Interesting facts about O blood type – Read Secret Personality Traits

Interesting facts about O blood type – Read Secret Personality Traits

Blood is life. Blood is flowing in all in the same manner, but according to its type it play different roles in different people in terms of personality traits, psychological traits and behavior patterns. O, A, B, and AB blood group type gives different nature in the people.

However, this is not proved by science but in practice it is seen in the behavior of people.

O Blood Type Personality Traits

O Blood type is available in positive and negative both the forms. These people have following traits-


O blood type people enjoy life alone

People having O blood type remain involve in their life alone and enjoy it. They have various types of hobbies such as reading, writing, traveling, singing, dancing, etc and they enjoy it. If their friends and family member leave them alone, they never mind it and enjoy it alone.


Workaholic type people

O blood type people fond of working. They don’t like sitting idle. They wish to like involve in some fruitful work. They never feel tiered in working alone or in group provided the work is of their choice.

They are wonderful writer, blogger, reader, researcher, etc. They forget to take their food, water and sleep if they have work in their hand.


O blood type people are Good Researchers

O blood type people are good researcher. They are focused and target oriented people. No other people are as good in research as they are.


Their company is good for others

They are lucky person for other. Due to their company other feels good and rise in their life. They are proved good for others. If you make relationship with a person who has O blood group, you will progress in flourish in your life in terms of luck, money, peace and every other good thing.

They have positive aura and spread positivity all-around.  All influenced from the positive traits of O blood type people.


O blood type people are Honest people

They are very honest for their promises. They are honest for their soul hence, proved wonderful as a friend, life partner, child, and parents. They never cheat others. O blood type people speak truth generally and expect the same from other people. If some one speaks lie and cheat them they beak the relationship with them.


They can harm themselves but not others until and unless other are not cheater. If someone cheat O blood type person then these people never forget it and feel sad, never cheat others.


O blood type people Quick are decision maker

O blood type people are good and quick in decision making. They don’t faith in avoiding the thing, but face the thing and fulfill the thing as best as possible. Avoidance and ignorance are not in their dictionary.


O blood type people have strong will power

They have strong will power. They are very determined for the goal and fulfilling their promises. If they decide something they fulfill the thing. They have wonderful will power. They can do wonders in life and in the world.

They are self-made people. If they decide something they develop the resource to fulfill the task. They can make their path even in the high mountains. They can do the task that is beyond the dreams of others.

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O blood type people have high goals

They have very high dreams and goals and they leave no stone upturned in fulfilling the goal. Doesn’t matter what is their foundation and family conditions, if they decide once, they remove all the obstacles of their way and achieve the goal.


O blood type people have have high position

Wherever they live they enjoy high status and high position. They want to live a prestigious status and they do the work to enjoy the position.

If they are in class, they are class monitors. If they are in a very low grade work but they remain in the high status in the low grade group too. Whatever the situation but you will see them on the top.


O blood type people have good leadership traits

They are inborn leaders. What ever the task and whoever the people in every place they are proved good in leadership. They may be wonderful managers too. They know how to keep morale high of their group. All the people enjoy their leadership and support their leader.


O blood type

O blood type people are Slightly selfish

O blood type people are selfish kind of people. They work for others and remain ready to support the people but expect the same from others.

Moreover, before supporting others they think about their benefit also. If they have some benefit in supporting others they enjoy doing for others otherwise, they may avoid others.


O blood type people have Good adaptation power

They are good in doing adjustment with other people. If they are with elder people, they enjoy being with them and if they are with small children, they enjoy this also.

In every situation they adjust themselves according to the need of the time and situation. They have wonderful adaption power.


O blood type people have Feeling of jealous

They have feeling of jealous also. But this feeling proves good for them because this feeling of jealous makes them competitive.


O blood type people have Cough dominating

Air, acid and cough these there are dominating factors in the people. Some people have air dominating factor and accordingly their body behaves and work. Some people have acid dominating factor and their body remain sensitive about alike food items.

Similarly, some people have cough is dominating factor. Hence, these people prone to diseases related to cough and cold. O blood type people have cough dominating factor.


O blood type people have High ego

They have very high ego. They always maintain their high ego. They never like to spread their hand before others and hence, always work hard with honesty. They never like to hurt others ego and also expect the same from others.


O blood type people don’t like criticism

O blood type people dislike criticism about themselves. They generally not criticize others and don’t like criticism. If a person criticize O blood type person, they leave their company too. They take criticism on their heart and feel sad after hearing criticism.

O blood type people like to hear positive words from others and feel good when someone appreciate them. Appreciation motivate them and support to do the best in every situation.


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