How does Karma work? Past life mystery

Karma work always

पूर्वजन्म कृतं पापं व्याधि रूपेण पीड़ति

                                                    – Ayurveda

Past Causes of Present Life Diseases

Past life karma causes present life diseases. Each and every disease doesn’t matter very severe or superficial is the consequence of a sin did in the past either in the same life or in the very , Says Vedas, and scriptures. Past life habit patterns related to anger, jealousy, greed, stealing, speaking a lie, unusual sex, etc., remain stored in the mind-body (Manomaya sheath) and secrete a specific type of chemical with the help of supporting glands of the and cause the disease. (Dr. Vincent Pillai.) On the contrary, acts related love, care, affection, respect, and selfless service, and worship, etc., secrete nectar with the help of supporting glands, which strengthen the , and give peace to the mind-body (Manomaya sheath) and make a life happy and peaceful.

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How does Karma work? A True Story

Stolen money caused Skin itching

Dr. Vincent Pillai was a Psychologist and take care a church in the New Jersey. Once, he was addressing a gathering in the church. After his lecture, a lady came to him and asked him about her problem. She told him that whenever she passes by a church, she feels an itching in her hands. She also showed him all her itching marks present on her hands. Dr. Pillai asked the lady to come to his house and meet with him there. The lady went to his house. Dr. Pillai showed care and respect for her and made a good rapport with her.

Dr. Pillai asked the lady that you may be doing some sort of sin which you are hiding from the public. If this is the case, kindly, tell me about the act you are hiding. The lady hesitated and then told him that she is stealing some money from her office, however, she always think to give the money back to his office, but she could not give back the stolen money and now the stolen money had become so huge that she cannot give back the money. The Doctor convinced the lady to go to the owner of her office and accept her mistake and also never repeat the practice again in the future in order to stay well always and cure the skin itching. The lady first hesitated and then did the same. Her owner was kind enough; he pardoned her fault and asked her to continue her job. Afterward, the itching was over.

In fact, anger, feeling guilt, fears, etc., all such negative energies produce different types of harmful chemicals in the body and make the body chemistry disturbed and results in diseases, on the contrary, unconditional love, care affection, respect and kindness to the humanity support and heal the body by producing healing chemicals.

It proves do always good in order to receive everything good and healing from nature. But this is also true that even after getting the supreme knowledge of spiritual science one cannot escape from the results of past actions.

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ज्ञानोदयात् पुराऽऽरब्धं कर्म ज्ञानान्न नश्यति।

अदत्वा स्वफलं लक्ष्यमुद्दिश्योत्सृष्ट वाणवत्॥

– अध्यात्मोपनिषद

Actions are like arrows, once loosed, an arrow reached to its destination, the same with actions, once did, it definitely finds you either in the present life or in the future life and you have to face the fruits, even after obtaining the supreme knowledge of Truth also.

This is a mysterious science no one can pinpoint what sort of result will be there due to which type of action or what type of life one has to face due to a particular action did in the past. This is all hidden. But this is true that wrongdoings always give difficult life while good and pious act always healing for the mind and body both.

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How does Karma work? A True Story

Greediness and falsehood caused stomach cancer

 There was a potter man in a town; Modinagar near to city Meerut, UP, India. The potter man was quite poor somehow he collected Rupees 700.00. He stored his money to a tradesman. The potter man told her wife about his money that he kept with the tradesman. After some days the potter man died. His wife went to the tradesman and asked him to give the money back. Tradesman refused to give the money due to greediness. The tradesman said that he had not any money for you. The lady requested him to go to a temple, take holy and say that you hadn’t any money for the potter man. To prove this he went to a temple took the holy Ganga’s water and accepted that he had no such money. When he came out of the temple his face became black and he falls ill. After some time he has diagnosed a stomach cancer and died due to cancer.

How does karma work

Vedas, Purana, and scriptures are full of such stories. Life is an echo, everything comes back to you. Therefore, do only what you want back from the life and nature. Everything comes back to you. If you love, you will be loved and if you hate, you will be hated.

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(Ref.-Akhanda Jyoti, Author: Shri Ram Acharya)