Laws of karma and Sins and Sufferings

Laws of karma and Sins and Sufferings

Laws of karma – Human being is a Karma Yoni, no person can live without the Karma. Doesn’t matter a person does good Karma or bad Karma, but never remains without doing a Karma.

Karma Meaning

Karmas are the actions done by a human being during the time when he or she first experienced the life of a human being.

A human being does Karma through the senses that are given human beings by the almighty God.

Therefore, Karmas mean actions done by a human being in his or her every physical life. This life is a continuous infinite life.

The main confusion is that we consider and conclude a thing on the basis of only the current lifetime. We view the actions of a person done in the present life only and give the conclusion.

While in the divine record karma means the actions of a human being that are done in his or her entire lifetime, not the actions (karma) done by the human in the present life only.

Present human life is a very small thread of the whole soul-life thread.

For example, if we assume that a soul has completed his 1000 lives and now in the present life the soul born and completed only 40 years.

Suppose the soul in the present life is very corrupt, always indulge in sinful acts and even then he is very rich, gaining respect in the society, enjoying the money, children, good consort and much more.

Seeing all this we conclude that he is corrupt but even then he is enjoying a good life. But we forget to consider the actions done by him in his previous lives. Might be he was a very noble, caring, and generous soul in his past incarnations.

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Secondly, in the divine record, there is a one to one relationship between the type of action and fruit of the actions.


What is the Law of Karma – Laws of karma defines the results of a Karma

For instance, if you have a high-class education and huge money, but you never wish to donate the money to needy persons and beggars too, who visit your door to demand money.

In the future life, you will suffer from the money as you have never donated it on demand too.

At the same time if you are highly educated, and always interested in teaching the children and person come to you to be educated, without charging anything.

Now, in the future life again, you will get a good education as you have given education previously without taking any fees but you will suffer from money.

Every action has a reaction if you did something you have to face undoubtedly. Some results of actions are here that are collected from Puranas.


Laws of karma: Killing a cow gives a hump on the back

If you kill a cow in a lifetime you will bear with hump-backed and imbecile in the future lifetime.

If you donated food you will get food in your future life.

If you hurt the people in any past life, you will surely receive the pain by the same person in the future life too, and so on.


Karma yoga

“Action never loses its address”

The action doesn’t mean action done in the present life only, but Actions are the acts done by the soul in its entire infinite path of life.

-Mamta Rajshree

Types of Actions (Karmas)

There are two types of actions:

  1. Actions which are done by the thoughts
  2. Actions that are done by the senses other than the thoughts like tongue, legs, hands, etc.

Actions (Karmas) work, undoubtedly, but even then so many corrupt people seem successful.

To understand the reason behind this it is must to know the philosophy of the soul, actions and the fruits of the actions.

What are souls and humans?

Soul and humans are different.

Being a human is a sweet experience given to a soul while being a soul is the sweetest feeling that cannot be expressed in words because a soul is a counterpart of the almighty GOD.


Karma yoga


The soul takes the body only just to discharge the energies deposited in its energy centers (chakras) due to the actions that are done by the soul in its past or present life.

This is the single reason why we take birth after birth again and again infinitely.

There is no reason for “no-birth” at all. Good actions good and pleasurable life, bad actions miserable and painful life.

What are good actions and what are bad actions? this again requires some explanation that is discussed in another post.

Karma yoga


Now, the main point is why so many corrupt people are successful in life. A person that seems successful to us not necessarily successful or may be successful, but it all depends on our perception.

  • Sometimes, a person has too much money and he/she seems as he/she is very happy being a huge bank balance, big house, and other luxurious items. But it doesn’t mean he/she is successful. He/she may be suffering from some other corner of life such as children, life partner or health, etc.
  • In case, if we ensured that he/she is very successful, but all this just because of the actions he/she did in some past or present life.
  • Now, the question is of corruption. All the powers whether that is money, education, seat, beauty, supernatural power all create intoxication in the person and make a person supercilious.
  • Due to ego and intoxication person begins to follow the wrong path and indulge in corruption, as we see everywhere in life.
  • Good actions give power to the person and power again falls the person and makes him down.


Karma yoga

If a person has no money, no seat, no beauty, no physical strength, etc. he/she never seen involved in the path of corruption.

“Pain and sufferings are the best teachers give best lessons to a human being, while power is the best friend of good time only.”

-Mamta Rajshree

What is the power or energy of the Laws of karma?

Everything everywhere is energy only. Money, physical strength, thoughts, words, seat, and beauty all are the forms of energies and human is also an energy.

Energy always forces us to do anything, whether good or bad. Energy always outputs energy and this output deposited in the divine repository which again reflects in some other time in the form of energy and forces a person to do the same act to its counterpart energy.

This is the reason why, if you love someone you will certainly receive the same love from the same person whether in the same lifetime or some future lifetime.

Similarly, if you cheat someone, you must be cheated by him/her in any other future time. The whole world is a play of GOD. Everywhere, what we see is GOD only and the rest is an illusion.

Sins and Sufferings

The pains and diseases we suffer from the births or latter on earth are all the consequences of actions done by us in a previous life. Every action has its reaction and no action goes unrewarded.

Good actions have good results same evil actions do not go without their bitter effects upon the doer.

Here are given some of the pitiable conditions of life which man has to suffer due to his careless sinful deeds.

  1. Actions:

Who insults others, breaks promises, causes great disappointment to another, deprives one of his property, disgraces others in public,

Results and Diseases:

Gets mental agony, pain, and sufferings

  1. Actions:

Who casts lustful look on women and girls, who eyes others’ property,

Results and Diseases:

Gets permanent eye-diseases

  1. Actions:

Who blaspheme the Supreme Lord, speak ill of saints, Vedas, and scriptures,

Results and Diseases:

Get cancer in the tongue and become dumb.

Generally, the sense or the organ which is involved in the action whether good or bad is rewarded or punished accordingly.


Karma yoga

So, always treat others the way you want to be treated

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