Law of Nature – Law of Unconsciousness

Law of Nature – Law of Unconsciousness

This universe is breathing under the . Among the various laws of nature like the law of vibration, law of attraction, law of balance, etc. Law of forgetfulness or law of unconsciousness is an important law to run the world smoothly. In fact, the world is a play directed by the God. Every play must have certain rules to play that without any chaos. Similarly, this universal play has certain rules.

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Law of Forgetfulness or Law of Unconsciousness

This is the that when you take birth on the earth you become unconscious all about your memories, however, before birth you remain conscious about your past life memories. In fact, you are an energy departed from the . Supreme energy is fully conscious of all the past, present and future, but you are forced to become unconscious when you take birth in order to run the play smoothly without any chaos. The departed energy which is in you is called universal spiritual energy (“Dorment energy”) that remains in the resting or sleeping state inside you.

It awakens only when it is blessed by the supreme energy present everywhere known as God, whether you call it Shiva, Durga, Shri Ram, Krishna or anything else. As soon as it is blessed by the God it becomes awakened and recall all the past life events, in addition to realizing the supreme God too. This is the state of “Jeevan Mukta” that is realized already by many saints like Mother Meera, Kabeer, Jesus, Budha, Ram Krishna Paramhansa, Sai Baba, etc. In this state, saint recalls all his past life events while staying in the present body. This universal divine energy is a twin flame of the supreme lord who is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. The saint possessing awakened latent energy can also receive so many powers, but if the supreme lord wishes to let the saint know the powers. These powers are known as paranormal powers in this world. As found in Jesus, Sai Baba and many more.

The saint possessing such paranormal powers becomes so innocent and simple that he or she looks like a direct reflection of supreme energy. This universal energy sometimes flows from the saints in poetry like Meera and Kabeer, sometimes start to heal needy like Sai Baba and sometimes make the saint preacher and healer, etc.

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The whole universe is awakened and fully conscious only living beings are not awakened, not fully conscious in order to make the play to continue smoothly. Everything in the universe is in order, whether that is the Sun, Moon, Sky, Air, Water, Fire, Seasons, etc. The reason behind is the Supreme energy, which is flowing in each and every particle of the universe to make the things beautiful, attractive and magnetic and making the play beautiful and alive. After awakening, the universal spiritual energy the human is transformed from a human to a saint and become Jeevan Mukta result in liberation from the world.

Who is Jeevan Mukta?

Jeevan Mukta is the person whose latent spirit becomes awakened by the grace of God. Such people never come again on the earth to take rebirth. They dissolve in the universal energy and obtain liberation from the cycle of . India is the blessed land who gave so many such saints to the world. After receiving enlightenment they pay their remaining debts and then leave the world forever as Mother Meera, Sai Baba, Shri Ram Krishna Paramhansa, etc.

The life is a journey from a human (Latent universal Spirit) to a saint (Awakened universal Spirit).

-Mamta Rajshree

How to awaken this latent Spirit?

There is no way to awaken this energy except the wish of God. Don’t search worldly Gurus to awaken this divine spirit. Don’t try this. Never awaken this energy. Let it as it is in sleeping mode. Its sleep gives you life. Its sleep is the cause why you are enjoying the play of God and coming on the stage of the world again and again. Liberation means the death of your “I” or the death of your “Ahankar”. It means your permanent death. This is “Maha Mritu”. The awakening of the universal divine energy ends the possibility of your visit to the stage of the world again. God made this world to live and let to live others. So, enjoy the world and let others enjoy the world. Life is a divine beautiful play of God. Do the best and leave the rest in the hands of God.

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