Where do we go when we die, Truth Mystery Science

Where do we go when we die, Truth Mystery Science

Where do we go when we die, Truth Mystery Science – Life after death is as true as death afterlife. You will be offered heaven or hell it is all up to your mindset you have before your death.

A feeling of revenge lowers your consciousness and pushes you into Hell, while forgiveness higher your consciousness and offers you paradise or positive planes above the earth.

The earth is a temporary home offered to us to learn and earn grades. Higher grades higher planes above the earth lower grades lower planes below the earth.

Where do we go when we die: A true story of Hell – a life after death

Hell, a subtle plane below the earth is a place where ghosts or negative spirits live.

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What is the level of consciousness?

  • Your mindset, thoughts, desires, anger, lust, jealousy, feelings of revenge all architect your future world whether that is above the earth (positive planes), below the earth  (hells), or future physical birth. All these thoughts make your consciousness.
  • All we differ at the level of consciousness.
  • The level of consciousness forces a subtle body to go into subtle Planes whether that is above the earth or below the earth.
  • Consciousness full of positive feelings forces the subtle body to go to the higher positive planes and consciousness full of negative thoughts forces the subtle body to go to the negative planes or hell.

Earth Planet

  • This is the earth planet which gives you friends, family, and relatives, beyond the earth no one is yours. All we are here to pay debts and collect more debts to pay in the next life and the cycle is infinite no escape from it. But the question is how to live a life full of peace and rest while staying on the earth plane, after leaving the earth and after physical death.
  • In order to enjoy a good and happy life, it is important not to carry with you the worries, stresses, and grudges while staying in the physical world as until you will leave the physical world everything is in your hands, but not after leaving the physical world.
  • You can architect your future while staying on the earth in the physical body not after leavening the body. Accumulated Karmas make your destiny for your future Planes.
  • Everything that you received you receive from the physical world you came empty-handed and the same you will go. But carrying grudges, feelings of revenge with you destroy the mind and become an obstacle in your journey even after the death also.
  • Grudges, anger, and feelings all go with you while you leave your body and remain tied with you in the subtle world, and not only this all these thoughts and feelings again come with you when you come again in the physical world.
  • The last thought when you leave the world is very very important as it architects your future journey after death, your subtle world, and also your future life when you again receive the body.
  • Negative thoughts against anyone spoil your journey afterlife and prevent your path in receiving the future birth. It prolongs your subtle life in hell.
  • These negative thoughts force the subtle body to stay in the subtle world to fulfill the negative feelings which you brought here as described in a true story of a spirit given below:


Where do we go when we die?

A Story of Hell – Evidence of Life After Death

(Source: “Marnoparant Tathya and Satya”, Author – Shri Ram Acharya, page no:1.50)


Suleman Soldier

Suleman is one of the soldiers in the army of Nadirshah. Nadirshah visited India to make money and wealth.

Nadirshah went back to his country Iran, but Suleman stayed in India. He married an Indian girl and started to live in Saharanpur city, Uttarakhand, INDIA. He got four children with an Indian girl, two boys, and two girls.

One black magician was lived near to his house.

The black magician started to love his daughter. Suleman was strictly against this relationship.

Suleman tried to counsel his daughter and the black magician both. But they didn’t listen and continued the same relationship.

This was very torturous for Suleman. Due to this Suleman got disturbed and fall ill. He always thought to take revenge with the black magician. Keeping these thoughts in his heart and mind he left the world.

Suleman became a ghost and started to live on a tree at the same place where he was buried. People started to come to his tomb (“Mazaar”) to fulfill their wishes. Suleman observed all the people coming there.

He was waiting for the black magician. 1000 years passed but the black magician didn’t come. One day, he saw a Sikh boy on his tomb (Mazaar).

The Sikh boy was the black magician in the past life as identified by the Suleman. Suleman recognized his subtle body and started to live with the Sikh boy.

Suleman disturbed his life and made him ill. Suleman lived with him for 7 years and made his life miserable.

After 7 years one saint came into their lives and made Sulamen free from this ghost life and also made free the Sikh boy from Suleman’s ghost.


Moral of the story:

Therefore, it is essential to make your mind free from all the thoughts of revenge and negative feelings as all these not only disturb others but disturb your life while you are alive and also force you to go to hell, stay in hell after leaving the physical body.



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