Heaven Hell – Is there life after death

Life after Death

Life after death is as true as a death is true after a life. There is no death in the real sense only a change of the world. Death is not the end of your life, but death is the biggest obstacle in your spiritual journey. The physical world is full of possibilities of being awakened, being enlightened, being rich with spiritual gifts. But the “Dev Loka” or Swarg (heaven) has no possibility of being more advanced in the spiritual journey. Same in the “Patal Loka” and “Narak” (hell) has no chance to be awakened in the spiritual world and nobody knows how much time one has to pass in the “Swarga Loka” or in the “Naraka Loka”. Therefore, this is the right time when you can close your “I” and open your eyes.

IS there life after death?

Now the questions are:

What is Swarga (heaven)?

What is Narak (hell)?

What is this physical world or “Bhuloka”?

Why are we born in this physical world?

What is the purpose of our life?

Physical world or “Bhuloka”?

Life remains to continue after the death also, but after the death possibilities of being awakened are interrupted until you will get the human life again. Death is an interruption in your spiritual journey. Life before death is full of possibilities of being awakened. This physical world is gifted to a to discharge all his karmic debts and side by side to progress on the spiritual path and to be awakened in the soul life. But the problem is, always in all the worlds whether that is “Swarga” (heaven) or “Narak” (hell) human lives in accordance to the learned tendencies, inclinations, habit formations or past . When one born he starts his present journey from the point at which he left it in the before the death. This is why it is true that you are never late, you can take turn anytime and transform your life from a better life to the best spiritual life.

In “Devaloka”, Swarga or heaven and in “Patal Loka”, “Narak” or hell there is no possibility to progress in the spiritual path due to the absence of , but in this physical world also a human lives according to his learned tendencies or past consciousness this is the biggest irony of the human life. All people always think that all are very true and awakened, however, all are in dreams. The life is a series of dreams one after another. Despite all the full potential, resources, and possibilities, people live as their inclinations or habit formations direct them. In fact, this is the only world where a person has Intelligence (“Buddhi”) to introspect, think and progress spiritually.

There is no use of accumulating money beyond the need. There is no use of attachment with the luxuries, and also there is no use of attachment with your children and relatives so much. Be moderate in all aspects. No one is yours. Everything left here. This is only the good actions, good thoughts, and the most important the inner progress or soul progress that go with you and will remain with you infinitely.

Using the intelligence (Buddhi) person can easily discharge energy associated with past debts and simultaneously he can also awaken in the divine life. But the difficulty is how a human awakens himself. This is very difficult to find a true divine teacher as the world is full of fake people who are known as gurus. So, don’t search guru, but do the introspection and read the authentic scriptures and Veda. If you have a fire to search the truth, to search the God, to be divine, you will find the way undoubtedly. God will hold you himself. Without the grace of God no one can get the divine guru and without the divine guru, no one can get the God. It is absolutely true. The world is God itself.  Your every wish reach to the almighty God before comes into your consciousness.

What is the meaning of being a human?

You are a vibrating energy only nothing else. You are a feeling of “I” only.  This “I” is made up of desires, and these desires are associated with the gratification of senses which is a temporary phase and totally an illusion. You are in fact living in an illusionary life. This physical world is a dream world. All humans are living in a dream. The dream of “I”. If you separate this “I” you will be capable to see the God in you. God is in you. Your consciousness is a collective consciousness but due to illusion, you think it is “I” and suffers everywhere whether you are in the physical world, “Swarga” or “Narak”. The physical world and “Narak” both are full of sufferings. “Swarg ” has happiness, but that happiness is again a temporary phase. Divine energies enjoying in the “Swarga” also want to take birth as a human being. Energies suffering in the “Narak” are so helpless that they don’t know about their memories of the human births. They always struggle for their survival in the “Narak”. This is the physical world only that can show you the path to get liberation from this torturing cycle of .

What is Swarga Loka or “heaven”?

Swarga, Narak and physical world all are at the same place in this universe; there is no change of place or land. All three are based on the level of consciousness.


Level of consciousness is not a small thing this is everything this your whole. God is consciousness or collective consciousness while you have an individual consciousness. This is your level of consciousness why you are a human being and also this is a level of consciousness that you are God. Due to the level of consciousness, one is a saint, rishi, Jesus, Nanak, Buddha, Sai Baba, etc., and this is also a level of consciousness that one is dacoit, thief, and sufferer. This physical world is entirely different from “Swarga” and “Naraka” as it is full of possibilities. The possibility of being a human only, the possibility of being a God, the possibility of being a saint, the possibility of being a dacoit and a possibility of being a liberated soul. The liberation is only possible while living in the human body, not after the death, keep in mind.

“This physical world is gifted to a human to reach the heights from a human consciousness to a soul consciousness, the ultimate aim of a life.”

is there life after death

“Swarga” or heaven?

Swarga or heaven are upper levels of consciousness where one can enjoy a bliss, relax, healings, and there is no pain at all. Swarga or heaven is offered to a human being as a gift of his good karma. But as the energy accumulated by the person due to good karma is released he has to come back to the human life to do more karma and the cycle is infinite again. Good karma good life and bad karma bad life, pain, and sufferings. Life is an echo everything according to your action come back to you. No escape at all except the karmas which leads you to the liberation.

In Swarga (heaven) also there are further levels of consciousness. There are 7 levels of consciousness like a scale of 7 points. On lower levels of “Swarga” person feels comparatively less pleasure than the higher levels of “Swarga”. The person who reaches the top level of “Swarga” feels the highest bliss and rarely comes back on the earth. He enjoys the company of absolute consciousness or Bhrama or God. But the people those who are on the lower levels of Swarga come back to the earth planet to further progress their spiritual journey.

What is “Naraka” or hell?

Same as the Swarga or heaven there are 7 lower levels of consciousness called “Patal Loka”, “Narak” or hell. The physical world is in the middle of “Swarga” and “Narak”. “Narak” or hell is offered to a person as a punishment of the bad karma. Same as good karma bad karma also includes karma done by actions, thought, and words. Whatever we do, say and think everything is transformed into an energy and stored in the energy body and remain stored there until it gets a chance to be released with its counter soul energy. Therefore, always speak such words to others that you wish to hear from others.

Sometimes, if one dies with the thought of revenge and goes to the Narak or hell. He waits to the target person whom he wants to take the revenge and stays there until that person comes. This is why Vedas lesson for compassion and forgiveness. Forgiveness not only heals others but it heals you too. The feelings of anger, revenge, and jealousy only harm you not others.

Is there life after death

In the Narak the person has to wait for the counter soul energy in order to release the stored energy in his energy body.  In the Narak or hell, a person lives in the company of other same types of negative energies. In these hells, all continuously quarrel with one another and suffer for their survival. According to the intensity of the sin, a particular level of hell is offered to an energy body. After the end of the punishment again a particular life is offered to the energy body as accordance to his past karma. The next life may or may not be the human life, it can be the life of an animal, insects, plants, trees, etc. as the karma of the past lives. Therefore, it is not important whether a life exists after death or not, but important is whether you are alive before the death or not.

So, be divine, be enlightened

With love, light, and peace