Life Path Number 1

Life Path Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 22

Life Path Number 1 – Life path number is the sum of your date of birth. Life path number shows your personality traits, your thought process, and your attitude, etc. that you carry with you throughout life.

Add the digits of your month except for the month number 11 or November. Keep 11 as it is rather than 2.

11 and 22 are master numbers, therefore; these two numbers are not reduced to a single number.

Example 1: if your date of birth is 12 November 1972

  1. Add total digits of the year and reduce it to a single digit 1 through 9 as given below:

1972 (1+9+7+2= 19 = (1+9)10 = 1)

  1. Next add digits used in the day: 12 (1+2=3)
  2. Add digits used in a month. Here is November which has 11 digits. But 11 is a Master Number, so 11 will not be reduced to a single digit. If the month is December which has 12 numbers. This will be reduced to 1+2 = 3 single digit. 1 to 9, 11, and 22 are master numbers.
  3. Finally add day + month + year : 3+11+1 = 15 = 6
  4. Life Path Number is 6

Example 2: if your date of birth is 24 February 1965

  1. Add total digits of the year and reduced it to a single digit 1 to 9 as given: 1965 (1+9+6+5)= 21 = 3
  2. Add day 24(2+4) = 6
  3. Finally add day +month+year: 6+2+3=11
  4. Life path number is 11

Life Path Number 1

  • Your life is characterized by individualistic desires, independence, and the need for personal attainment.
  • Independent nature and inborn leadership traits
  • You have a creative nature and have an enthusiasm to accomplish great objectives in life
  • As an inborn leader, you have a great capability to take charge of any situation.
  • You are very original, inventor and innovator
  • Strong personal needs and desires
  • Ambitious and aggressive actions to promote yourself
  • When life path number 1 is not fully developed these people develop negative traits like selfishness, self-serving, impatience, overconfident, and egotistical.

Life Path Number 2

  • Life Path Number 2 people are very delicate, sensitive, fair, and balanced
  • These people see the situation from different viewpoints and are good at doing settlement of any kind of dispute.
  • These people shine in all the group activity where your expertise in handling and blending people are used.
  • You are good in creating harmony in the environment and know how to do compromises to maintain peace and love.
  • You like to collect things.
  • The negative side of life path number 2 is not a big issue. The main problems you have to face in your life are passiveness and lethargy. You are pessimistic and do little. You may not belong to business life and like a less competitive environment.

Life Path Number 3

  • Sociability and creativity are main lessons you learned in your life.
  • These are bright and optimistic people.
  • A gifted person with too much creative arts and skills
  • The lesson to be learned is achievement through expressions
  • They are warmth, social, and conversationalist
  • These are good-mannered people and understand the problems of others
  • Life is generally lived to its fullest
  • These are not good at handling money and also not much concerned with money matters.
  • You are artistic, a good painter, designer. You like music, dance, and stage.
  • If you focus your energies and talents you can perform exceptionally in these areas.
  • On the negative side, you are superficial and frivolous

Life Path Number 4

  • You are a very practical person. The main goal of your life is to learn to take new orders and perform them with sincerity, dedication, and perseverance.
  • You always demand as much from yourself as you demands from others.
  • You are great organizers and planners because of your ability to perceive things with common sense and practicality.
  • You are a wonderful manager and dependable business partner.
  • You have a great married life. You are a devoted and loyal life partner.
  • You have a few friends but they last a lifetime.
  • If you keep patience and determination you will get great success in life.
  • Your negative part is dogmatic in excess and repressive. Additionally, your nature is to get caught up in daily routine life and miss the other opportunities.

Life Path Number 5

  • By nature, you are versatile and adventurous.
  • You are striving to find answers to the questions life poses. You wish to be free and independent. You are a good communicator and motivator but not very strict to finish your daily task on time.
  • Usually, these people have a happy life and they live in today.
  • For you, this is important to find a job that is good to provoke you for the task.
  • You have a great ability to find the complex task and solve quickly.
  • The negative aspect of your personality is that you are very irresponsible in taking decisions related to home and business. You may be very undependable and self-serving.

Life Path Number 6

  • You have a strong sense of responsibility. You are very idealistic by nature.
  • Knowledge and understandability are the cornerstones of your life.
  • You are always there when people around you need you. Family, friends, and home are most important to you.
  • There are few negative parts of your personality. You should avoid the tendency to become overwhelmed by responsibilities and being too critical.

Life Path Number 7

  • By nature, you are peaceful, affectionate, reserved, and analytical. You are intellectual and scientific. You don’t accept a premise until you have dissected the subject have your own conclusion.
  • You dislike noise, confusion, and evaluate the situation very easily.
  • You have faith in your intuition and experiences.
  • You have not many friends but once you make a friend you make for your whole life.
  • As your negative part, you become most secretive and pessimistic. You are selfish. You may avoid stability in feelings.

Life Path Number 8

  • Your main point of focus is the material world. You are powerful, confident, and very successful from the material point of view.
  • You are independent, forceful, and completive. Among all the numbers you are the most concerned about the social and material world.
  • You are very practical and pursuit of your objectives.
  • As your negative traits, you are dictatorial and suppresses the enthusiasm and efforts of others.
  • You may neglect your family, home, and peace of mind. Dedication to success can become an obsession.
  • Discounting the opinion of others should be avoided.

Life Path Number 9

  • You have compassion, generosity, and humanitarian attitude.
  • You have a philosophical outlook towards life and you become quite sensitive when you see compassion and feeling in the world.
  • You have a strong desire to help people.
  • You may be frequently used and let down by people.
  • You have a great understanding of life and it reflects in your arts and literature.
  • You have a great ability to make friends. Your friends like you much because of your nature, patience, care, and kindness.
  • Maintaining relationships is difficult for you particularly if your partner is materialistic. If your partner has the attitude to give rather than to take, your relationship is happy and joyful.

Life Path Number 11

  • This number is associated with spiritual awareness and you have a great understanding of spirituality.
  • You are artistic, visionary, cultured, and idealistic.
  • Your inventive mind supports you to get success in any number of ventures in life.
  • You serve society with your abilities in counseling and guidance.
  • On the negative side, there are a lot of nervous tensions associated with your life and due to this people feel difficulty with you.
  • Relationships problems are common with you. You feel difficulty in making life decisions.
  • There is a tendency of feeling dissatisfaction from life and accomplishments.
  • You are more dreamer rather than a doer.
  • You might not be a leader but you are an ideal and talented person.

Life Path Number 22

  • 22 is the most powerful number among all the life path numbers.
  • You can be a master builder in society. An idealistic nature is very grounded in a practical way allowing you to conceive grandiose, far-reaching schemes, and carry them through to the end.
  • If you desire and work for it and achieve grand success, fame, and everything in life.
  • You may possess a special spiritual understanding and ability to apply it in practical life.
  • In this life path, negative traits are rarely found.
  • On the negative side, these people are very dictatorial and insensitive.
  • The skill to control your emotions will be beneficial in business life.


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