.”

What is an immune system?

The system which keeps us healthy and efforts continue to make us healthier is known as an immune system. The immune system is a protective shell of the body. It fights against the bacterias that make us ill. The immune system attacks on microorganism and bacteria that are harmful to the body. It is essential to make the system strong in order to stay healthy

Causes of Weak Immune System

The main reasons of the weak immune system include the following:

  1. Consumption of strong antibiotic medicines in excess weakens the immune system.
  2. Overstress and anxiety
  3. Irregular lifestyle
  4. Lack of sleep or oversleeping patterns
  5. Improper diet
  6. Fast food and refined oils
  7. Sweet and all the products having sweet are not good for and immune system.
  8. Junk, stale, oily and fried foods are injurious to health and weaken the immune system.
  9. Smoking, drinking, and tobacco weaken the immune system.

How to improve immune system?

Micronutrients and antioxidants like Zinc, iron, copper, selenium, folic acid, vitamin A, C, E & B6 all play an important role in improving the immunity. Following precautions need to be kept in mind in order to improve the immune system:

1. Balanced Diet

Always take healthy and balanced diet with proper green and fresh vegetables, and fruits, pulses, rice, and milk. Avoid stale, oily, fried and junk foods.

2. Avoid stress and anxiety

Stress and any sort of depression are highly injurious to the health. Avoid it and keep your mind free from it.

3. Exercise

Do exercise, walk, and meditation regularly in order to keep you healthy and stress-free. Morning walk and meditation must be included in the routine .

4. Foods need to be avoided

Don’t take junk food, white sugar, white salt, and fried food.

5. Sleep

To keep you calm and peaceful always take sound sleep. Sleeping late night disturbs digestion, therefore, it must be avoided.

6. Protein Diet

Include protein in your daily diet. For instance, consume 50 grams protein in the daily diet if your weight is 50 kg. Milk, Soybeans, pulses and cheese are a good source of protein.

7. Sunlight

Morning sunlight is essential in order to improve your immune system. The main feature of morning sunlight (Ultraviolet rays) is to improve immunity. This is why so many diseases such as jaundice, fungal and viral infections of newborn infants can be cured only with the help of morning sunlight.

8. Sugar

Avoid white sugar. It is injurious and weakens the immune system.

9. Beta carotene

Beta carotene is good to improve the immune system. Beta-carotene rich foods are as follows:

Carrot, Mango, Papaya, Pumpkin etc.

11. Vitamins, Zink & Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Consume Vitamins A, E, and C rich foods. All these are wonderful to improve Immunity. These three vitamins empower the body and make the body strong to fight against diseases.

  1. Vitamins A rich foods are Green vegetables, tomato,  mango, Papaya, milk, pumpkin, carrot, orange etc. Vitamin C is found in all the fruits which are sour in taste such as, lemon, Orange, Gooseberry, etc. Vitamin E is found in all the fruits and vegetables, which have green leaves and also in the following vegetables: wheat, milk, peanuts, curd, banana etc.
  2. Zink is also an essential element which must be available in a fixed quantity in all of us. It is found in the following fruits: Fish, flesh, pulses, wheat, Jwar, etc. Deficiency of zink increase depression and give negative impact on the health and immunity.
  3.  Omega 3 fatty acid improves immunity and found in seeds of fruits, fish and sea foods.


There are varieties of which are very useful to improve the immune system. Some of the important herbs are as below:

Holy basil

Holy basil is useful to fight against different diseases. Meditation near to holy basil plant improves immunity. Holy basil can be consumed in various forms like with tea, milk or directly. Never chew its leaves with teeth as it is harmful to the teeth. Its decoction is useful to improve the immunity.


Garlic is very good herb to make you free from various diseases. One clove in the morning is good in order to avoid various disorders. During lunch and dinner also it can be consumed.


It is very important for the health of the heart. To know more click the link below:


It is an important herb used in Chavanprash.


Zinger is an important herb can be consumed in a variety of ways to make you healthy.

or dalcheeni

Cinnamon is kaph nashak. Taking it in the night before sleep with honey is good for a good health and to avoid cold and cough.

immunity debugger
Cinamin (Dalcheeni)


Trifla is a popular herb available everywhere. It can be consumed with lukewarm water  with to cure numerous diseases.

Gooseberry or Amla

One of the important herbs and a rich source of vitamin C.

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Alo vera

There are a variety of uses of aloe vera.

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All these are herbs can be consumed in various forms. Various kinds of recipes are there to cook and consume them. Chavanprash is another good product which comprises various herbs. It can be consumed with milk or even without milk too. It is very effective in order to improve the immune system.

13.  Weight Control

Control on the weight is essential in order to live healthily. The variety of ways are there to control the weight. To know more about the ways to control weight are given behind the following link.

Tried & Tips to reduce weight

13. Regular health check up

Due to pollution and unhealthy living pattern, it is essential to do regular health test and take precautions.

14. Bad Habits and practices

All the habits like drinking, smoking and taking tobacco must be strictly prohibited in order to keep you healthy. Cleanliness is another essential thing that must be practice strictly. Not only hand wash and clean foods but thoughts must be clean and pure in order to keep you healthy and fit.

There are 8 Amazing Doctors given by nature for its living beings to improve immunity.

So, Stay blessed, be healthier

With love, light, and peace